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    Access to home via farm track

    Hello all, new to the site. Hoping someone must have experienced this issue before and offer some advice. Access to our home is through a farm and along the farm's track. We are at the very end of the track. The track is only used by us, the farm (occasionally) and the shepherds who rent the...
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    Diagnostics – Instant intelligence

    Written by cpm Most farms are generating big data but how to interpret it isn’t always clear. CPM explores how three different technologies could help join the dots and aid on-farm decision-making. It’s only when data is used to gain insight that it starts to provide value. By Lucy de la...
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    Crop Doctor – Septoria low at T2

    Written by cpm As flag leaves begin to emerge across the country, Crop Doctor travels from west to east to assess disease progression or the lack of it. CPM joins the experts to explore the implications of the cool, wet May on fungicide programmes. The potential ‘googly’ this season may be...
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    Golden Nuggets....the 'fake meat' revolution is on its way....

    Anthony Browne MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Environment writes in this week's Spectator, "Britain could be at the forefront of the revolution. We love animals: we are pragmatic about new technology". Further he writes "The FSA should now consider a fast - track...
  5. D

    ELMS in the real world.

    Have just been having a read of some current threads: https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/worsening-blackgrass-ryegrass-problem.347526/ https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/dd-turnips-into-permanent-pasture-without-glyphosate.347601/...
  6. CHAPs News

    Focus on digital plant imaging at CHAP's Phenotyping Laboratory

    Focus on digital plant imaging at CHAP's Phenotyping Laboratory Date: Tuesday 8th June 2021 Time: 1pm-2pm Register here now… About this Event Join this free 60-minute online webinar to learn about plant imaging and some of the advantages it offers for trait quantification and remote...
  7. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Wet and cold May, plenty of corn and hay?

    Spring weather can indicate possible yields of our domestic wheat crop, which is expected to rebound for harvest 2021. With a wet and cold May, will the old farming adage provide the UK with plenty of corn and hay? In spring, winter wheat enters the construction phase of growth and this...
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    Breakup of United Kingdom.

    Now that English nationalist fuelled Brexit, has all but ensured the breakup of the United Kingdom, it‘s reassuring to see the quality media in UK, unafraid to shine a light, on what many do not want to acknowledge or talk about. P...
  9. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Budgeting, why now and how can this benefit us?

    Why now is a good time to start Budgeting is a useful tool when growing grains and oilseeds. Calculating costs of production by tonne by crop type can help you understand at what price your crop could make a profit, and so help manage your cashflow. Perhaps the most important question is, why...
  10. Jerry

    Variety breakdown

    How many years do you think a variety holds in for? Grown skyfall and Graham for a few years but skyfall is suffering from rust. What’s interesting is home saved skyfall is fairing better fresh C1 seed a seed contract. Graham is all home saved and little sign of rust. Note I’m in the SW so...
  11. Defra Farming

    The 2021 agricultural census

    The 2021 agricultural census Written by The Team The Census of Agriculture for England is now open to all commercial farms in England. The census has existed in various forms for over 150 years. As it stands, we run them every 10 years, alongside an annual sample survey. The census is...
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    Farming is relearning what it forgot

    Written by John Swire The agricultural sector is returning to knowledge from more than a century ago, but with updated science and technology, says a co-author of The Agricultural Notebook. The Notebook, which is widely regarded as ‘the Bible’ for every agricultural student, farmer, and...
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    What type of pneumonia calf s not responding to draxin or resflor 10days old getting thinner by the day not suckling mum bottle feeding bottle no appetite gave it a muilt vitamin got plenty of colostrum moved them from shed into small field but still ot improving
  14. Defra Farming

    Preparing for the Tree Health pilot

    Preparing for the Tree Health pilot Written by Joe Harrison Trees give us oxygen. They store carbon. They help the soil and provide a habitat for wildlife. For these reasons and many more, protecting them from pests and diseases is important. You might remember we blogged about the...
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    9 new varieties added to the Recommended Grass and Clover Lists

    Written by William Kellett One white clover and intermediate Festulolium (Hybrid) and seven new varieties of ryegrass have been added to the 2021/2022 Recommended Grass and Clover Lists (RGCL) for England and Wales. Only grasses and clovers that have undergone at least four years of...
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    AMR is a growing priority for livestock farmers in NI

    Written by Agriland Team There is now strong evidence, confirming that Northern Ireland leads the way, in many aspects, where antimicrobial resistance (AMR) measures introduced within the UK are concerned. Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) industry development manager, Colin Smith, sits on...
  17. SIABOD50

    The inexorable rise in prices of EVERYTHING .

    Where will it end ?? Tears?? Where will folk get all the cash from to pay for everything.? Are we heading for inflationary pressures if not there all ready. Rise in interest rates.?
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    ‘Per plant farming’ with Tom, Dick and Harry

    Written by Justin Roberts ‘Per plant farming’ is the rationale that underlines the creation and ongoing development of the Small Robot Company based near Salisbury in the UK. Rather than look at a tractor and work out how to automate it, the company has started with the question of how...
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    RHASS announces 2021 Sir William Young Award winner

    Written by William Kellett Alasdair Houston, of Gretna House Farms in Gretna Green, has been awarded this year’s prestigious Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) Sir William Young Award, for his exceptional contribution to the world of cattle breeding. The award...
  20. Goweresque

    Clarkson vs the NFU

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57101577 Which will have the greater pro-farming impact on the UK public, the NFU (or indeed CLA et al) and all its efforts or Jeremy Clarkson making one program about what farming is really like? Discuss.