1. solo

    Kuhn 40.2 h or m emc spreader opinions.

    As above, looking for user opinions on either of the above machines. im especially interested in their border spreading, as I currently struggle to get a decent crop next to corners by houses using the telemat on the current 1131 kuhn. Telemat arcs the fertiliser into the field away from the 90...
  2. tr250

    How to control soft brome

    we’ve got a field of W barley that’s got a bad brome problem, I knew it was there in the wheat last year as it had a few bits that had been waterlogged and killed the crop but I’d no idea it would be as bad as it is the field hasn’t had brome in before 3 years ago and was permanent grass till...
  3. Deere 6430

    Kuhn plough furrow discs

    Wanted Kuhn plough disc, complete to go on the last furrow or any of the bits such as the brackets or arms anything considered
  4. 5

    Disc and bracket assembly

    I have built a tine direct drill using Simtech tines and it has been working very well for a few years now. I would like to use cover crops more and think I will need cutting discs in front of the tines in order to drill into cover crops. I am waiting for prices on the Yetter extreme cutting...
  5. Needtolearnalot

    Derelict field restoration

    We have about 4 acres which we started the process of restoring last autumn .... things have not gone as planned - Help! The history .... about 3-4 years ago someone else managed the land and reared pheasants on it. The huts were removed and the ground left. The area covered by the huts and...
  6. R

    Mower for dairy

    Evening Just wondering about buying a mower and would prefer other dairy farmers' input rather than post in machinery. Would be used for pre-mowing, mowing surplus paddocks for bales and maybe pit silage along with contractor probably (1st cut and a later bulkier cut). Would you go for a...
  7. A

    Tm150 roof hatch removal

    Trying to take a beacon off the roof and need to get the access panel off. The usual nothing goes to plans and can’t get the screws out . What is best way to get these screws out on Tm150. Some one has been at them before me and rounded them off and the other won’t budge. Thinking of welding a...
  8. Stags Agri


    🚜The Sale Of 3 Massey Ferguson Tractors, JCB Telehandler & Loader Backhoe, Quad Bike, Car, Trailers, Farm Machinery, Livestock & General Equipment 📅Running Until Sunday 12th June 2022 CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE CATALOGUE & PLACE BIDS: https://machineryauctions.stags.co.uk/auctions/info/id/73...
  9. N

    Replacement mower

    Looking for replacement front plain disc after writing off our New Holland mower last week. People’s views on what’s good and what to avoid would be appreciated. The following features would be good :- STRONG quality blades that don’t bend Good ground following abilities Bed protection system...
  10. J

    Lely mower bed

    Afternoon I have a lely 280 lc mower, went out today to mow cut a few acres and stopped to the land owner, went to start up again and the bed won't spin. It'll spin nearly full circle then stops and the same if you turned it the other way. I find it odd as there was no problem before I turned it...
  11. Seth470

    Jones baler mk10 Knot tails too short.

    On our Jones baler the knot tails are being cut to short and the knot pulls through. It’s doing on both knotters. Any idea how to fix it ?
  12. Stags Agri


    THE SOUTH WEST JUNE ONLINE TIMED COLLECTIVE SALE OF 60 TRACTORS, EXCAVATORS, TELEHANDLERS & VEHICLES, FARM MACHINERY, LIVESTOCK & GENERAL EQUIPMENT (1000+ LOTS!) To Include A Special Sale Of Surplus Game Birds Including: 75,00 Day Old Chicks, 42,500 Poults & 3,000 Ex-Birds (Partridge &...
  13. P

    Wheat planting as beginner

    Hello as an amateur farmer I would like to ask about good starting tillage equipment I would like to hear your advice on pillaging. I am very confused about the path that I should follow. I am planning to plant wheat on my bigger field, barley, and oaths on the nearby smaller fields.I got a...
  14. Farmer Brendan

    Ford 4600 Tax Disc Holder

    Hello does anyone know how to take out the tax disc on this Ford 4600 Tax Disc Holder?
  15. How much

    1970s mx bike to e bike conversion

    So just for an interesting project I decided to try and convert an old knackered Kawasaki KD125 to an ebike , I guess it could be an E Motorbike , but As I don't have bike licence and the MX bike would not have a V55 it could not be used on the road legally anyway so I fitted pedals of Puch...
  16. D

    Massey 130 drill disc

    Anyone know what is the diameter of the discs on a MF130 drill is please. ?
  17. Sonoftheheir

    Amazone ZA-M 3001 problem

    Morning all, Typically as the long bank holiday approaches the fert spreader (full up) decides to have a problem. One side is spinning at about half rate to the other side. There is a rattling noise too. very hard to see anything going on as it’s all enclosed. What could be wrong? A bearing...
  18. Farm Classifieds

    2M039851 - 2019 Demo MF DM316 Disc Mower

    2M039851 - 2019 Demo MF DM316 Disc Mower Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Mowers Disc Mower Price: £14250 Condition: New Description Demo Massey Ferguson Disc Mower Rear mounted, 3.10m Working width, 6 Discs Vertical...
  19. Farm Classifieds

    AM000264 - 2021 Kverneland 3332MT Mower Conditioner

    AM000264 - 2021 Kverneland 3332MT Mower Conditioner Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Mowers Disc Conditioner Mower Price: £13850 Condition: New Description NEW KVERNELAND 3332 MT MOWER CONDITIONER REAR MOUNTED, 3.2M...
  20. Farm Classifieds

    MA000674 - 2021 Demo Massey Ferguson DM255-P Disc Mower

    MA000674 - 2021 Demo Massey Ferguson DM255-P Disc Mower Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Mowers Disc Mower Price: £7450 Condition: New Description DEMO MASSEY FERGUSON DM255-P DISC MOWER SWATH GUIDE LEFT HAND, YEAR...