1. GAM


    I spot sprayed a few Docks three weeks ago, the majority looked absolutely cooked, wilting, yellow leaves, a bit of warmth and they are gradually coming alive!!
  2. GAM


    Is it the year of the "Dandelion"? I have a field this year absolutely covered in dandelions, never had any for the past 5 years!
  3. Wheat

    Hares and crop damage, does it happen?

    I was surprised to read this article from the GWCT that states the reason they are not supportive of a closed season for shooting hares is that farmers need to shoot hares to protect their crops from damage, and a closed season would force shooting of hares into the winter months before actual...
  4. Corteva Updates

    Protecting your new leys

    Protecting your new leys Reseeding is an important part of grassland management, but you’ll gain the most benefit from your investment with effective weed control. Forager finds out more. Why is it important to control weeds in new leys? Reseeding is essential for maintaining productive...
  5. grahampadfield

    Milk taint

    Thanks for all the suggestions. The taint is definitely in the silage. Changed silage, taint stopped. But we still don’t know what weed has caused the taint. Will just have to separate the weedy silage somehow next time I suppose
  6. grahampadfield

    Milk smell

    Milk taint smell. We are organic and have had huge problems with tainted milk. Suspected ...TBC, teat dip, ketosis. Etc eventually stopped feeding last seasons silage. Fed some 4 year old silage from the back end of the clamp. The milk is no longer tainted. Must be the charlock/dandelions or...
  7. Jockers84

    Regional words, terms and phrases.

    Good afternoon, I've been a long term follower of the farming forum, as a new start some of the things I've learnt have been truly priceless. One thing that has struck me though, is every so often I will find a word, term or phrase that I'm just not 100% on what it means. This isn't limited to...
  8. J

    Lupin triticale mix

    anyone growing it? Is it as good as this advert makes out? Yield and protein really that high?
  9. D

    Adjuvant advice

    Hi Lads ,, I know this subject has been covered before but can anyone tell me if there’s an adjuvant that covers all so to speak! I spray @ 95—100 Ltrs per ha and have used Kantor and torpedo 11.... I’m thinking mainly fungicides... validate any or much different to torpedo? Thanks for any replies.
  10. Henarar

    Anyone know what this is ?

  11. GAM

    Economical herbicide

    What’s a good value for money broadleaf herbicide?
  12. redsloe

    Ragwort? Is there any treatments?

    Had the vet out Monday for a sick calf. Inconclusive diagnosis, but treated for listeria. Today, another one. On closer inspection I found this, It looks suspiciously like Ragwort. Is there anything I can do?
  13. D

    Glyphosate wetter

    Soz, I know this has come up many times, just can't be bothered searching. When using cheap glyphosate at say 3 l/ha what's a cost efficient wetter to use with it? Everyone has been enthusiastic about LI700 from memory, what sort of price is it currently and what rate? Any other options?
  14. Chasingmytail

    will sheep eat dried knapweed in hay?

    Cut a neighbours field and she let us take the hay - full of wild flower seeds/pollinators. Im wondering if the sheep will be interested in these in the hay or will they be last on the palatable scale? Is there anything good in this hay mix. Got quite a few bales off it for free anyway. Also...
  15. C

    New grass meadow HELP!

    We've recently planted a 4 acre field with a mix of grasses and wildflowers for horse grazing. Mid may I think it went in. Thought it was growing really well but just today I've spotted that it isn't grass that is growing in huge huge areas of it. It's corn spurry! I had to search around on...
  16. steveR

    Chicory... again

    Much is made of the anthelmintic value of chicory in a herbal ley. Does this efficacy carry over into a conserved crop, with chicory in it?
  17. O

    Glyphosate alternative?

    I would like some suggestions based on general knowledge and experience please. Last year, when I was unable to do any work for most of it, I had an influx of a weed that had first noticeably appeared the year before. Unfortunately most of it seeded last year. The commonest weeds have changed...
  18. Guiggs

    Hampshire Down- tell me about them

    I'm toying with the idea of trying a hamp ram on some lleyn and lleyn cross. I'm hoping what I've heard about being fast growing and easy lambing is true? I'm slightly concerned I'll get punished selling live with their Woolley heads/ faces, will I? Are they ok to put on ewe lambs? Interested...
  19. Mark C

    Hay making 2020

    Has @Goweresque started his usual thread ? Hands up who’s made a start? Mowed 30 acres of new seeds today for haylage. Looked promising but bugger all in the bottom, was my best field too!
  20. S

    Plantains and chicory silage.

    As the title says really. We have a field of plantains, chicory red clover and grass. We are thinking about baling it but don't know how it will turn out. Has anyone tried this how did it go?