1. davedb

    Homemade slurry equipment

    Hears a few pictures of the slurry equipment I’ve built over the last couple of years First was a 600m front reeler
  2. CerealsEvent

    Cereals 2020 - Coronavirus Update

    Over the past few weeks, the Cereals Team, as well as Comexposium's corporate offices, have been monitoring the growing health concern around the Coronavirus (COVID-2019). As it stands, we plan to go ahead with Cereals on Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th June 2020 until further notice. We will be...
  3. Zippy768

    Chem label - what does this mean?

    As above. What exactly are they meaning? Hope y'all can read it ok. ?
  4. Bald Rick

    Coronavirus Humour (And conspiracy Theories)

    Need to lighten the load a bit peeps.....
  5. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  6. Bald Rick

    Silage 2020

    Airedale in first cut .... 100kgN/ha plus 140kg/ha sulphur on yesterday with a bosh of slurry on Monday should see us reet for cutting in 5 weeks Gods willing
  7. hendrebc

    What's your AFC

    Not aware of any threads on here where grass nerds are talking about grass in kg/DM/ha and rotational grazing so thought I'd start one seeing as I'm having a proper go at it this year. Twin ewes go out to grass today off the forage crops ready for lambing at the end of the month. AFC (average...
  8. Flat 10

    Growing rape in the olden days

    Now I wouldn't know anything about growing OSR in the 1980's but the impression I get is plough and drill 1st week sep. 30 units N and then, jollop of N in the spring, swath it and bob's your uncle 30cwt an acre. I have several questions; was it really like this? No S due to Acid Rain? Were...
  9. H

    Italy's in shut down

    If Italy is in shut down .....how is it that reporters from all over the world can suddenly arrive there to report ? I'm just hope that the Vegan bandwagon doesn't try ,by some means, to link it to livestock however tenuously just to cause doubt and mischief !
  10. Farm Classifieds

    Bomford low draft chisel plough

    Bomford low draft chisel plough Advert added by: @R.B.H Machinery Details Category: Tillage Cultivators Price: £350 Condition: Used Description Bomford Low Draft Chisel plough with depth wheels. in working order except needs a bearing in one of the depth wheels. £350 vat...
  11. Andrew

    Double yellows on farm drive?

    Our farm drive frontage is quite wide, but the council road is quite narrow. From one direction in a HGV you need the full width of the drive to swing into the yard. Problem is, people (visitors, reps, Dad) like to park just where the unit needs to go when turning in. Has anyone any experience...
  12. steveR

    Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme 2020?

    Will we be getting one this year, or has the money run out?
  13. Blaithin

    Get Yer Toque On!

    So this forum is full of international members poking our noses out here and there. Sometimes there's even questions from the UK about Canada which people are generally kind enough to tag me in because I'm worse than awful for seeing them myself :LOL: The last couple of years I've done a Day a...
  14. J

    Peri em flufenacet...yes or no?

    Some unsprayed wheat would travel today. In the row from circa nov 20th drilling date. Not much BG but what there is is 30mm 1 leaf. Rough seedbed. Bit of brome will appear any minute. Weed control is based on autumn FFT + cheap partners and some spring applied SU against brome (supressing BG)...
  15. bobk

    Who's going ww in feb ?

    In my opinion sowing now is high risk with uncertain weather and undoubtably going colder , so , I'm thinking how's about mid - end of feb , moves some seed and the only risk is vernalisation , could be a better gamble , Decisions , decisions .
  16. Ninjago

    The future of arable cropping

    This autumn has highlighted a major weakness in the way the majority of arable crops are established in the uk, min-till particularly on heavy soils. The need to create a chit of the major grass weeds by a light cultivation and leaving for 4-6 weeks has left us exposed if the weather changes as...
  17. Clive

    Horsch Avatar 12.25 SF Zerotill bean drilling

    Some drone footage I got last week while drilling our winter beans
  18. Thomas Simpson

    Direct drilling and kerb

    With moving to more direct drilling with a disc drill do people still use kerb in osr? We cultivated with the carrier before drilling this year after astrokerb. The label says ploughing after kerb.
  19. czechmate

    Best not to pre em?

    Forecast wasn’t brilliant before but now this forecast. I was going out with pre em this afternoon but I guess it would be a mistake?
  20. daithi

    Winter Barley Herbicide

    What herbicide do the agronamists on here recommend for w barley followed by forage rape. With products containing flufenacet and dff the label says to plough before establishing a brassica. Looking to control AMG and broad leafed weeds , some fumitory. TIA