1. Still Farming

    Mass Trespass?

    What's all this circulating???
  2. L

    Which Limousin bull?

    Currently run 2 Limousin bulls one gets well off any type of cow the other gets well off better end cows. Both go back to Willodge Vantastic one is a Claragh Franco bull. Just wondering where to start looking breed wise for another bull. Fancy the Plumbtree Fantastic breeding next but not...
  3. O

    Autosteer and 3m combi drill

    Looking to start spring drilling soon, with a new to us 3m Kvernland accord DA power Harrow combi and recently purchased a tractor with auto steer. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to go about using the GPS for a beginner? Fields are 10 acre average with not many straight hedges, is a...
  4. R

    Cleaning lights

    Has anybody got a foolproof method for cleaning LED sprayer boom lights. Mine get a good coating of spray drift. The worst is pendimethalin. Nothing seems to shift it and yellow light doesn't illuminate the spray patterns like white light.
  5. S

    Inexperienced farm worker wage

    Hello, I am looking for my first farm worker job to kickstart my career. Obviously, I have no farming experience but I'm willing to learn and graft. What kind of wage/salary could I expect to earn?
  6. toquark

    Shelter and rotational grazing

    I’m about to launch a small rotational grazing trial this year. Everything's set up and ready to roll, the only concern I have is the lack of shelter in some of the paddocks. The field is relatively flat and uniform (why it was chosen). Wouldn’t be an issue on days like today but when it’s 2...
  7. H

    Could a self assured scheme be better than RT?

    I think we could serve all sectors better without the cost. Any uk scheme will already offer traceability through the passport so that is above imports already. AHDB could offer all levy payers a an Ebay/tripadvisor site where buyers merchants could give good and bad feedback thus giving them...
  8. Exfarmer

    How stupid can Plod get?

    Watching last nights scenes and the different standards applied to the BLM protests, no wonder the Nationalists are coming to the fore!
  9. G

    Lynx and wolves could return to England as rewilding task force set up by PM

    https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/lynx-and-wolves-could-return-to-england-as-rewilding-task-force-set-up-by-pm/ar-BB1ejupK Honestly I think long term this would be a good thing, apex predators are vital for the ecosystem, Yellowstone national park was made vastly more healthy when they...
  10. W


    Know it's miles early. What's he collectives thoughts now CTL has passed on. Is Iodus (Laminarin?) any use on Septoria and Mildew (plenty of peatground) or is it a case of Folpet with fingers firmly crossed? In the West so Septoria is the main target.
  11. casemx 270

    John Deere GreenStar

    So I'm in a new job used to use RTK but new job using GreenStar . When spraying headlands how do go about it using GreenStar and when on the main tramlines that have already been set up but possibly need shifting hope this makes sense thanks.
  12. teslacoils

    Will you keep wearing a mask when you don't have to?

    Looks like 22nd June is going to be "National Burn Your Mask And Hug A Stranger Day". But are you going to keep your on?
  13. EddieB

    MF 200hp + what to look for?

    I know that there are pages and pages of MF threads but here goes... I am looking for a c. 2000 hour tractor, and am considering a Massey, something like a 7720 or above. What are the strong points, weak points? Any particular spec to look out for? Never had a Massey but there is a good choice...
  14. DrDunc

    Vegan animal sanctuary

    Now this really boils my pish Vegans have bought a local house with ten acres of boggy scrub attached, and set up a "sanctuary". They've very successfully raised money by "crowd funding" for fencing and materials. Now they're looking for volunteers to look after the animals they've "saved"...
  15. S

    Outdoor lambing and triplets

    Just wondering how people get on lambing triplets outdoors? We lamb our triplets and some singles for fostering indoors and everything else outdoors. Thought I might try them outside this year and just lift any lambs for fostering once they’ve had their colostrum. Got about 150 triplets so I’m...
  16. Fragonard

    MF 8s

    Any new models at work yet?
  17. P

    When to apply fertiliser to grassland

    Hi All, This has likely been discussed ad infinitum but here we go again as I can't seem to find a relaxant thread on the subject. When to apply 20-10-10 to grassland now that T sum 200 is no longer published? OK conventional wisdom states "March time" but is there anything more scientific out...
  18. 7610 super q

    " Understanding the motivations of small and very small farms "

    Hmmmm........WG doing a survey over the next few weeks on the above. In other words, why the f**k are small farmers still here after doing our very best to get rid of them for the last 40 years. If they dare contact me, I'll say I'm still at it cos I like driving elderly Ford tractors. :) 🖕🖕🖕...