1. Dman2

    AB 9 Winter bird mix

    Have some of the above to sow Can use 90% cereal, so we are using oats seeing as we have some. What rate are people sowing the oats And do you mix the other seeds with the oats to sow or sow seperate. Cheers
  2. cricketandcrops

    Future cropping

    Not missing growing oilseed rape, looking at keeping things simple with wheat, barley and beans, which of below do people think is best: 1) spring beans, winter wheat, winter wheat, spring barley, winter barley 2) spring beans, winter wheat, spring barley, winter barley, winter wheat 3)...
  3. nick...

    Seeding wet spots not drilled

    Got about 3 acres that were left as I’d have got stuck had I tried to drill them.on 3 separate fields I should add.will cultivate to level the mess when dry enough and intend to drill something into the bare soil.rape will follow a couple of bits.what do the TFF massive reccomend.needs to be...
  4. ajd132

    Levelling fields

    Have taken on managing a farm that has been no till for a while but some of the fields are really quite rough. don’t want to properly roar fields up because the soil is in good stead underneath. some kind of shallow tine and levelling have board? Just drilling at angle won’t sort it out quick...
  5. B

    They said it couldn't be done

    I recently acquired a second hand 'Y' hitch which I intend to adapt for my ol massey 165. It may also be called a swinging drawbar??? The one the pin drops down into to hold the trailer on etc.. To get it to fit I need to shorten it a little and drill a new hole in it. Is this possible with a...
  6. F

    How do you spray around poles and trees

    Do you. Fold up or drive around in a circle
  7. M

    Direct Drilling AB9 etc

    I've asked this on an older tread but not sure if it'll get spotted so try again here. Anyone here spray off their AB9 then DD the new stuff in? How long after spraying do you wait? Any replies much appreciated.
  8. L

    Reducing competition when overseeding

    We have a direct drill on a Beef and sheep unit in West Wales , and do quite a few acres yearly . We have found the use of grass coated in Pronitro ,, which is a nitrogen coating really gets things going . However we Typically we have been spraying the grass off with glyphosate , before...
  9. paul&mandy

    Are campsites open?

    I was spreading next to a caravan club site yesterday and it was fairly full of motorhomes and caravans. They looked to be having a lovely time all sat outside sunning themselves. Surely this isn't right?
  10. S

    Livestock building

    Currently have a Building used as a straw shed But looking to convert it into a livestock building! currently has tin sides and stone floor so looking at concrete panels and concreting the floor. what depth would you recommend is ideal for the floor of a livestock building? ive been told 6 inch...