1. S

    Carrot herbicides, aclinofen.

    Morning everyone. I was wondering if any kind carrot grower would be willing to share their herbicide schedule with me? I only grow a few beds but weeds are persistently a problem! Always wondered how pro growers keep them so clean! Will you be using Emerger this year? (Aclinofen)
  2. ajd132


    thoughts? In Suffolk we have only had a couple mm rain in the last month. Personally we have good disease resistance varieties. Can’t find any disease present. Didn’t get a T0 either. If it doesn’t rain do we need to put fungicides on?
  3. I

    Need Advice, Indian Farm land, noobs to farming!

    So I am a born and bred in the land of Essex and of Indian ethnicity. My grandad left me and my dad a farm back on "the mothership" :D I'm thinking of going to India to see what opportunities there are with farming there and automation. We mainly farm root veg, wheat, peanuts, millet, veg...
  4. T

    2019 Beet area

    What are beet growers doing area wise this upcoming year? I hear many are cutting back considerably?
  5. Flat 10

    AB15 2 year legume fallow

    Can you bale this and feed it after 30th June? I read as you can (and you can for ordinary fallow as I believe @static does) but is this right. An advisor tried to say I couldn't. Also can I grow ab15,ab15, ww, ab15, ab15 for my 5 year agreement? I believe @silverfox and @Two Tone are using...
  6. C

    Weaving GD user thread

    Thought it would be useful to gain some knowledge from other weaving GD users out there to share experiences / problems / solutions. I'll start.....anyone else had problems with blocked coulters? I've had a lot. It's been on the wetter side of ideal, but still good drilling conditions. It's got...
  7. Banana Bar

    Hoeing Cereals

    Is there anyone doing this successfully. Looking at my wheat I might as well of not bothered with Atlantis. Rotation will be lengthened from this autumn to include a double spring crop s barley, followed by a spring break, could even do a triple spring crop on worst fields. Just wondering if a...
  8. TFF

    Chemical Price Tracker

    Welcome to the Chemical Price Tracker Thread on The Farming Forum. When comparing "quote" prices, please note the date any answer was posted as prices changes rapidly in the market. You can view transparent prices on Farm Marketplace here - https://www.marketplace.farm/inputs/pesticides/ We...