1. Wynnstay

    Spring Seed Agronomy Advice

    Seed Rates A key consideration to increase spring cereal yields is choosing varieties with a greater tillering ability that can help improve final headcounts. Modern varieties such as RGT Planet, LG Diablo and Laureate on spring barley and the new spring wheat variety KWS Cochise are shown to do...
  2. CHAPs News

    Featured Solution - Data Diagnostic Insights - The Rise of the Digital Farm

    Featured Solution - Data Diagnostic Insights - The Rise of the Digital Farm Five years ago, when people started talking about Digital Farming and Big Data, most were not sure what this was or how it related to field base crop production. Since then, writes Keith Norman, the speed of technical...
  3. icanshootwell

    Brexit and lamb prices.

    Just wondering what the remainers think? Not the doom and gloom as so many predicted, I expect it won,t last.:sleep::rolleyes:
  4. W

    USA Republican website

    I was just looking at the Republican website to see if there was any news on Trump. I didn't spot any but it IS interesting to see what the Democrats ARE doing:
  5. Clive

    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    The Red Tractor logo or brand does not appear on products that UK cereal growers supply the ingredients for so unquestionably has no value to end consumers of bakery and other cereal products The processors of these products including the likes of Hovis and Warburtons have stated that they have...
  6. JCfarmer

    Cover crops versus cultivation

    Apparently there is an article in the DDer magazine issue 12, page 91. Trialled for 6 years so far. Cultivation comes out on top giving £125 ha return over cover crops anually even for spring crops when cover is growing for longer. Blackgrass control was no better than stale seedbeds and if...
  7. Pasty

    Social media

    So, as I gather, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have banned Trump from posting either temporarily or permanently. Thoughts on this? If you don't like him you may think its superb news. But then, what if they suddenly decide they don't like you? Like this forum where we may get a bit heated but...
  8. I

    Cover crop establishment and organic manure incorporation

    Looking and using a Cambridge roll with straw rake tines and seeder to quickly establish cover crops and incorporate manures, has anyone used anything like this ? Previously used a Horsch joker for incorporation but...
  9. B

    4 metre power harrow drill combination

    Any opinions and user experiences of the following makes as looking to upgrade from a Kuhn/Accord 3m Suffolk coulter machine. Wanting disc coulters this time around. Amazone Kuhn Lemken Kverneland
  10. Farm Business RSS

    Helmut Claas: agricultural machinery pioneer

    Written by John Swire Helmut Claas, long-time managing director, chairman of the Supervisory Board and chairman of the Shareholders’ Committee of the Claas group, died on January 5 at the age of 94. His death has come as a great shock. Along with the family and all of the relatives, not only...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Machinery pioneer Helmut Claas dies aged 94

    Written by Agriland Team The long-time managing director of the Claas Group, Helmut Claas, has died at the age of 94, the machinery company said in a statement. Claas became the company’s managing director in 1962, and was the son of the business’ founder August Class. Helmut Claas was also...
  12. PSQ

    Pro Trump protesters storm Capitol Hill, guns drawn in Congress...

    Bizarre goings on in Washington, hundreds of protestors have stormed Capitol Hill.
  13. jimcooke770

    Agrii and DD\CC

    We have been moving gradually to reduced/no till but reading the article on page 91 of Direct Driller Issue 12 , and after watching the excellent Agrii Stow Longa Results Webinar I'm wondering if we're barking up the wrong tree . 6 years of trials have shown "the metal treatments show an...
  14. GOV.UK RSS

    Environment watchdog online complaint system goes live

    Environment watchdog online complaint system goes live Written by Defra Press Office A new system for registering complaints against public bodies suspected of failing to meet environmental law has gone live. Ahead of the establishment of the new Office for Environmental Protection, an...
  15. M

    Cattle manure value

    Afternoon, I know I've read posts on here somewhere but cannot find them now. What theoretical £ Value should be put on cattle manure spread on arable land? Could be your own, straw for muck or bought in.... Say you got 500 x 200kg wheat straw bales turned into FYM then spread. What value...