1. DieselRob

    How to stop using insecticides?

    How did you do it? Is it an instant cold turkey approach and hope for the best? Those of you who tell us you haven’t used insecticide for years, when you took on new land, did you treat it any different? It’s a constant battle of wills with the agronomist here, he understands my strong desire...
  2. Northantsplants

    Animals mistaken for pests in crops

    Hi All I have just written this blog post about organisms that are sometimes mistaken for pests in crops. I would love to know this community's thoughts on it. Are there any creepy crawlies I have missed off that you...
  3. W

    Happy World Worm Day (21st Oct)! Are you joining the farmland worm survey this year?

    I'm out and about earthworm surveying over the next fortnight, its a great opportunity to showcase biodiversity. I’ve put heaps of resources online to support community earthworm monitoring activities: This thread is a useful place to discuss trends and results Choose from...
  4. MDPI

    Conservation Agriculture as a System to Enhance Ecosystem Services 2021

    by Somasundaram Jayaraman,Yash P. Dang ,Anandkumar Naorem ,Kathryn L. Page 2,* and Ram C. Dalal 1 - ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil Science, Nabibagh, Bhopal 462038, Madhya Pradesh, India 2 - School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane 4072, Australia 3...
  5. Goweresque

    Switch to organic farming causes chaos in Sri Lanka

    Interesting stuff going on in Sri Lanka right now, back in April the government unilaterally declared that all farming was to become organic, and outlawed the importation of agro-chemicals and artificial fertilisers. This has resulted in rampant food price inflation as crop yields are set to...
  6. W

    Children’s illustration competition to support soil biology monitoring (20th Aug - 1st Sept)

    1st Prize – design will be used for the upcoming Autumn earthworm survey to inspire people to take photos of earthworms, and receive a signed copy of the book: Under Your Feet. 10 x runner-up prizes: copies of the book Under Your Feet. Hosted by the SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College) through...
  7. B

    Cruel Nature

    dont know what others think but , driving out off a field after topping some grass, i happened to look over into one of the empty cattle sheds, saw on the floor some type kestral? bird of prey ontop of a dove- pigeon? eating it while still alive? went over to look closer the bird been eaten...
  8. Hilly


    Why do we chop it ? Why can’t I just load trailers with handler run down row push up a heap load trailer tip in pit repeat ? Why bother with the expensive bit ?
  9. D

    European floods

    Now Germany is hit along with neighbours. Its usually Spain that seems to get the worst floods alternating with desert type droughts. 65 people lost their lives, that is really bad. When we had the flooding that hit Sheffield, perhaps one or two deaths only. The countryside won't be reported...
  10. onesiedale

    Philosophy and deep thinking

    Philosophy, funny word isn't it. When I was younger and more progressive n my conventional thinking, Philosophy was one of the last things on my mind. It was for airy fairy academics. Now I am wiser (and older) I read things and hear things that make me think a little deeper, and of course ask...
  11. B

    Badger vaccination by farmers.

    defra-unveils-major-badger-vaccination-trial-in-east-sussex Are they kidding, can't see many farmers getting involved in badger trapping & then vaccinating, even if you vaccinate the adults who may already have TB that does not stop the next brood from catching it, are they expecting farmers to...
  12. Direct Driller Magazine

    What do you Read? (Issue 12)

    If you are like us, then you don’t know where to start when it comes to other reading apart from farming magazines. However, there is so much information out there that can help us understand our businesses, farm better and understand the position of non-farmers. We have listed a few more...
  13. Defra Farming

    In conversation with a soil health pioneer

    In conversation with a soil health pioneer Written by Janet Hughes In this month's Future Farming podcast, Janet Hughes talks to Gabe Brown. Gabe has been named one of the...
  14. steveR

    Best "crop" for building OM?

    The question has come out from a discussion I have had locally where STW need to "stockpile" water on the land, as they are taking so much out from local boreholes, that the water flow has dropped in a specific water course. The chap organising the scheme seems to be a bit focused on glorified...
  15. martian

    Groundswell 2021

    We've just put tickets on sale for this years show, which will be on 23rd/24th June, just after Boris's end of restrictions day, 21st June. So we are planning to go ahead as normal. Except nothing is normal now, not even farming. There are some really interesting things going on,on farms around...
  16. Al R

    Who to move the dead lamb

    Slightly different kettle of fish, this is what I was greeted to this morning. Now I know I own the mother but the lamb was untagged as it was newly born while Mr Badger came in and took him from his mother and 2 siblings (the fence high up was covered in wool where she’d obviously tried to...
  17. L

    Help with my research for a project please?

    Hi, I’m Lucy, I’m 17 and I’m wanting to be a large animal vet. I’m doing A-levels at the minute and for my epq (an essay on a topic you like) I’m studying how climate change is affecting animal management and the effects of that which I’m focusing on livestock farming. I am looking at things...
  18. Bossfarmer

    Do you ROTATIONALLY GRAZE your livestock? and if not, why?

    As im often told on here there are numerous benefits to rotationally grazing livestock so is everyone doing it? and if not why? what are the downsides im not hearing about as when i drive across the country i rarely see it!
  19. Direct Driller Magazine

    Effect of farm management on topsoil organic carbon and aggregate stability in water

    Effect of farm management on topsoil organic carbon and aggregate stability in water Written by Jenni Dungait Soil health and flood management: New research 1 led by Soil Health Expert Prof Jenni Dungait and scientists in the UK and the USA shows clear links between the last time a field...
  20. HarryB97

    Applying no bagged P or K to crops

    I have increasingly been reading that more no till farmers are applying no bagged P or K and find that their indices are not decreasing. Are any members on here finding the same? We have recently moved to no till and the back bone of our rotation is 3-4 year grazed and silaged leys, all straw...