1. Henery

    Thislex hard to find

    My usual bandit suppliers Hutchinsons are out of thislex, anyone know where there is some ??
  2. Bigjon44

    Red beet

    Any other ideas for post em in red beet for annual Mercury?have tried venzar, goltix and beetup but none seem to be very successful
  3. tomildinio

    Phacelia safe herbicides

    Hello, I grew a couple acres of phacelia to see if I could harvest the seed just for own cover mixes and also to look well and feed some hives. It didn't strike well and is now full of chickweed and fat hen. Any phacelia safe herbicides out there? Muchos gracias.
  4. A

    Veg weeds

    hello folks.... up in cumbria here farms always grown veg to sell off the farm steading and like so many others I have been thwarted by the removal of so many herbicide products to control weeds .... so just a quick question as up here theres no too much info around as to sprays due too...
  5. Andyt880

    How long between applying forefront and topping?

    As per the title, how long do I need to wait after spraying weeds with forefront until I can top the paddock off clean? I don’t want to cut the weed off before the spray has made it to the root. Mainly thistles I’m spraying for.
  6. Farm Business RSS

    Dow Shield® 400 controlling weeds in game cover crops

    Written by John Swire Game cover crops for shooting and wildlife and wild bird seed mixtures need careful management, starting with reducing the weed population which will help their establishment. This can be challenging, as often there are mixtures of different crop types established in the...

    Leather jackets

    Is there anyway of controlling leather jackets other than cultivation We have a field of spring barley that has been destroyed by them. The only place there is a crop is where we did some drainage in winter and we power harrowed over the repaired drains and any dumper wheelings and the crop is...
  8. C

    Adding fresh fields

    Cannot see how you add fresh fields online...can see all my land got everything in place but how do you add extra fields ...dont wish to have to use an agent Anyone any ideas..Thanks
  9. Greythundercloudys

    American politics, not what it was.

    Just watching the news and Joe doesn't have the pazzaz trump had, or the crazy Ness, but things seem more boring for sure. 100 days since he took office and hardly seen Joe on TV. Changed dayz.
  10. bobk

    Biden considering tariffs......

    Against any country thinking about taxing US digital companies who are presently raping the rest of the world , democrat my arse
  11. Exfarmer

    Vaccine passport for a pint

    What a brilliant idea, we can have summer of drinking without all those young people and their fancy drinks. Hopefully be able to get in the local and sup a pint at the bar.
  12. Corteva Updates

    Innovation key for future of UK agriculture, reflects Cortevaâs retiring UK & Ireland Country Leader

    Innovation key for future of UK agriculture, reflects Cortevaâs retiring UK & Ireland Country Leader The need for innovation will be key for the continued success of UK agriculture, Corteva Agriscience’s Adrian Gough has said ahead of his retirement in March. Corteva Agriscience announced in...
  13. W

    Joe Biden

    Jesus Christ this is who the American people have voted in. He needs removing with immediate effect.
  14. Clive

    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    The Red Tractor logo or brand does not appear on products that UK cereal growers supply the ingredients for so unquestionably has no value to end consumers of bakery and other cereal products The processors of these products including the likes of Hovis and Warburtons have stated that they have...
  15. spin cycle

    diary of a comedy sheep farm

    taking a cue from others with their own threads....and upon a suggestion of a friend whom i keep 'entertained':rolleyes: so today.....up at the sheds at 6am to check for lambings although we're not supposed to start for a month:banghead:....just a single....penned it up and back for school...
  16. Jerry

    Will Thistlex do nettles?

    Neec to hit some nettles and there are spear thistles in there as well. Will thistlex hit the nettles?
  17. Chris F


    This was something I had completely missed. Corteva Agriscience - what will be the new name for DowDuPont. No product will be rebranded for a while apparently.
  18. Merston Peters

    Situation Vacant Marketing Communications Manager

    LOCATION : CAMBRIDGESHIRE SECTOR: MANUFACTURER CONTRACT: PERMANENT HOURS :FULLTIME SALARY :ATTRACTIVE REMUNERATION PACKAGE. Dow AgroSciences is looking for a candidate for the position of: Marketing Communications Manager. This is an exciting opportunity for an ambitious candidate to join...
  19. S

    Weed wiping questions

    What months of the year can you weed wipe and what sort of price are the big weed wipers that go behind a tractor . Ta.