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    Both lamb and hogget prices fall in Great Britain

    Written by Michael Geary Great Britain (GB) deadweight and liveweight lamb and hogget prices fell for the week ending May 26, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) reported. Looking at the average liveweight prices, for the week ending May 26, the GB old season lamb (OSL)...
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    Northern sheep trade: Lamb prices look set to come under pressure

    Written by Michael Geary Lamb prices in the North look to be coming under pressure, with quotes for next week falling back by up to 30c/kg. According to the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC), quotes for R3 grade lambs ranged from 600p/kg, up to 640p/kg, for the week gone by. With quotes...
  3. Badshot

    Wtf EU RED audit.

    What a load of bollix.
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    Northern sheep trade: 46% increase in throughput seen in plants last week

    Written by Michael Geary The sheep trade up north this past week was steady overall, the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) reported. Quotes from the major processors for R3 grade lambs remained steady this week, at 620-640p/kg up to 21kg. It is expected quotes for early next week next...
  5. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks Could be trouble ahead
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    Northern sheep trade: Spring lamb prices strengthen

    Written by Michael Geary A strengthening of the sheep trade in the south was also seen up in the North this week, with spring lamb prices improving. Quotes for spring lambs in Northern Ireland (NI) plants strengthened this week to 630-640p/kg up to 21kg carcass weight, according to the...
  7. N

    Cattle prices

    With barley increasing daily and cattle prices either the same or 5p off ,how long before the cattle go.
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    Northern spring lamb prices up over €27/head on this time last year

    Written by Agriland Team Northern Ireland spring lamb prices are up over €27/head on this time last year, according to the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC). Last week, prices for hoggets in the north averaged 5.99p/kg and spring lambs averaged 6.12p/kg. These prices, when compared to this...
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    Spring lamb and hogget prices on the rise at marts in GB

    Written by Agriland Team Both spring lamb and hogget prices have lifted over the past week in Great Britain (GB) at sales; however, deadweight prices have gone in the opposite direction. According to the Agriculture and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB), for the week ending May 5, the GB...
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    Sheep trade: GB mirrors Irish story as prices fall and supplies tighten

    Written by Agriland Team The deadweight sheep trade in Great Britain (GB) is witnessing a similar one to Ireland, as prices fall and supplies tighten further. According to the Agriculture and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB), prices for both OSL (old season lamb/hoggets) and spring lambs...
  11. Jerry

    Drawing lambs - Overnight weight loss

    To get a decent slot in Exeter of a Monday for NSL you need to be at the gate soon after 6am as the queues can be an hour as numbers build. I’ve always like to draw lambs fresh of the ewes and take them straight in. That means now I need to have sheep in by 4:30am. Lambs are weighed on arrival...
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    274: Pork: Choosing a sward mix for 'grazing' pigs

    274: Pork: Choosing a sward mix for 'grazing' pigs Written by AHDB This week’s guests: Andrew Palmer, Knowledge Exchange Manager, AHDB Ed Bramham-Jones, Head of Farming and Water, Norfolk Rivers Trust Rob McGregor, Outdoor pig farmer Chris Gooderham, Head of Market Specialists (Dairy &...
  13. H

    Why deadweight

    With the abattoirs currently trying to pull prices back and the live selling buoyant why do so many drive past a livestock market to go to an abattoir ? Is it due to costs or habit ......
  14. C

    Which company does your Red Tractor inspection

    Looking at the alternatives I’m currently with NSF Who do you use??? Is Acoura better?
  15. steveR

    Texel Throat?

    Got a lovely, young Tup that has developed Texel throat. Never seen it before, but I gather it is genetic. A real shame, as he threw some fine lambs this time.... :unsure: He is really rasping today, and I really do not feel comfortable taking him to auction in the killers, as was...
  16. Oneman37

    Rouge or Charollais

    Had my mind set on purchasing a Charollais ram to run with ewe lambs. But from working with some over the winter, put me off somewhat. They are mad and less settled than my other ewes. would a rouge be calmer ?
  17. B

    Grain Store internal panels

    Which concrete A shaped panel do people recommend. We’ve had a price on Moore and would like to make comparisons. Thank in advance
  18. D

    Dividing grain with big bags of fertiliser

    Maybe a long shot but need to partition my shed down the middle but not permanently. Was thinking concrete A section walling lifted in with telehandler, but thought why not buy my MOP up front and store down the middle. Lay a sheet over it. Only as deep as a bag at edges, heaped up in middle to...
  19. H

    Barren cows

    Which market currently has the best trade for barren cows? Midlands area. Many thanks
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    Opportunity for livestock and dairy farmers to collaborate and beef up the value of Scotland’s calf crop

    Written by John Swire With the increased use of both sexed and beef semen in dairy herds, there is an opportunity to create a network of dairy farmers and beef finishers that can grow the value of Scotland’s calf crop, diversify their income and improve their margins. This is according to SAC...