1. W

    East england dairy farming

    From the south west myself with a genuine interest, quite happy to be told asking silly questions. Is there any talk/interest in the sector developing across mid-east england (more dairies more cows)? Lot's of table talk here, just wondered!
  2. Yale

    Farming in a goldfish bowl!

    For those like us who farm around a village. One thing I’ve noticed is the huge amount of people exercising around our area in the daytime,dog walking,running,cycling,twitching........dogging.......put that one in for @Baldrick .:bag: I‘m getting a bit fatigued of all these people invading my...
  3. G

    Red Tractor Fight, Campaign Resources

    Everyone, we're making real progress here. Many of you have been writing letters to all the quangos. Let's step this up a bit, and make use of these letters/emails. This purpose of this thread is simply to upload any letters you've written, so that everyone else can simply copy and paste into...
  4. D

    Meat, dairy and travel

    All over the news today, the three things that will be taxed to save the planet. And what do you expect, when you are all quite happy for your national bodies to go around saying that you cause 5% of all UK GHG emissions, or 10%, or whatever this weeks figure plucked out of the air by the...
  5. Brid @ ADAS

    Countryside Stewardship - Historic Environment Options

    Not sure where the right home for this thread would be but here goes! When it came to Countryside Stewardship, many farmers who do have archaeological features on their farm did not choose any heritage options on their Countryside Stewardship application. Defra want to find out why so they can...
  6. Clive

    Defra answers farmers' questions about Environment Land Management and the Ag Transition Plan

    The Farming Forum members questions to DEFRA's David Kennedy and Janet Hughes about the latest news on ELMS
  7. holwellcourtfarm

    The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review

    For anyone interested the report can be accessed here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/final-report-the-economics-of-biodiversity-the-dasgupta-review I'm working my way through it's 600 pages but already think they are pretty well spot on. "Whether as farmers or fishers, foresters...
  8. W

    Mapping updates

    Just an FYI RPA are making satellite mapping updates again