1. daveydiesel1

    Case ih configurator

    Was messin about on thier website last night and was wonderin how does real life buyin price compare to prices in the website E.g. case maxxum 150 standard spec lists £88,659 Case puma 150 non multicontroller standard spec lists £91,382
  2. Farm Business RSS

    The search is on for the UK’s best NEWBIE entrant farmers

    Written by John Swire The James Hutton Institute, as part of the EU-funded NEWBIE project (New Entrant netWork: Business models for Innovation, entrepreneurship and resilience in European agriculture), is again calling for applications for the 2019 NEWBIE Award, which highlights the work of...
  3. J

    chainsaw chain price

    i was in the local case dealers yard yesterday that also sells husky equipment i needed a 50 link ,050 lo pro chain for a spare bar i have i was handed a 91vxl oregon chain and charged €25 has chain saw chain doubled in price since i bought my last loop? and that was for stihl chain which is...
  4. CWA-2017

    What if you could build your own tractor ??

    As the title suggests for a bit of fun .....What if you could build your own tractor ? If you could choose the best parts of any tractor to build your dream tractor what parts from what tractor would you use ? So for instance . * CAB *TRANSMISSION *ENGINE *STYLING *POWER Post your...
  5. Thomas5060

    User experience of these tractors

    Without turning into @Joe S and starting 40 threads about which tractor to buy, I’m looking for user experience (good and bad) on a few different makes and models. I have got a price for an NH T6.125S and MF5713SL. I’m currently waiting on prices for Case Maxxum 115, JD 6120M, Valtra A124 and...
  6. T

    case puma power beyond

    Does anyone know if the power beyond can be used as a fast flow return from the normal spools?
  7. P

    High hour Dyna VT.

    I've read a few old threads but im a bit confused. I'm considering buying an older higher hour dyna VT. It really will only be a back up machine that if I was being honest I dont need but at harvest time an extra set of wheels is handy. Is there anyway of identifying if a VT is on its way out...
  8. D

    For those of you into Fordson Majors