1. V

    Feeding the nation.

    Do farmers honestly run their business with a view to “feeding the nation”? It sounds like a nice marketing line some graduate from Harper dreamt up, but do any of you wake up in the morning and think “ time to feed the nation” or are you in the business of producing food? One is a business and...
  2. Pan mixer

    Gypsum on high Mag clay?

    Is this a thing I should be doing to help the DD?
  3. T

    Buckets for Foster D2P - Same as McConnel ?

    I have recently obtained a Foster D2P. I have one bucket and am looking for a couple more, say a 12" trenching bucket and a 4" taper drainage bucket with ejector paddle. Are they the same as fitted to the McConnel? Does anyone have any surplus that they want to sell?
  4. Against_the_grain

    Am i allowed to clean ditches out?

    We have a ditch that needs cleaning to help field drainage. Are we allowed to do it this at this time of year? Is there a closed period?
  5. Vader

    River levels

    As I trying to get some flooding issues resolved. Just thought I would check here... If you dredge 2 foot out of a river bottom, then you gain 2 foot water level during heavy rains before the river goes over the bank? Or am i missing something?? Just work been done to raise river sides and...
  6. jackrussell101

    The penny is finally starting to drop

    From the BBC... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-60623941
  7. C

    Herd number application Ireland

    Morning All Am interested in applying for a herd number, bought land few ago a long term investment, but want a herd number to trade stock. In Ireland, how minimalistic can facilities be to pass for a herd number, would a shipping container modified and bedded suffice? Also, cattle crush...
  8. I

    laying pipes

    I am having trouble with my local authority at the moment and wondered if anyone had experience of needing planning to lay drainage pipes on agricultural land? Can anyone tell me about your experience?
  9. Goweresque

    Red and white diesel and farming operations

    The new rules on red and white diesel use come in soon, on the 1st of April. Obviously farming has still has a concession to use red. But to what extent will some machines/operations that take place on a farm require white from now on? Quite a lot of things that happen on a farm are not purely...
  10. C

    Sewage treatment solutions

    Hi all, I have noticed quite a few threads recently where people are looking for off mains drainage solutions, specifically related to wastewater treatment. If anyone has any questions surrounding this topic or needs any advice on their existing system, please feel free to reach out to...
  11. G

    Grain into orbit again

    Chicago up 6% overnight again Wheat at £300 by tonight
  12. Uk Ag Finance News

    Case Study 3

    Case Study 3 Example Term Loan: £160,000 for farm diversification, Scotland, 39% LTV, 1st Charge Background Why did the borrower need the loan? To repay a short term loan and upgrade the farm buildings, water and drainage. Develop an old farmhouse and barn for holiday lets, while extending...
  13. Hutchinsons News

    Using stewardship to improve sustainability and productivity

    Using stewardship to improve sustainability and productivity With environmental stewardship becoming a more important income source post-subsidy reform, leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons is giving growers an insight into how features can be practically integrated into productive arable...
  14. Hutchinsons News

    Now is the time to establish summer cover for soil health

    Now is the time to establish summer cover for soil health The next few weeks are the ideal time to establish a summer cover crop mix on uncropped land requiring improvements to soil structure and health after last winter. Short-duration summer cover crops, such as the new seed mixes available...
  15. Berrys News

    Key issues when considering land for development

    Key issues when considering land for development Published July 30th, 2019 Landowners often consider how to maximise the value of their assets and a common way to achieve this is through the development of land and buildings. Each site is unique and requires tailored advice to ensure that...
  16. Ritchie Agriculture News

    Bigwood Goes Beefy

    Bigwood Goes Beefy Brean farmer Richard Bigwood and his family have certainly experienced their fair share of life’s ‘ups and downs’, being coastal farmers on the Somerset Levels. As Britain’s weather pattern changes and holiday growth in the South West increases, the family have to be...
  17. R

    Five for Five for Black-grass

    Five for Five for Black-grass For the most effective long-term black-grass control, growers and their advisers need to apply the most effective control tools in five main areas - cultivations, sowing date, crop competition, herbicides and seeding prevention, recommends Dr Stephen Moss. “And...
  18. Agrovista News

    Unlocking gypsumâs soil health benefits

    Unlocking gypsumâs soil health benefits Applying gypsum in liquid form could prove especially beneficial to help relieve soil compaction ahead of the autumn sowing programme. It’s been a tough season for soils. Many fields were drilled in less-than-ideal conditions, often after abandoned...
  19. Agrovista News

    Helping growers address soil health and crop establishment with new bioscience products

    Helping growers address soil health and crop establishment with new bioscience products Following the successful launch of Agrovista’s Innovation Range earlier this year, five new products have been added to help address the importance of soil health and crop establishment. Originally devised...
  20. Agrovista News

    Cover crops. A practical farm example

    Cover crops. A practical farm example The need to restore soil health, control blackgrass and reduce exposure to oilseed rape has resulted in a complete rethink over cropping and rotation on a North Yorkshire farm. Twenty years ago half of the land at Stephen Tuer Farms was in grass for dairy...