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    Mastering spring barley – Ahead of the competition

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Tight supplies and buoyant markets aren’t the only reasons growers may opt to plant spring barley this year, it also offers more competition against grassweeds than spring wheat. CPM explores how nailing early season agronomy can help stamp out...
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    Weed control – Crops have competitive edge

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF As a relatively dry and kind winter morphs into spring, CPM asks agronomists from across the UK how weed control is likely to differ this season. We’re seeing hedge-to-hedge cropping compared with last year, when crop cover was quite sporadic. By...
  3. Bokey

    The nigel farage appreciation society

    A safe haven for all nigel enthusiasts to say what they really want to
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    Drills – let the soil choose the drill

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Drill for the day, drill for the soil and you’ll be away. CPM explores the financial and agronomic considerations for low and no-till systems, and looks at some of the latest machinery options available to growers. Trying to adopt min or no-till on...
  5. Badshot

    SFI pilot

    Well I have had it with this now. Emails still aren't coming to me direct, so I am missing some fairly important ones I think. The amount of nonsensical rubbish coming out is overwhelming, there's nobody listening to us when we ask questions, utter shambles. The rewards do not add up at...
  6. JCfarmer

    Urea in the seedbed for spring barley

    Having finally arrived the new drill is capable of putting fert with the seed. It does use the same tubes so what would be a safe rate of urea application along with the seed. Experiences please as this new to me.
  7. D

    Fair price for arable rent.

    Got a neighbour who normally rent standing grass of me £50 per acre per cut. This year he still has everything that he made last year left, so has asked if he can plant barley instead. It might suit me as I can get a autumn reseed in the ground and not have as many weeds as a spring reseed...
  8. bankrupt

    2022 Drought thread

    Starting 17th March. Given current circumstances, it's all far too much for anybody to worry about now - so no posts, please. 🤕 🤕
  9. snarling bee

    How much N is actually available for a following winter crop after a clover/legume fallow?

    There is and has been increasing talk about using N fixing crops/cover crops to reduce our reliance on bagged N. Forgetting other benefits, how much N is actually available to the following crop? and does this cover the cost of the CC seed and establishment? which with machinery and fuel costs...
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    Poots welcomes ‘historic’ Climate Change Bill

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, Edwin Poots, has welcomed Northern Ireland's first Climate Change Bill and called its passing through the final stage of the Assembly an "historic moment". Speaking after Stormont passed the...
  11. Breckland Boy

    Beet '22

    Made a start drilling today. Direct into an ex 2 year ley. Reasonably confident that it won't blow.
  12. M

    What are we scared of?

    Seems the Russians are the only ones tbat can treaten to escalate,why can't we? They have no right to be in the air above Ukraine, we do if invited by the Ukrainian government. Tell the barstewards that next time they hit a childrens hospital the response will be 'severe' Putin's been let get away...
  13. martian

    Groundswell Show 2022

    It's a bit early really, but we've just started selling tickets to this years show (22/23rd June 2022). Every year I tell everyone that they shouldn't hang about too long as we're going to sell out and this years no different. We've got room this year for a few more (post covid), but there's a...
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    Ukraine government bans exports of grains

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland Ukraine has decided to ban the export of several types of grain and other foodstuffs as the Russian invasion intensifies. This morning (Wednesday, March 9), a cabinet resolution was approved by the Ukrainian government which bans the export of rye...
  15. spin cycle

    time for ukraine to surrender?

    as title.......they're not going to win despite their gallant efforts......civilians starting to get killed as russian army resorts to tactics used in chechyna and syria.....the only way they could win is with western military support risking escalation....for their and greater good should they...
  16. I

    What Rare breed would you avoid and why? (follow on from what would you keep)

    Thank you so much everyone for answering the last question because everyone was so helpful I've been sent back with two new questions. Question 1: What breed on the RBST watchlist would you avoid at all costs and why? Question 2: What do you think puts people off rare breed livestock? Ingrained...
  17. Razorback News

    New Green Kids on the Block

    New Green Kids on the Block Double win for new Razorback Residue Management System Debuting its striking green livery for the first time at LAMMA, Razorback has seen a noticeable expansion in its range over the last 12 months, including the addition of an award-winning residue management...
  18. Vaderstad News

    Introducing CrossCutter Disc for Carrier XL

    Introducing CrossCutter Disc for Carrier XL In 2019, Väderstad will extend the CrossCutter Disc range with a new disc adapted for the disc cultivator Väderstad Carrier XL 425-625. CrossCutter Disc will make Carrier XL deliver full cultivation at a working depth of only 3-5cm. Väderstad...
  19. Hutchinsons News

    Tips to mitigate the impact of high fertiliser prices

    Tips to mitigate the impact of high fertiliser prices The unprecedented hike in nitrogen fertiliser prices, fuelled by surging wholesale gas markets, has left many farmers questioning how to reduce the inevitable impact this will have on 2022 crop margins. The cost of ammonium nitrate and...
  20. Hutchinsons News

    Take a smarter approach to rotation planning

    Take a smarter approach to rotation planning A “smarter” approach to crop rotation planning will help growers maximise productivity and deliver on the environmental goals of the new farm policy era, says Hutchinsons head of Integrated Crop Management, David Howard. The removal of direct...