1. CerealsEvent

    Cereals LIVE Q&A Edition live webinars

    Join us today for the Cereals LIVE Q&A Edition, we are hosting four live webinars created in response to the large number of audience questions posed at the June online event. Each webinar offers an opportunity to ask other arable farmers and industry experts questions about how to cope with...
  2. Agriland RSS

    2 vets awarded 2021 Nuffield scholarships

    Written by William Kellett Vets Claire Whittle and Rob Howe have been awarded 2021 Nuffield scholarships to support their research into regenerative agriculture and how it can work in conjunction with supporting livestock health and farm productivity. Both Claire and Rob are based at LLM Farm...
  3. martian

    Webinar alert

    Groundswell and the PFLA are collaborating on a webinar: https://groundswellag.com/landscape-level-collaboration-three-different-approaches/ Should be interesting
  4. F

    Soil Erosion advice needed

    We have a chalk field on a slope and in the last 5 or so years there has been increasing erosion and upheave. What can we do to stop it getting worse? There is a spring running underground nearby and it is grazed most of the year by sheep. It hasn't been reseeded for many years and thistles...
  5. Agriland RSS

    VetPartners launches 2 exclusive podcasts

    Written by William Kellett Farm vets Ami Sawran and Claire Whittle have taken to the airwaves to present two new monthly podcasts aimed at the farming and farm veterinary communities. VetSpective for Farmers and VetSpective for Farm Vets are the go-to places for the latest news and advice...
  6. M

    EA let out to play!

    Times alert: Farmers will be stripped of subsidies if they pollute rivers under government plans to link payments to water quality. Figures obtained by The Times show that farms are causing a rising number of pollution incidents but rarely face significant consequences. The EA will make the RT...
  7. Clive

    Guardians of the Grassland - LIVE NOW

  8. B

    Countryside stewarship inspection

    Has anyone had an online inspection of Mid Tier stewardship. We took up management of hedgerows and they are asking to a copy of hedgerow paperwork/records. ummmmm well not sure how we were meant to do this especially when they aren't getting cut for 3 years. Luckily only 3 fields, and we have...
  9. R

    Would anybody consider planting trees on their land?

    I definitely wouldn’t, but just wondering if anybody would and if so why? Had a flyer through the post about it, which i felt was almost insulting as an arable farmer.
  10. R

    People driving round fields at night

    At the moment round here we are regularly having people driving round the fields at night. They gain access by driving through locked field gates. An eye witness about 2 months ago said that the vehicle hit the gate at 50-60 mph. The police do nothing apart from dish out crime reference numbers...
  11. 5

    Where to buy a decent used Isuzu D max???

    Struggling to find a decent used Isuzu D max blade anywhere in the north of England / south Scotland. Anyone know any dealers worth contacting or keeping an eye on? Cheers
  12. Farm Business RSS

    Experts call for higher UK-wide animal health and welfare standards

    Written by Iain Hoey In a webinar jointly hosted by Food and Farming Futures and Edinburgh University last month, more than 50 experts, vets, scientists and industry influencers from all four nations of the UK came together, calling for higher UK-wide animal health and safety standards. The...
  13. Tim G

    FBT Advice

    Last year we agreed a new 5 year FBT on the farm (landlord doesn't like long term it seems). We have now been told he wants to take back an area of one field to start a campsite. I don't want to fall out over this however the point of us pushing to renew the tenancy was to give us a bit of...