1. czechmate

    County 1474

    I see one just sold at auction, nicely reconditioned.... 200K🤷‍♂️
  2. Agriland RSS

    Welsh food and drink companies prepare to attend trade exhibition

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland 12 Welsh food and drink companies are preparing to attend the UK’s largest and most well respected food and drink trade exhibition. Over 1200 exhibitors will be present at Food & Drink Expo in Birmingham next week (April 25-27, 2022), all looking to...
  3. Flat 10

    Who thinks the AHDB is well run and provides value to their business?

    As above. Interested to see the answer to the above simple question. I think the current consultation is merely tinkering at the edges. I can only speak for cereal farmers but interested in responses from all farmers to get a sense of feeling as it seemed other sectors were disappointed with the...
  4. DairyGrazing

    Parlour Option

    We are milking for more than 3 hours at the moment with an extra 150 heifers to calf in the next 12 months. I'd like to milk 200 cows an hour. Holsteins 9500litres+ average so 30-33 a day. Currently do a mix of foaming/washable wipe on fresher calvers and soaked washable wipe on the rest. I...
  5. F

    Machinery Student Cock Up!

    I have an average intelligence Machinery Student from the local Ag college. I asked if he knew how to change the oil and filters on a Yamaha quad. Oh yes we have done oil filter changes at college. So I left him to do it at his leisure. Well he drained the oil and changed the filter, but then...
  6. Greythundercloudys

    Highland show tickets, online.

    No paying at the gate or car park, all online, people not happy, what if you buy tickets for the Thursday and its to pee of rain that day, you can't change your mind, terrible idea.
  7. B

    Loading Cattle How Easy Is It For You?

    Allways find loading up cattle into a cattle lorry one of the hardest tasks of all in the keeping of cattle, ive had cattle for over 30 odd years, in the past when we had a local mart, we bought our own ivor williams cattle trailer and loading the few that that took was fairly straight...
  8. jerseycowsman

    It’s too dry!

    There, someone had to say it! Tin hat on, but we’ve only had 3” of rain in each of January February and march, should of had 5. And had less than an inch in April so far! This is Cornwall by the way. I know we’ll get to may and like last year the heavens will open etc! Is there any rain on the...
  9. C

    Situation Vacant Middle Year Student

    We are currently looking into the possibility of a middle year student, i appreciate its too late in the year for this year so there's the potential of next year or anything in-between!! Accommodation will be provided, the position would be on the dairy team primarily working with a team of 5...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Report identifies cross-border opportunities for sustainable agriculture

    Written by Rubina Freiberg from Agriland To achieve international climate objectives and to keep 1.5°C of global warming within reach, engaging with agriculture is vital, according to a report by the British Embassy in Dublin and BiOrbic. The report, Collaborating on Climate: Bioeconomy and...
  11. W

    Is a cow leaking milk at the slaughterhouse a welfare issue ?

    A local haulier who takes our cast cows to Highland Meats in Ayrshire is getting untold grief from a foreign vet who is telling him it is a serious welfare issue cows leaking milk. The cows are picked up from us between 9 and 11 on a sunday morning and after he has picked up the rest of his load...
  12. GAM

    Topper Choice

    Thinking of buying a 9' topper, Fleming seems to be good value for money, what's peoples thoughts?
  13. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Dairy producer benefits from taking more frequent, higher quality cuts of grass

    Carmarthenshire dairy producer explains how he has used pre-cut grass testing to help improve silage quality and milk production. Making the decision to take a first cut of silage in April has paid dividends for Kevin Jones, Carmarthenshire dairy producer at Talfan Farm, St Clears. Also...
  14. jackrussell101

    Is Defra reckless and short sighted cutting Farm BPS payments and replacing with lower production environmental whilst the third world starve?

    Discuss. On Jeremy Vine today most interesting and highly recommend. Seems every caller in of the public was in favour of producing more food and becoming more self sufficient as a country... Can't think our looming government policy is going too look to good in 6 months time? I think Putin...
  15. Agriland RSS

    Breeding season: Generating replacement heifers

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland In recent years, due to expansion and the end of quotas, herd size on farms has stabilised. Because of this, the amount of replacement heifers needed has changed. Farmers can now increase the value of their calf crop by using beef sires, once enough...
  16. Farm Business RSS

    RABDF scoops two national awards for Dairy-Tech Online and Emissions campaign

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) has scooped two top national awards from the National Association Awards (NAA) for Best Online Event and Best Lobbying Campaign. The RABDF beat off stiff competition to win the Best Online Event for...
  17. Farm Business RSS

    Arla Foods and DSM start large-scale on-farm pilot to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from dairy cows by 30%

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business European dairy cooperative Arla Foods and global purpose-led science-based company, Royal DSM, are set to start a large-scale on-farm pilot with the methane reducing feed additive [email protected] on 10,000 dairy cows across three European countries...
  18. jackrussell101

    How much for selling a cut of grass silage?

    So due to business reduction and circumstances this year I may have some surplus grass to sell from June, I would aim to sell it to a neighbour with him silaging it, but how much would I charge per tonne fresh weight over the weighbridge in the new world of high fert prices etc etc? I would be...
  19. AIMS

    Food Security begins with Farm Security

    We have recently been introduced to a business called Camor. They are a group of ex-military intelligence officers and police officers who specialise in security and counter terrorism. Check out their short film here: We know that the meat industry is a target for food terrorism. We have seen...
  20. MX7

    Looming food crisis,what can uk ag industry do?

    With the serious possibility of a world food shortage looming due to Ukraine agriculture being seriously disrupted, what can the uk agriculture industry do to help alleviate the situation in the uk? Getting very late in the season to rip up thousands of ha’s of ag land that is just growing...