dual purpose

  1. Derrick Hughes

    Red Clover Seed

    MILVUS , HARMONIE and ATLANTIS Tetraploid Red Clover Seed , Available straight, as a blend or in a grass mix made to your requirements, Atlantis is top of the Recommended list as a Tertraploid with all three scoring high , very competitive prices and quick delivery for any amount Please...
  2. beardface

    If you think it's bad here.....

    Brother just been on phone to his mate in NZ. Sounds like cinders is in the process of destroying there whole ag industry. Lamb price could be up here for a while.....
  3. Derrick Hughes

    Red Clover / Ryegrass Overseeder

    Medium Term Hi Pro Red Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack) (3-4 Years Dual Purpose) 3.50 kg ASTONCRUSADER Hybrid Ryegrass Tet 4.00 kg TETRAGRAZE Hybrid Ryegrass Tet 3.00 kg ROY Perennial Ryegrass Int Tet 1.50 kg MERULA Broad Red Clover 1.00 kg ATLANTIS Red Clover Tet 13.00 kg per acre Save on Nitrogen...
  4. The Ruminant

    What breed of hen?

    The plan is a mobile chicken hutch with moveable electric netting - the chickens will follow the cattle round and hopefully get lots of their food from the insects in the cow pats etc. Therefore I don’t want 330 eggs-per-year birds, that will need lots of supplementary feeding. I want good...
  5. Goweresque

    Forget covid, how many Grannies will renewables kill eventually?

    https://notrickszone.com/2021/01/28/berlin-on-the-brink-blackouts-loom-as-coal-plants-running-at-100-capacity-struggle-to-keep-lights-on-in/ If Germany didn't still have nuclear and coal fired power plants to take the strain, their grid would be have collapsed by now, and millions would be...
  6. Macsky

    Are two sheds better than one?

    Looking to put up a new shed, the initial requirements are to in winter up to 40 head of spring calving cows, and to house 100+ Cheviot ewes in lamb with twins, with the possibility of extending in the future, site space isn’t too restrictive, are you better trying to design a big dual purpose...
  7. F

    250,000 heifer

  8. J

    Maternal recorded rams - Northern Ireland

    Does anyone know of anybody breeding functional, maternal (or dual purpose) rams in Northern Ireland? Would prefer someone making their breeding decisions based on data rather than looks. We moved away from buying in replacements a few years ago to keeping our own. Happy with the results but...
  9. paul&mandy

    Spring grass seed

    Got 30acres it that was destined for turnips April drilled to fatten lambs August onwards. Thinking more about going for grass as it might have a cut before lambs go into it. What's the best thing to plant?
  10. organicguy

    Jersey cross/ purebreds, costs, outputs?

    Costing up a slight change in policy and feel confident some figures from the collective will be more accurate than books! Please can you put some figures on my ? below. Value pure Jersey bull calf, JxF, JxBB Jersey cull cow? x cull cow? Jersey output, autumn block, 1t cake? Some idea of milk...
  11. B

    Major vehicle quandary

    So I presently run a Amarok doing 15,000 miles a year. It’s leased and going in June this year. It ticks all the boxes for me as it’ll travel across fields, tow a trailer, carry stuff in the pickup bed, takes the kids to and from school and is also happy travelling to the coast on holiday. I’ve...
  12. Scholsey

    Horse arena

    Anybody built a small arena in a corner of a field? Isn’t commercial, just for family use Did you apply for planning? is there a change of use etc procedure to follow? any rough ideas of cost of surface etc?
  13. B

    Multipurpose trailer

    Who makes a trailer that’s dual use as a dumper and grain trailer? Thinking along the lines of a square body (not traditional dumper style), hydraulic tailgate that won’t open unless the body is tipped slightly, 650 tyres, air and oil brakes, rollover sheet. It hold 14 + tonnes of wheat but...
  14. D

    Next bull for suckler herd

    Hi all, we currently run an ayr calving suckler herd which are limmy x Friesian (from the old dairy herd here) put to a Simmental bull which produce some cracking calves. His offspring have then been put to a Saler bull as a separate herd, but the calves have been disappointing in comparison to...
  15. L

    Silly Questions

    Hi All, Im a complete newbie, aside from “growing up” on an arable farm. Im currently living in Brittany, France. On a former cattle farm, (neighbour took up the business and has about 80 Charolais cattle) I am looking at moving towards more of a ‘crofting’ style of living, and have decided...
  16. F

    Collie pups for £1000+...,

    Lots advertised for this sort of money on pre-loved and similar sites. Do people actually sell them at that sort of money and who buys them at that price? Seems a bit crazy!
  17. K

    Increasing hight of trailer

    Thinking of increasing the hight of our 10x6 ifor williams trailer from 6 foot to close to 7. It can be then dual purpose for cattle/sheep and horses. Basically chop the roof and increase by the required hight and bolt back on with new pieces on it. Is it a daft idea or a good one?? Anybody...
  18. H

    Winter housing

    Just asked a question on fodder thread but starting it here . Basically ... got about 90 cows , 130 ish youngstock and 60 ish older stores . Older stores will be going into a shed at another farm . I can house all the young stock and about 50 cows . Or I can outwinter all the youngstock and...
  19. S

    autumn re-seeding

    time has come, again, for autumn re-seeds. Interested to know what, farmers are planning variety wise. Had some interesting discussions, recently with seed reps. We have had an awful 3dry summers, on the trot, and grass, has been very short, both in quantity and life ! Rep in this morning...
  20. W

    Wheat after grass

    Hi all. New to this. I would be very interested in people’s opinion on growing wheat after grass. I currently do a land swap with a local farmer who grows ready grass and horsage. The first 3 year let has just ended on the first block of land. It’s heavy clay which was rank with blackgrass...