1. farmsforsaleIrl

    'Farm of the Week' Blackberry Farm (Equestrian)

    This is a unique opportunity to purchase an equine holding with facilities in place and fitted. Read more about this property...
  2. P

    I pay you £250. Shooting permission

    I currently have land to shoot over, ive been controling pests for over 3 years but the farm is now for sale and land owner thanked me for my services but theyre no longer required after august. I pay this land owner £250.00 every 6 months and also help out with any repair work(welding) as a...
  3. N

    Bringing a business from the USA

    Hello, I am British and have been living in America for the last ten years, I have built up a good business combining rescue horses and training/sales. The horses that come in for training and those that sell pay for the rescues and rehab of others, Its doing very well, as busy I want to be...