dual purpose

  1. Hilly


    Going to China after 20 year ban.
  2. Robt

    New Isuzu

    I have heard they are going back to a bigger engine offering a 3.0 190 hoss engine
  3. roscoe erf


    I was speaking to a farmer the other day and the discussion got round as it does in this area to T.B .He said he had been told by another farmer that running a donkey in with the heard of cows reduced or stopped the occurrence of T.B .Now after id finished laughing and telling him he was having...
  4. Ysgythan

    Ram suggestions

    Scenario - 50 ewes. Mainly Welsh Mules. About 10 Texel x Welsh Mules. 4 second cross Texel Welsh Mules. Two Suffolk x Scotch Mules. One Lleyn (showing a fair bit of Texel if I’m honest). Ewes range in age from yearlings to brokers but the majority are younger ewes. Will be implanted with pure...
  5. CharcoalWally

    Thinking of getting a Charollais.........am I completely bonkers?.......

    Thinking about going back to the Charollais for ease of lambing in the first time lambers, as not happy with results from the Texel and the Beltex on this score. The plus points....... Had them before and they make cracking prime lambs. The negative points........ Outdoor lambing flock...
  6. H

    Winning a machinery raffle

    Seen an article in today farmers machinery journal' said farmer won use of tractor for 3 months' tractor is case active 8 Out of interest any on here ever won tractor outright in competition or any other kit?
  7. Baker9

    Ins And outs ofconverting SUV to commercial

    I am toying with the idea of buying a SWB Landcruiser suv or similar and making it a commercial. Remove the rear seats and blank the side windows. The problem how to change the tax class from car to commercial. I cannot find any information on this. Can this be done and if so, how? Has anyone...
  8. S

    Can you have too much clover ?

    Clover grows well here, but I think it’s got a bit out of hand this year. First pic is year 3 of a 6 year ley. Been silaged and grazed( probably too hard last year). Getting a bit docky as well, so might get put into wheat this year. Second pic is 1st year of a 5 yr ley, sown last autumn. Had...
  9. manfromhill

    New defender 10/9/19

    You boys with deposits down starting to feel like Christmas Eve
  10. Jameshenry

    Livestock box towing troubles

    I got an ifor Ta5 12ft here and i haven't done many trips with it , but i've experienced the wobbles a couple of times now, once with 24 lambs just on the bottom, and yesterday when empty, both times were on A roads at around 50 mph, anyone else experienced it with these trailers ? Trailer would...
  11. B

    Hay turning advice

    Having been continuously let down by a contractor the last two years we’ve decided to do our 40ac of hay ourselves. We’ve tractors from our arable and drivers. With regards to turning and rowing up we want one used machine to do both jobs. Two cuts per year so 80ac work and possibly the odd bit...
  12. S

    xbred dairy bull calves

    we have to find a use for these calves, it dose not matter a damn, what we think, it's what the vocal public think, and shooting young calves, is NOT what they wan't. one answer is sexed semen, but, especially with xbred herds, all this is going to do, is flood the market with poorly bred dairy...
  13. MX7

    Our Greatest asset in farming is our wife/partner and staff?

    As above ,sadly some of you have domestic breakdowns but why was that? Many of you will tell me ,"what business is it of mine " that in it self may mean you perhaps were the cause. OK tell me to mind my own business but in doing so you add that adds to to your gilt. DID I PUT FARMING BEFORE...
  14. Direct Driller Magazine

    Grazing Crops: Part 3

    QUANTIFYING THE WHOLE FARM BENEFITS FROM GRAZING CROPS Many farmers have commented that the greatest benefit from grazing their winter crops has been the additional pasture grown which can then be used by livestock at a later stage. This deferment requires the additional pasture production...
  15. MX7

    Why aren,t grain bins used more in the UK

    I have just looked at my Canadian (Saskatchewan) farming contacts web page www.parklandventures .com and I see they have erected two more large grain bins plus replacing their grain dryer with one of 35% more output. As in thread title why aren't grain bins used more in the uk ?
  16. Salli

    Beginner here! Electric fencing.

  17. Derrick Hughes

    britannia rules the waves

    Looks like they will have to scrap that then What a laughing stock we are
  18. sjewart

    Best cordless clippers

    Anyone recommend a dual purpose cordless clipper that would dag ewes, shear the odd maggot ewe, clip bellies of 25 tup lambs and shear the backs of 4 calves? We only have a small number of stock but cordless clippers would be useful. About £200 mark is limit.
  19. wellingtonfarmer

    Wheat after long term ley

    I’m planning to plant some wheat after long term grass ley- I don’t need the grass anymore as it’s just been cut for silage. Are there any covers crops that could be planted now that will reduce pest pressure in the following wheat crop?
  20. B R C

    Tachograph rules

    We are just about to get a vw transporter and it will be towing non agricultural goods all over the country. They are our own products that we shall be delivering and we do charge to deliver them, so I am pretty sure that I will need a tachograph and O licence. My main questions are, when a...