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  1. G

    Lambing outdoors- catching ewe and lambs

    Just wanted to ask while this years lambing is still fresh in the mind. My flock lambs outdoors in May, this year, despite giving them several hours to bond first. I found it hard catching the ewes once they had lambed, I would either catch lambs, have her follow me into a pen, or failing...
  2. E

    Bull warranty.. Or not.

    Read the small print and be selective who you trust. Bought 5 Charollais bulls at borderway mart at the British Charollais spring show and sale on the 15th of may. One of which came with a vet certificate of fertility.. Ideal sensible vendor. The other four did not. Two of these bulls came from...
  3. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57157094 Could be trouble ahead
  4. S

    Not a good look for the industry

  5. F

    Ewe Mortality

    Hi there, its been an interesting year so far lambing and wondering what others lambing and survival rates are if you don't mind me asking. Its the first time we lost a ewe at lambing so want to understand if this is common enough or if I'm just unlucky? And what rams do people use, have you...
  6. M

    New Defender Commercial

    Am I missing something? I’ve specced a Defender commercial S with the stuff you really want in a car, and to match the spec of a Wildtrack Ranger. Tow bar, metallic paint, mudflaps, 3 seats in the front, alloy wheels. And that’s about it, not gone too mad with it. It’s come out at £62,000+VAT...
  7. Hesstondriver

    Grease point stickers supplier

    can any one point me in the direction of a supplier for a roll of stickers to identify grease nipples / lube points. ive got them on lots of machines , usualy about the size of thumb or thumb nail . but i cant find anywhere on line / uk a bit like these : cheers
  8. S

    Bull Beef Shed Ideas

    Thinking of a new shed for 12 to 14 month bull beef finishers next year and wondered if any ideas on what you would do or do currently. I would be feeding ad-lib grain and ad-lib straw, so had wondered about an out of parlour feeder type units and then no need for a feed barrier. Or if I was to...
  9. paul&mandy

    What breed for outdoor lambing

    I'm absolutely sick of these Suffolk X mules. We stick a texel over them. All lambs go fat off farm. If I was to choose a breed to not have to continually bash my head against a wall and put so many dead lambs in the bin and knacker myself trying. If they don't lick, pee off or lay on them...
  10. M

    NZ suffolks.

    Thinking about using these on a cheviot mules to and selling the Suffolk x gimmers as breeders. Want are people thoughts on the NZ suffolks.
  11. The Agrarian

    Legality of livestock ownership

    My question is what confers ownership of farm livestock? Example Dairy herd. Partnership, mainly for tax purposes. No written partnership agreement. Anything which has a way of naming the owner (like a tractor, on the V5 doc) is presumably clear cut. A calf born on the farm was not bought...
  12. N

    16/32 auto ID feed system and Collinson feed bin for sale.

    Davlec auto ID feed system with 32 x individual stall antenna operated by ear tags. (currently set up as a basic stand alone system) 32 x vaccar / dairy spares / eb style feeders 27 ton (?) collinson feed bin (plastisol juniper green and it takes an artic load of cake at a time) Collinson auger...
  13. Clive

    livestock producers- Red Tractor question ?

    I recall reading sone where on here or twitter that if livestock spent a certain number of days on a uk farm it could become RT assured ? is this correct? the RT wikipedia pahe suggests not as does a lot of their advertising and FAQ’s on google etc can someone explain if / how this all...
  14. DrDunc

    Vegan animal sanctuary

    Now this really boils my pish Vegans have bought a local house with ten acres of boggy scrub attached, and set up a "sanctuary". They've very successfully raised money by "crowd funding" for fencing and materials. Now they're looking for volunteers to look after the animals they've "saved"...
  15. J

    Trading Standards on Farm

    Are the Trading Standards allowed on farm at the moment to do cattle headcounts,eartags,and look at passports?
  16. B

    Smallholder to Farmer

    Hi all, I’ve currently got a small flock of Texel ewes and Suffolk x gimmers. I’m currently slightly overstocked on 5 acres of land. I’m looking for more land, which I suppose everyone is! But want to expand slowly but surely. I want to slightly change my tactics, I’m going to buy in Lleyn ewes...
  17. Agriland RSS

    NBA rows in on animal trading obstacles between GB and NI

    Written by Agriland Team According to National Beef Association (NBA) chief executive Neil Shand, the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) is now insisting that all cattle and sheep imported from Great Britain into Northern Ireland must have their original ear tags...
  18. principal skinner

    Andrew Blenkiron

    As per poll. He wants to insult us, then let’s take the fight right back to the board and show them we are not naive, miss understood or back stabbers but we will stand up and be counted when needed.
  19. E

    Machinery Rings & Buying Groups

    It may have been posted before but I'd like to know what peoples views are of the Machinery Rings and Buying Groups? Do they serve your needs? Are they value for the membership? Would you change any aspects and if so what? Do you think they have any loyalty to members both suppliers and...
  20. TheRanger

    Pedigree AA Bull Registration

    Bought a run of the mill AA bull about a year ago privately from a breeder. Only to be used on dairy cows, but the understanding was that the bull would need to be pedigree registered so that calves would be eligible for the Angus premium schemes. Having checked the breed society website he is...