1. B

    Fendt 724 how many hours are they good for ?

    Looking at a second hand 2012 724. What problems am I likely to encounter running it to 7500 hrs ?
  2. B

    T7 50K bearing.

    Hi. Does anyone have a picture of the notorious 50K bearing location. I take it as hitch dropped and back plate off, where exactly to go then? Thanks
  3. S

    Correct way of driving John Deere IVT/AutoPowr ?

    Can someone from JD or with very good knowledge about it clear once and for all how to drive those gearboxes coz I see a lot of youtube videos slowing down with the lever. My way of driving is full hand throttle in the field, on headlands I press full foot throttle to the floor and move hand...

    Idiots guide to Ez steer

    Looking at getting an Ez steer wheel motor to go with our Trimble 250 with a ag15 antenna we have just got. How accurate would this system be with an Ez steer, i assume i would need tilt compensation but looking on line most seem to be fitted in the cab, does cab suspension affect them by making...
  5. JCfarmer

    Folding Combination powerharrow/drill 5m or 6 on Puma 240?

    Interested to hear peoples thoughts, there is a chap on youtube running a Kuhn 6m with a weaving tine on the back and behind a New Holland T7 245 I think. 1.5t hopper on the front balances it well. The New Holland is one down from a Puma 240?
  6. W

    Case or Massey

    Always been Massey done us well with little bother.but the case man has been and dangled a big carrot-a 165 multi controller front links .pretty much same spec as the Massey .but the case is a nice bit cheaper.the case seams to be a no brainier.thanks for any comments
  7. W

    Case or massey

    Looking at a new all’s had Massey all ways got on well with little bother.but the case man has been and got a165 multicontroller and its a nice bit cheaper than the 7718 Massey.same spec as near as dam it.what do you think.???? That for any comments
  8. jon9000

    Folding 4 meter combi recommendations

    After another wet backend I've about given up with the rapid..... it's a real pita in wet Octobers. Still a great drill and I'm intending on keeping it as you cant have too many drills seeing another post. A guy local to us has a solitaire 9 which looks a great drill. Its main job will be...
  9. N

    Mites in OSR

    DE or Silico Sec raked into the top used to be the solution. Is it still available and where from?
  10. G

    Fendt 716

    4000 hrs 08 Whats it worth
  11. KB6930

    Fendt 700 series

    Got a tractor for a demo it was dropped off when I was busy so haven't been shown what to do my fault not the dealer before anyone says anything. Is there an easier way to change the cruise speeds other than going through the screen??
  12. copse

    New Holland 270

    Have run jd for years but with the price they are now thinking of a change. Anyone run a t7 270 ? What hp are they without boost and when is boost available? And how much do they weigh? Thanks
  13. E

    Case Multicontroller handle dismantling?

    Can anyone tell me how to get inside one? This type,on a cvx. Had a good look and cannot find any screws.
  14. E

    New John Deere 6120m v 6430

    Hello, we are looking at changing our 6430p loader tractor. And fancy the new 120m. Has anyone changed the same dose it have the same guts as the 6430, other option would be a 6130r? Thanks in advance
  15. TripleSix

    Warranty work

    By no way is this a slur on the dealer, they're doing all they can, are very helpful and good to deal with. Had a blue tractor engine blow up a few weeks ago, fine, under warranty. But why the hell does the manufacturer insist the old engine is removed and fully stripped down before they will...
  16. Cab-over Pete

    Ultra Reliable Tractor?

    Aye-up, This could be the shortest thread ever and let’s not get into waffling on about preferred colours. I might be looking for a tractor soon. 150-180 hp ish. Maybe 5-10 years old, up to 5000 hrs. I know, they are rare. More than the colour I’m interested in the reliability. I don’t...
  17. R

    Fendt 516 / Valtra N174d / Case Maxxum 145 cvx or JD 6130 AP.

    I'm trying to replace a 2014 Case 130cvx (well speced) that I really like, but it's no longer available as short chassis. I am looking for CVT, min 145hp / 50k, front links and pto. Fully suspended with air brakes, short chassis and tight turning (4 CYL) and at least steering ready (run rtk...
  18. R

    4 cylinder quotes / options

    Sensible input required I'm!! I'm trying to replace a 2014 Case 130cvx (well specced) that I really like, but it's no longer available as short chassis. I am looking for CVT, min 50k, front links and pto. Fully suspended with air brakes, short chassis and tight turning (4 CYL) and at least...
  19. fiat 9090

    250 hp plus

    here is a question,im wondering about buying a tractor 250hp to 300 hp to pull a forage wagon the budget is max 30,000 40kor 50k yearand make not important,a bit of weight would be needed any replies and discussion would be appreciated
  20. Stags Agri

    Full Dispersal Sale of Telehandler & 5 Tractors at Bradnich, Exeter, EX5 4LT - Wednesday 23rd September 2020 - 700+LOTS