1. Bossfarmer

    All grass with straw for muck deals OR all cereals!

    The direction of travel with farm support in the uk seems clear it seems i was right about brexit, that said what is now the way forward on mixed farms? no support leaves a big cut in net profit, whether your still making anything or not depends on prices either way nobody wants to make less...
  2. D

    transplanting veg plants into stubble by hand

    I'm in a bit of a situation in that I've 18,000 veg plants, growing like crazy & its too wet to plough, till & plant. What would happen if I planted them by hand now into last years cereal stubble?
  3. Lazy Sod

    Is TFF is getting too popular?

    God forbid that TFF should ever get like the other places that dare not speak their names, where nobody goes any more but I think that this place is getting too busy. For example, @Sid started a thread at 05.41 yesterday morning and now it has 16 pages! There are plenty of other examples. I...
  4. beardface

    The future of arable farming

    I've been thinking lately about the debate around food production and how arable farming seems to escape the negativity at the moment. Are large monocultures grown intensively on the best acres the answer to sustainable food production? I don't think so. The reality is that an allotment...
  5. Direct Driller Magazine

    New Analysis aims to Unlock Soil Health

    Written by Dan Robinson from Eurofins We have created new soil tests that will help farmers and agronomists understand their soil in a more detailed way than ever before. The tests have been launched in the UK and Ireland to provide chemical, physical, and biological insight, offering farmers...
  6. Sid

    Paying farmers a lump sum to retire

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-57149744 Average farmer could get 50k with the largest landowners getting 100k Average farmer gets 21k per year "Older farmers are often most resistant to new "green" methods, and Environment Secretary George Eustice wants them to move on" "The...
  7. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57157094 Could be trouble ahead
  8. M

    DD an idiots guide please!

    Does such thing exists? I know all farms and soils are different but the 10 top critical points would be very helpful for many people. Where I’m struggling is that we’re a small mixed farm and getting straw off in a wet year always makes a mess (turning,baling,stacking and then loading) and...
  9. S

    Arable Crop Wanted Long Term Partnership

    Hello All, First of all apologies if this is in the wrong thread/place. We are looking for someone to grow catnip for us in the U.K. Current requirements are one tonne dried weight per year however this my increase. Estimated approximately one acre depending on plant spacing. Organic...
  10. Still Farming

    Spring sow oats weeds

    Sown oats , glysophate any weed flush before crop emergence. April drought conditions also killed lot of weeds in cultivation. Corn taking ages to come up snd now it is how behold the bloody weeds like redshank etc. Taking off? Any ideas as not much recommended?
  11. W

    Smallholding advice.

    Hello, Future smallholder from West Wales here. I plan on buying a smallholding in the near future with my partner. We are based in West Wales and will probably buy something fairly small (3-5 acres) to keep a couple of sheep, chickens etc. If we take to it, really enjoy the lifestyle - we will...
  12. Andrew B

    Soil carbon is a highly flawed climate policy ?

    These two articles by By David Pannell ( from Australia) has certainly made me think https://www.pannelldiscussions.net/2021/04/346-soil-carbon-1/ https://www.pannelldiscussions.net/2021/05/347-soil-carbon-2/ The comments section is worth reading too as I believe these policies are going to...
  13. Agriland RSS

    Using new technology to fill feed gap

    Written by William Kellett Plant breeders Germinal are using new technology to help fill the feed gap, as spring 2021 has been another cold and dry one, and with slow grass growth, forage is running short on many farms. This year, a new variety has joined the recommended list. AberRoot is a...
  14. Jerry

    Who's worried about the lack of dry?

    😂😂😂 💦💦💦 could do with it to warm up mind!!
  15. Phil P

    Winter wheat T1 2021

    Ok, what are your plans for T1? Back in April when it was looking like another drought I was thinking keep it cheap! However we’ve now had A LOT of rain and 90% of the wheats are looking like they have some good potential. So, my and my agronomist thoughts are to go with a more robust T1 His...
  16. K


    My wee lambed 1 week ago. I live in N. Ireland. When should l shear this wool monster? I don't want her to lose her milk as she's 2 very big lambs
  17. D

    Black grass 2021

    Up until now we have not had a problem with black grass. But one field seems to have got away on us. It’s first wheat after osr and would expect it yield about 10t/ha. There is not enough grass to effect the yield but too much to pull by hand. The area is about 12ac which would be about 4% of...
  18. Defra Farming

    In conversation with a soil health pioneer

    In conversation with a soil health pioneer Written by Janet Hughes https://www.buzzsprout.com/1657363/8311877-janet-hughes-and-gabe-brown-the-six-principles-of-soil-health.mp3 In this month's Future Farming podcast, Janet Hughes talks to Gabe Brown. Gabe has been named one of the...
  19. CPM RSS

    Rotational Resilience – A rye resurgence?

    Written by cpm Download PDF As growers seek out alternative cereals options, Elsoms has been investing in research and genetics to showcase just how valuable hybrid rye can be in the rotation. CPM finds out more. A crop that requires less nitrogen, but doesn’t compromise yield, is a no-brainer...
  20. B


    a good article in the sunday times business section about the drax powerstation, the article said that it imports wood chip from lousiana usa to burn in the powerstation to create electricity and gets nearly £900 million a year in subsities from the govt how the hell does all that make sense ...