1. ffukedfarmer

    Car through the fence. Dealing with the insurance company

    I had a call from the police a fortnight ago saying that a car had gone through a fence of ours and they helpfully provided all the details of the driver and his insurers. There were lambs and our bull in the field at the time so I went up there on the Saturday evening to secure the field. I...
  2. D

    Is this bale stack safe or not?!

    Fellow opinions sort please Just going through my HSE file of recommednations, some very relevant, some I feel excessive, below being one of them. only need one hay bale a month tops so deliberately stacked leaning in so they cant topple over as near the front of shed. is this safe or not...
  3. V

    Who else having fuel issues

    Who else is having red diesel fuel problems just now ? How can these fuel firms get away with putting this stuff in fuel blocking filters very premature. I have heard mentioned of an additive to put in holding tank . Anybody shed any light on subject?
  4. G

    Do we need to bring back the NRA

    I know that we can't stop flooding in every instance, and I know that weather events appear to be getting more severe but when I was a kid the National Rivers Authority cleaned and maintained the local water courses every year with the sole objective to keep the water flowing freely out to sea (...
  5. ollie989898

    50 billion remain bonus...

    I see the Lib Dems are claiming there is some kind of mythical 50 billion bonus for the UK staying fully within the UK. This is of course a figure based on (very optimistic) forecasts, a bit like say Sterling collapsing in the event of just a no vote. Do people still believe this nonsense? Rat...
  6. Bignor Farmer

    Does anyone run their own grain lorry?

    Just sitting here watching the rain on the window and waiting for trucks to arrive, wondering if it stacks up to run your own lorry? Most of our grain only goes About an hour up the road in one direction or the other and if lorries are on return they usually get 3 loads in per day. I’m sure...
  7. TripleSix

    Kubota Tractor DPF issues

    We've a 2014 Kubota M8540 4200 hrs Bought it in the summer, the issue being is it can do as little as 6 hours between needing a DPF regen. I understand this Is down to it only getting light use such as harrowing, rolling and fencing but it's very annoying to have to sit and regen. Sometimes it...
  8. Thomas5060

    User experience of these tractors

    Without turning into @Joe S and starting 40 threads about which tractor to buy, I’m looking for user experience (good and bad) on a few different makes and models. I have got a price for an NH T6.125S and MF5713SL. I’m currently waiting on prices for Case Maxxum 115, JD 6120M, Valtra A124 and...
  9. G

    Housing shortage

    Article on front page of farmers guardian bemoaning the shortage of houses for young farmers and trying to blame brexit. All farmhouses should have agricultural restrictions put on them