1. CWA-2017

    Tractor Transport from Northern Ireland to UK ?

    Hi guys n gals just wondering if anyone knows of a good haulage company that can pick up a non running tractor from Northern Ireland and deliver to Nantwich ? the trailer needs to have a winch in order to load the tractor as it’s not able to be loaded any other way TIA
  2. Obi Wan

    Where to send cull ewes & odds'n'sods around Scotland and Northern England.

    Hi TFF'ers, We're looking to find a regular direct outlet for cull ewes and odd'n'sods, consignee's able to receive full wagons. DW £/kg payment. Decent contacts and any advice for the above would be greatly appreciated, complete discretion as always. Ta for reading.
  3. Bald Rick

    Vegans and fractures

    Long term Oxford University study - 55,000 volunteers of which 2,000 are vegans looked at over 18 years - concluded that there is a 43% higher risk of fractured bones, especially in the hip region, on a vegan diet compared to meat and dairy eating...
  4. S

    Calf rearing

    Hello all, Would like to ask you all what your thoughts on calf rearing are, such as what breed of calf e.g. beef x dairy and heifers or bulls. When would you sell them finished or store. Can a angus cross or hereford cross be a good grass fed store. And where can a profit be made. Many thanks all.
  5. gone up the hill

    Swaledale Ewes @ What Breed of Ram?

    As above what breed of ram would be best put with Full Mouth Swaledale ewes that will produce a decent 44/46 liveweight R grade lamb?? Ideally an easy lambing breed with get up and go as well. Also what lambing % would be average for the above on a lowland farm? Or is the above a total non...
  6. F

    Kill out % and grades of dairy bred blues

    What would you expect form the above for bulls, steers and heifers cheers
  7. S

    North of england mule or masham

    This is for the hill farmers breeding ewe lambs, and the buyers who buy them. Which do you prefer breeding masham or mule. And what do buyers prefer to buy out of the 2 breeds. And which will make a the stronger ewe. Many thanks all.
  8. An Gof

    Red Tractor Chair sells out all members

    You couldn’t make it up 😡 The Chair of Red Tractor has sold out all members. Whilst she is happy to take farmers hard earned money whilst tying them in ever tighter knots she is happy to vote against food imports having to meet the standards of the organisation she presided over in the UK...
  9. D

    bbc article on this morning news feed (export of cattle to middle east for slaughter)

    I am sure this does happen with cattle and sheep.That is the re-export of stock from EU countrys. It disgusts me as a industry we allow this to happen.Why can the livestock not go on a hook dead .£15 a head is properly average price that a Holstein bull calf is sold for, kindest thing is to...
  10. Greythundercloudys

    Store lmb finish sold on a fat day. Why

    Why do people sell big lean lmbs on a fat day, l see on lanark fat report there complaining about under finished lmbs, there are more deductions on a fat day aswell, surely folk must get disappointed when they hear what they make, very strange.
  11. Old Tip

    National Beef Association on the wrong track ?

    I read in the Farmers Guardian that the NBA are suggesting the age at which cattle can be sold as prime beef be lowered to 27 months to allegedly reduce the carbon footprint of beef production. Firstly I completely disagree with their calculations as slower grown grass fed beef actuallytakes...
  12. Barleycorn

    Dr Alice Brough at it again.

    I know she's a rampant vegan, paid by Viva, but is this true or just vegan propaganda?
  13. F

    Kent To Be A Restricted Area for HGV's

    Those of us who live in the south east have been concerned for some time as to what will happen after 1st January and the realisation that there will be up to 7,000 trucks queuing every day waiting to clear Customs and get to Europe is now accepted as a reality. Gove in his wisdom has suggested...
  14. jackrussell101

    House of Lords votes to ban lower standard food imports
  15. Farm Business RSS

    Government’s new farm funding scheme puts environmental ambitions for agriculture at risk

    Written by John Swire In a letter sent today, 22 September 2020, to George Eustice, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 17 environment groups are warning that changes and delays to funding arrangements by Defra are leaving its ambitious new farming policy drifting from...
  16. N

    Finishing rations

    Was wandering who other people use for finishing rations for cattle and sheep,I usually use a merchant but wandered about alternatives,Tia.

    Anyone send lambs deadweight to farmers fresh from North / west Cumbria?

    Wanting to try a few lambs deadweight, any hauliers that go regular?
  18. Bald Rick

    Jersey Thread - For all things Jersey

    About time the best breed had its own thread After all, they have the best hairstyles ...........
  19. K

    Easycare Tup Lambs

    Ok Year one with Easycares. I lambed 85 and have got 160 lambing percentage up to weaning with very little hassle and no feeding. Impressed with the breed and like no clipping, no backing and how well they utilise the poorest permanent pasture on the farm. I lambed them to Easycare tups...
  20. D

    Double maths

    A farmer grows 100 acres of wheat. She feeds all of her wheat to her broiler chickens. She sells all of her broiler chickens to supply a Local Education Authority contract. By how much does the price of a chicken need to rise to compensate for her loss of BPS ? Show your workings.