1. J

    New milking parlours

    Hi all, I am from a family dairy farm milking 350 cows in Northern Ireland and have just completed my first year at Harper Adams University, studying Agriculture with Farm Business Management. To bridge the gap between the end of term and the start of harvest I am arranging to see a few newly...
  2. F

    I'm not sure as dairy farmers we work as hard as we think

    Today we finished putting up a concrete slurry store. For the last month I have had a glimpse of the life of a construction worker. So after bank holiday Monday they got into the car at 3 am Tuesday morning and arrived on site at 9. They then worked from 7.30 till 5 every day until following...
  3. G

    Noisy Parlour

    Hi I'm currently running a 16x32 Dairymaster parlour. It has two vacuum pumps, there is a lot of extra vacuum produced and this makes the vacuum regulator in the parlour make a lot of noise. Just wondering if anyone has this issue, not sure if the regulator can be relocated or if a variable...
  4. DairyGrazing

    Parlour Option

    We are milking for more than 3 hours at the moment with an extra 150 heifers to calf in the next 12 months. I'd like to milk 200 cows an hour. Holsteins 9500litres+ average so 30-33 a day. Currently do a mix of foaming/washable wipe on fresher calvers and soaked washable wipe on the rest. I...
  5. Headless chicken

    Batch feeders

    What make are others running? Currently got Dairymaster in and for some reason we go through motors and control boards for fun. We’ve bypassed a pile of it but the motors are a problem we can’t get around. having a quick google I can replace the whole system with choretime feeders before...
  6. Dave6170

    Narrow feed passage

    We have a long center feed pass in one of our sheds. We fill it with silage with the loader and what is left in the middle that the cows cant reach has to be graiped in by hand to each side. I'm getting fed up with it. Has anyone got any ideas how to make it easier? Have thought of a V plough...
  7. Bald Rick

    Vented Liners

    Anyone using them? Thoughts? https://www.milkrite-interpuls.co.uk/milk_liners.htm
  8. G

    Milking parlour wanted.

    We are aiming to start milking in May 2022 so are looking for a Delaval or a Fulwood Parlour and any other equipment such as cooling equipment, bulk tanks etc. We are interested in a swing over parlour - minimal of 10/20 it must be in good order - preferably under 10 years old but others...
  9. F

    Brexit again.

  10. brettsacks

    Extracting Milk from Receiving Jar with NO Milk Pump

    Hello All! I know this is possible - as I worked on a farm (in the USA) with no milk pump for a year... However, no dairy technician in the UK has been able to assist me with this... The crux of this is, we want milk to travel from the receiving jar straight into the cheese vat. Our milk is of...
  11. B

    Parlour for sale, Devon

    Anyone know how to sell a parlour and all the kit with it? Where would I place this ad - what section of classified? For sale DeLaval 20:10 swingover parlour ACR, ear tag readers, computerised in-parlour feeders, backing gates with rams, 6000Litre bulk tank, plate cooler, heat exchangers...
  12. P

    Pulsation, vacuum level and cow health

    Question: what are people’s experience of different parlours?? I am looking for good udder health, reliability and as quiet as possible. I currently run Dairymaster equipment which milks cows out fine, but noisy. I have read a bit on the forum about reed pulsation- is there just one parlour...
  13. News

    Dairymaster’s new “DraftNow” system allows for a smarter and safer farm

    Herd sizes have significantly grown in recent years and there is a huge shortage of labour, meaning automation can make farm work much easier and safer. Dairymaster is delighted to announce the latest product to its growing portfolio, “DraftNow”, which is a standalone drafting system. It...
  14. DairyGrazing

    More days/mornings off or shorter easier day

    The question is would you rather have a shorter easier working day and go home earlier or would you have more days/mornings off? Ramble below. We put 320 to 350 cows through a very nice and well equipped parlour but it's in an old building so exit is slow and handling is non existent. It's...
  15. C

    Shedding / drafting gates

    Interested in what works well (or doesn't!), and approx cost? Our cows have EID ear tags for out of parlour feeders, so makes sense to have a gate that works with them. Ideally three way for grazing season: A) high yielders out to feed yard B) low yielders out to grass C) cows to pick out e.g...
  16. Mr Mackay

    Bulk tank replacement -Options second hand??

    We have an old 1400 litre Desco bulk tank that we suspect might be getting a small leak on the coil somewhere :oops: Has anyone any ideas as to a smallish tank ,preferably with an ice bank ,that might do the trick ,similar in size and maybe 2000 litres ? Thanks :)
  17. C

    Dairymaster auto ID

    Morning, looking at new herringbone parlours at the moment anybody any experience of dairymaster auto Id are even there parlours in general, any comments much appreciated many thanks.
  18. Bruce Almighty

    Countryside productivity grant scheme

    We need a new plate cooler which is simple. R2-SG84 What is unclear is SG52 improving the efficiency of a heat exchanger, does this cover Ice builders etc & who can give me guidance ? Thanks in advance
  19. allan_park

    Flat barn milking parlour Vs Herringbone milking parlour.

    Hello fellow Dairy person, I am having trouble with deciding what kinds of design to go to, I am building my new diary barn with initial capacity of 60 cows and will be extended to 120 cows. I have heard flat barn parlour is economic with comparison to elevated parlour like Herringbone parlour...
  20. I

    Heat Detection Systems

    I am looking to replace a silent herdsman heat detection system and would like to know what people think of the various systems that are available at the moment. I like the silent herdsman system apart from having reliability issues with the collars. So far I have looked at Genus breeder tag...