1. Ceri

    Any1 know what this means..?

  2. M

    Fuel contaminated with bleach

    Had a tractor tank contaminated with bleach overnight. Started it this morning, it died after a short while, investigated filter to check for prime and discovered the reason. Got it running again from a can and got home. Was hunting a bit at first but then seemed ok. Old school JD mechanical...
  3. casemx 270

    Fuel card

    We have two or three vehicles at work and do quite a few miles currently we pay for the fuel we use and get the money paid back to us. Anyone use fuel cards ? Which is the best ? Thanks
  4. N

    New defender

    Has the new defender seen off the double cab pick up brigade
  5. Exfarmer

    Construction industry losing red diesel

    Sorry if this has been posted before. With the construction industry losing red diesel, what will be the situation in 2022 regarding highway maintenance etc such as hedge trimming , snow clearing etc, which is OK for farmers to do at the moment without flushing tanks. Cant see many farmers...
  6. S

    Reputable remapping companies

    As the title suggests, any recommendations in the East Anglia area? I have the baby of a range (165 puma) and would like to up it to more of the mid/higher end of the range (200/215ish HP should be safe I think, ideally trying to get it to run a BB9090 baler if safely feasible). Many thanks
  7. ashmore

    John deere 30series injectors

    We have a JD 7530. And after hearing of a few local that have had to be majorly rebuilt after injector faults have wrecked the engine, I'm trying to decide if we should bite the bullet and get them seen to. By all accounts the injectors turn into flame throwers and burn the top of the pistons...
  8. C

    New Fuel Station

    Looking to buy a new Fuel tank with pump etc...2500 litres any recommendations or offers on at the moment ..Thanks
  9. Tiptoe Ted

    JD 30 series ECU repair

    I have a JD 7530 with a faulty ECU as diagnosed by my local dealer after much investigation. I agree with their diagnosis but they are quoting approx £1000 for a replacement. The fitter mentioned that they used to send them off somewhere to be repaired for a few hundred quid but they can’t seem...
  10. L

    John Deere 7430 Pressure in header tank

    57 year John Deere 7430 Got bit of pressure in the header tank and using 15 litres of water over 800 hours Of work! Any ideas on the problem?
  11. casemx 270

    Tool box J Deere 6 215

    Got a new tractor J Deere 6 215 want to put a another / big tool box on it .How and where do people mount them not looking at buying any fancy pre manufactured box .Any ideas appreciated thanks.
  12. Lazy Sod

    Vat On A Trade-in

    If I were to trade in a machine with a dealer, as I'm no longer vat registered, would it be in order to just be just charged vat on the balance payable?
  13. teslacoils

    How Can Pork Or Chicken Pay When It's Almost Free At The Shop?

    ....when I can buy a joint of British pork shoulder in Morrisons today for £2 a kilo? Or a whole UK chicken (1.7kg) for £2.99 Who is "paying" for this? It's time there were some price controls on supermarkets.
  14. S

    Steinbauer or Remap

    I have a Claas Arion 550 which feels very numb and gutless on road work. I feel like a lot of modern engines it is strangled by egr and emissions garbage. Surely it has a similar engine to what has been fitted into JD pockets rockets like the 6430. What would people recomend a remap or a...
  15. C

    What % of U.K. farmers are TFF members ?????

    Just wondering
  16. E

    Night lambers wage 2021

    Hi I am new here just trying to find out the answer to the following question, i do see it has been asked in previous years but I can't see it in the last 2. I am an experienced shepherd, due to do 3 weeks night lambing, 12 hr shifts on my own, down south, marking up, penning up, hay feeding...
  17. F

    MF 7616 Losing all power

    Experiencing an intermittent problem with one of our tractors. Have changed all derv filters yesterday and the problem has occurred today again, probably 6 hrs after filter change. Tractor has had ad blue trouble in the past but dealer has been today and said the module is working correctly...
  18. Defra Farming

    Video: Farming Forum Q&A

    Video: Farming Forum Q&A Written by The Team Farmers were invited to put their questions to Defra’s Janet Hughes and David Kennedy at a recent Q&A session hosted by The Farming Forum. Janet is Programme Director of the Future Farming and Countryside Programme. David is Director General for...
  19. M

    Can TM engine fit into MF 1200....

    Would it work. Any advice on mf 1200(articulated). What to look out for. I just want to try out fitting secondhand TM engine into a MF1200 cause I need the power and traction for pulling heavy loads up steep hills.
  20. Farmdeals

    Farmdeals has gone live

    Dear Farmdeals members we have just gone live !! Thank you for joining the Farmdeals ᴮᴱᵀᴬ. Our first fuel suppliers are now live on our mobile app and we are ready to take your orders for Red Diesel, Kerosene and Derv. Please download the FutureFarm app to get started. Just search ‘FutureFarm’...