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    JCB xmas Bonus

    Good on them.
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    36% of FBS-surveyed farms applied for Covid-19 support

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Around 36% of the farms surveyed as part of the annual Farm Business Survey (FBS) applied for at least one of the Covid-19 related grants, loans and schemes, according to the survey estimates published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural...
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    Elms & the Livestock Farmer

    Isn't it time that DEFRA owned up & admitted that they see arable farmers as the spawn of the Devil with their ploughs, heavy machinery & chemical soaked soils where as livestock & mixed farmers with their lovely pastures, meadows, flowers & hedges have surely been delivered from the loins of...
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    RT Inspector

    Here we go again. So in their latest bout of fu*kwittery the world's most incompetent organisation, the NSF, has just informed me that my new inspector is actually my neighbour. Whether or not we get along as neighbours isn't really the point, but ineveitably there would be times when you...