1. Aspiring Peasants

    Sheep breeds why?

    Thinking about Neilo's post on another thread where he was describing his experience with Exlanas. Why do some people swear by some breeds and others swear at them. Is it different farms, systems, etc enough to explain it? For example I read a lot of positives about Lleyns and bought 50 from...
  2. H

    Feed blocks

    We currently feed rumenco high energy blocks on the hills, but we find a lot uneaten and that the sheep are in bad condition this year, what is everyone else feeding and has anyone else had a similar issue?
  3. J

    Low fpd

    I'm hoping someone can offer me some help, my fpd has been sailing close to the cut off for a while now but the last few collections it's been very low about 504 usually. This has only happened since3the cows have been grazing more grass (been turned into the silage fields) said fields are a...
  4. F

    Atkinson / Land Drive spreaders

    Does anyone have any old photos of these spreaders, or any literature/parts books for them? Thanks
  5. twizzel

    Cocci buckets for lambs

    Every year I have to dose my lambs for cocci so I was wondering if the brinnicombe buckets would be worth a try instead. Has anyone used them rather than relying on vecoxan? Only 35 lambs but more hassle getting them in to drench. Lambs are 10 days - 4 weeks old and just spotted one of the older...
  6. Aspiring Peasants

    Rumen Fluke

    Sent a muck sample off to test for fluke and they there's no sign of liver fluke ,but there are rumen fluke eggs. Vet says this is not common and we've not had it before. Treatment apparently is Zanil. Just wondering if anyone else has experience of it and what they did
  7. J

    Custom gs4 mix

    I'm after some opinions on what I've put together in my head after some thought on a herbal ley mix to hit the gs4 specification, I havent seen a mix that I'm 100% happy with and suits my needs, far too many seem insistent on adding crap like oxeye daisies into the mix. In my head I've come up...
  8. D

    Lamb feeding tube

    Just bought a new one. Is it just me or is a rubber tube hard to push down the lambs throat. I got on well with the more plastic type ones.
  9. S

    ELM Scheme

    Hello, I have just listened to a podcast featuring a regenerative livestock farming couple, and they were discussing the changes from BPS to the ELM scheme. What are everyone's thoughts on the ELM scheme? Will it make farming fairer? Will it change things for new entrants? Does anyone have any...
  10. copse

    Any good

    Anyone used this?
  11. TexelBen

    Best work socks?

    Sick of "work socks" wearing through in no time, and sweaty feet. Spend all of my time in Steelie dealer boots or wellies. I'm assuming the more wool, the better?
  12. Onwards and Upwards

    Lambing mob size

    Just a quick question. What numbers do you look to limit your outdoor lambing groups at?
  13. steveR

    Own collection of Molasses. WM/Mid Marches??

    I have been pricing up some protein molasses for lick feeding to a group of 20, 5/6month old AAX heifers I purchased, along with a few other hanger ons from our Coos. There is only very limited trough space in the shed, so hard feed is not an option, and 80kg protein tubs while convenient, are...
  14. K

    Best way of Rearing pet lambs

    Getting set up for the next lambing season. Looking at what is best on the market to rear lambs on automatic machine. Looking at feeding 20 ish lambs on machine. ( so not huge numbers) Just want to know what machine works best? There seems to b the sheperdess, ewe2 but probably there is...
  15. S

    Dairy cow bolus

    How many folks bolus their dairy cows? What do you use? We've been giving ours bagged minerals through the mixer, I've just done the sums and it won't cost any more to bolus them. We've had cobalt deficiency in the sheep and I think some young stock which have improved a lot since I bolused...
  16. FarmyStu

    Bedding scarcity

    Is a lack of affordable bedding a reason for dirty cattle or a reason to sell cattle on welfare grounds?
  17. Greythundercloudys

    Dallas, keith, sheep lick price.

    Anybody, 1000,1200litres?
  18. G

    Crystalix vs Supalyx high energy

    Hi all, normally a Crystalix block user but Supalyx seems a good bit cheaper local to myself. Is the Supalyx block as good a product or is it simply less money for a lesser product? Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  19. R

    Amazing stuff in the attic

    As said, I've found lots of historic documents going back as far as the 1930's, some of which I hope to share on here.
  20. bobk

    Do ploughers get bg ?

    If not , there's your answer