1. Fragonard

    What is "M" button used for please?

    What and when is the "M" button used for? Case 130 CVX Thanks.
  2. P

    7r john deeres

    Are the early ones 12-14 plates any good or would a 7930 be a better bet??
  3. Tim G

    Case Maxxum 135

    What are these tractors like? Local dealer gave me a price yesterday to swap a tractor to a three year old maxxum. Tractor is discribed as excellent, done 1700 hrs of mainly spraying. It's a cvx which I've used before but in bigger tractors, is it a reliable gearbox long term? What sort of value...
  4. hubbahubba

    Case Puma autosteer ready- how do I make it work?

    Recently bought a new to me puma 160 cvx. Auto steer ready, valves steering column, wires with bracket on roof and it has a pro 700 screen. Do i just need the receiver for the roof and a control box that goes behind the passenger seat? Whats the best option, just for fert, dribble bar slurry...
  5. Bald Rick

    Snog, Marry, Avoid ....

    Need to replace our big tractor (require 200hp+ boosting up) but am not sure of best way forward. Buy new - expensive but warranted Buy used - cheaper but could be a bag of spanners Long term hire - not overly cheap but no hidden costs unless over hours. No equity either Tractor likely to...
  6. Fragonard

    Case Electric Spools

    i is Is it possible to adjust the electric spools through this type of dash?
  7. Fragonard

    CNH vs Fendt Vario

    Do the CNH cvt have much the same lifespan as the Fendt vario?
  8. Gerbert

    JD 6830/6930 vs. Case puma

    I am considering changing my JD 6610 for something a bit more modern. I bought a 6910 autopowr for fun a couple of years ago and while is does have it's problems I love the cvt and ended up putting a fronthitch/pto on, and now the 6610 is not used much anymore. Since the 6910 is nearing 13k...
  9. icanshootwell

    Case Vestrum cvx

    Anybody running one of these, thoughts on price, power, spec etc.
  10. Hilly


    We had demo of this last weekend for silage, to be honest I only got to drive it taking it back to dealer but first impression I thought it looks fantastic, some say they would have the grill black but triviality imo , first time I’ve driven a VT and thought it great, sorry I can’t give a more...
  11. F

    Best tractor you owned

    What’s the best tractor you ever owned and reason. For me it’s a challenger 765. Bought by mistake in an online auction. While browsing thru auctions listing one morning at breakfast the wife asked if I was interested in buying it as I was looking over the pictures. My comment was it would be...
  12. S

    Case Puma cvx transmission

    What are they like? Is it their own or zf or another make ? user opinion, is it user friendly Thanks
  13. Foregoneconclusion

    Puma clutch Pack failure

    Well that scuppers my plan to buy replacement to puma.. Mid silage clutch pack E is failing.. This one requires cab off n split.. nightmare. Is it cheaper to build back up or replace entire pack pre assembled? Is there such a thing as an oven ready pack? Oh and its now raining and drive...
  14. Bald Rick

    The Demo Thread

    Anything on demo? Thoughts & observations... Since Monday this has been here on triple mowers, trailer and tanker Verdict ... it's not a John Deere
  15. L

    case cvx 160 gear selection issues

    we have a cvx 160 with around 7000hrs . when i select forward and let the clutch out it starts changing from forward neutral reverse then back to forward by itself . tractor is obviously surging back and forth whilst it doing this. i was told it could be the stepper motor has anyone expierced...
  16. M

    Fendt 926 vario

    What would one need to look out for on these models? From 12k hours up
  17. Classichay

    Slurry tanker hydraulics pulsing ( pic hon)

    I’ve a slurry tanker in when the hydraulics are used for the arm or functions cause pulsing of the lines very severely, it’s got a free flow return to the tank. Any ideas?
  18. robin banks

    Anyone breaking case cvx

    Hi anyone know of case cvx being broke. I need roof and bonnet from 1135 to 1195 model range. Anywhere in Europe would do
  19. Fragonard

    JD 6130r vs Case Maxxum 135/NH 165

    Any opinions on comparing these tractors? JD6130r vs Case Maxxum135/NH T6.165? Mixed workload. Loader. 3m combination be its hardest workload. Any opinion much appreciated. Thanks.
  20. A

    New tractor decision

    Good morning everyone, Does anybody own/drive a Case Maxxum 150 CVX? Any reviews would be much appreciate! TIA