1. Ukjay


    Good evening. In light of Asulam only being available in IBC Qty and controlled heavily, and the fact that I do not wish to eradicate everything around and entwined in the bracken that seems to like growing around our area - what options are left available to help kill it off the bracken? I...
  2. M

    Potash Soil Deficiency

    Recent soil analysis is showing K levels at 0 on a lot of the cutting ground. PH around 6.0. The margins around the fields are showing good growth but can see where I’ve cut last year very clearly and the yields don’t look very promising! Is MOP the best long term option? And if so where would...
  3. Andyt880

    How long between applying forefront and topping?

    As per the title, how long do I need to wait after spraying weeds with forefront until I can top the paddock off clean? I don’t want to cut the weed off before the spray has made it to the root. Mainly thistles I’m spraying for.
  4. R

    Best post emergence spray for new grass ley

    As per question really. Have a few docks, thistles, buttercups (seem to be everywhere this year!) and what I think is a little bit of redshank. What's the best clover-safe product to hit them. Ley is approx 5 weeks and not too far off being ready to graze.
  5. MX7

    JCB hydrogen engines.

    I see JCB are well ahead in research and development of hydrogen engines. Surely hydrogen power must be the way forward compared to electric power for many engines Apologies for the above if hydrogen engines have already been discussed at great length elsewhere on TFF.
  6. bobk

    EU sausage war

    ffs .
  7. T

    Fencing: How do you do yours?

    I am asking as we have an informal/shortly to be made more formal with some neighbouring farmers on our land. They've promised fencing, spraying and various other bits and bobs by way of securing an agreement and having access to the land. Some of which have not appeared as I thoutght they...
  8. Andyt880

    DD turnips into permanent pasture without glyphosate

    I am thinking of getting 4 acres of old grass land Direct drilled with turnips after second cut silage. Winters are wet here and land wouldn’t be the lightest but this would be one of my driest fields in winter. Never grazed a forage crop over winter here before. I am wondering would I get...
  9. GAM


    I spot sprayed a few Docks three weeks ago, the majority looked absolutely cooked, wilting, yellow leaves, a bit of warmth and they are gradually coming alive!!
  10. daithi

    YARA bag cutter

    I won this yara bag cutter in a cereal competition, but I broke the blade by wacking some hard yara fert trying to get it out of the bag. Does anyone know where I might get a replacement blade? Thanks
  11. jerseycowsman

    Grass growth?

    Does anybody reckon their grass is growing at 150 or even 200 kg/dm a day. It wouldn’t surprise me, grass is so good at compensatory growth?
  12. Badshot

    Wtf EU RED audit.

    What a load of bollix.
  13. M

    Silage over a weighbridge price

    Hi, anybody got any idea of what silage over a weighbridge is making? We’ve fertilised and sprayed and have a weighbridge on site. Looking to sell it by the tonne with the buyer paying for the machinery side of things. Location is North West.
  14. Robert

    Dock Control in CSS AB8 Flower Rich Margins

    What's the nest way to keep the docks at bay, more than i'd like now in year 3. Presumably painstaking spot spraying is the only real option so as not to kill anything "flowery"? Thanks
  15. V

    Which spray?

    I put in a field of rape and Italian last year with the intention this year to cut once and then spray off before short second cut to put in a long term. It hasn’t been shut out long and grass is looking well as I also scratched more italian in this spring to make sure but now there’s a few...
  16. Ormond

    Spring barley BLW control and rates

    Been given a recommendation for week control in spring barley. 75g/ ha counter sx 0.3 l/ha Pixxaro Seems a heavy dose to me.....just the usual suspects to deal with and not too big atvthr moment. Advice needed. Thanks
  17. shumungus

    Spraying Docks and associated weeds on grassland.

    Been quoted £110/£120 per 5l of Forefront. what mixes out there would do the same job for less money. What is that like as a price for Forefront?
  18. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks Could be trouble ahead
  19. K


    My wee lambed 1 week ago. I live in N. Ireland. When should l shear this wool monster? I don't want her to lose her milk as she's 2 very big lambs
  20. H

    Shrewsbury to glasson docks

    Mounted mower from Shrewsbury to glasson docks