1. C

    Best outlet for Cull cows in Cornwall or Devon

    We have a few cull cows to sell from our suckler herd , Not FA , and ideally would like to send them in direct . Any reccomendations for a buyer in Cornwall or Devon for non assured cows . Thanks
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    Better genetics: The key to livestock emissions

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Improving genetics is the key to reducing farmers’ carbon footprints and maximising efficiencies, according to research by ABP. At a time when the livestock industry is under intense pressure to reduce its emissions, the firm’s research has shown that...
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    Northern sheep trade: Lamb prices strengthen

    Written by Michael Geary from Agriland The sheep trade in Northern Ireland this week has seen lamb prices strengthen similar to what has been seen down south this past week. Factory quotes for lambs strengthened this week, ranging from 495p/kg up to 500p/kg up to a carcass weight of 21kg...
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    Shortage of lamb imports forecast for the UK Christmas period

    Written by Michael Geary from Agriland UK lamb imports for the Christmas period look likely to be tight, according to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). This expected tightness in lamb supplies is partly due to the lack of New Zealand lamb being available, according...
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    A decade of success for LMC in Northern Ireland

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The recent Balmoral Show marked the tenth anniversary of Ian Stevenson’s appointment as chief executive of the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC). It has been a decade that has seen the role of the commission develop in a number of ways, all adding...
  6. hubbahubba

    Sheep Fluke after such a dry year?

    We always treat for fluke with triclabendazole before tupping mid October and before ewe lambs head away to wintering this week. Although after such an dry year i was unsure. Vet hasnt found any fluke in bloods. Although expects they will need treating mid november, obviously weather dependent...
  7. Farmer Keith

    Poor kill out %

    Has anyone else had low kill percentages with lambs this year? Put a batch of lambs in last week at 44kgs liveweight and they came back at just over 17kgs DW or 38% some hill lambs but plenty of continentals in there to. Graded well with all either 3Ls or 3hs so not as if they were lean. Buyer...
  8. spark_28

    beltex x texel onto mule ewes

    Yes or no. Would some of the lambs end up being slightly on the smaller side come August/September to be sold live Been having a debate with a friend of mine, his lambs off a texel were more than good and ready to go in August, I’m not sure he will achieve anything by putting the beltex in...
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    New herd names come to the fore at Balmoral Show

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The Beef and Dairy Championships, held at this year’s Balmoral Show, saw a number of new herd names and faces coming to the fore. Dexter beef is a fast growing delicacy in restaurants throughout the UK with Irish breeders to the fore in supplying the...
  10. Smokey16

    Weighing lambs

    I dont know if I'm doing something wrong I took some lambs to market yesterday I weighed them Tuesday afternoon and they weighed between 42/45kg after market weighed them yesterday they said they weighed 38kg. So I checked my scales last night I put a mineral bucket on it and it came up with the...
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    LMC welcomes new farm policy framework for Northern Ireland

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (LMC) chief executive, Ian Stevenson, has welcomed the principles espoused within the ‘Future Agricultural Policy Framework Portfolio’, recently published by Northern Ireland’s agriculture minister...
  12. G

    Fair play to FW for tackling AIC issue head on.

    AIC and RT still haven't explained why UK grain growers are prevented from supplying UFAS mills under similar terms to imports.
  13. devonbrion1998

    Getting that finish on lambs?

    I have around 100 lambs I bred this year mid-march born, some will need to hang around for a while but most of them are in pretty good shape and should not take much to finish 50kg ish Just wondering what's the best way to go? they are on reasonable looking grass, do I fetch them in and put on a...
  14. B

    Start up poultry farming

    I'm a 1st generation farmer, after starting as a hobby 6 years ago I now own a yard, rent the adjoining land and run 150 head of beef cattle. I'm looking for extra ways to earn money from the farm though. I rear all my calves and take them through to fat so I'm already tided to the yard. In the...
  15. R

    Farm management software

    Looking for new farm management software to replace Agridata that I’ve been using for years! Great software but seems to have finished years ago so not been updated for some time!!! Am trying iLivestock at the moment, it’s not bad but not as user friendly as Agridata. I like the idea of it as an...
  16. Jackov Altraids

    Sustainable Westcountry Beef

    What does the title of this thread bring to your mind? I'm imagining native cattle on the moors, cows and calves on the clifftop's or sucklers in meadows. So I'd be interested in people's views on this; A brilliant piece of marketing for all the dairy calves that aren't now allowed to be...
  17. D

    Workers wanting more than Managers

    Talking to a farm manager on large veg operation. Casual workers now wanting more than his wage. Good growing season but my veg is selling well, so perhaps true. How do they pick strawberries for 40p per punnet, which is what I paid yesterday.
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    Eid boosts lamb prices in the UK

    Written by Michael Geary from Agriland Demand coming from the Eid al-Adha festival helped to boost both liveweight and deadweight lamb prices in the UK last week. During the week ending July 14, the Great Britain (GB) new season lamb (NSL) standard quality quotation (SQQ) was 251.21p/kg – up...
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    New report sheds light on future of beef farming

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland A new report conducted by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) has highlighted the importance of beef supply, as well as demand, when forecasting the future of the sector. Domestic supplies of beef have been tight during the last 12 months, with...
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    Northern sheep trade: Lamb prices strengthen

    Written by Michael Geary from Agriland Lamb prices in Northern Ireland (NI) have strengthened over the past week – similar to what has been seen in the Republic of Ireland (ROI). Quotes ended this week on 480-510p/kg up to a 21kg carcass weight. Quotes for next week are expected to...