1. Ewan Carnell

    Looking For Work Looking for a part time job on an arable and livestock farm

    Hi I'm Ewan Carnell and I'm looking for a part time job on a farm. Reasons you should hire me, • I'm reliable and hard working. • I love to gain new experience and learn new things. • I'm keen to try any job and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. My CV is attached which contains my secondary...
  2. H

    Land wanted for established scaffolding company

    We are looking for a new home as our current premises has been earmarked for development. Location wise, ideally Hertfordshire but we would also consider Beds or Bucks, to rent or to buy. Utilities and existing HGV use an advantage. Contact Pete on 01442 250885
  3. T


    Hiya, name is Tom, I am looking for a location to shoot vermin. I am both Sec 1 and Sec 2 licence holder and a keen outdoorsman. Very considerate, sensible and polite. Reasonably flexible with time and work around the farm. (Shift worker). Live in Colchester and have been brought up on country...
  4. J

    Situation Vacant Couple/Individuals for Farm work and Farmers Markets

    Working family farm looking for a couple or individuals for farm work and farmers markets. We are looking for energetic persons to join our market team here at our Farm Wednesday to Sunday with main focus on Markets on Saturdays and Sundays Main duties focus on our farmers markets in London at...
  5. young-entrepreneur

    Common farm problems to solve via tech/app

    Hey!!! I am a young enterpreneur/software engineer. I am doing a research in farming, finding ideas and asking opinions from more people in the field. Which common issues/problems farmers facing and what could be useful to solve by creating/building an app or platform. It could be potentially an...
  6. Y

    Looking for land in North Devon

    Hi, im new to the forum but was hoping that someone would be able to give me some information on land to rent or for sale in North Devon. Im initally looking for 5-10 acres and the land will have two purposes. Firstly it will be for storage of raw timber for a cabin building business so ideal...
  7. Heritage Defenders m.DC

    Business offer: Metal detecting events organiser looking for land 50/50 profit on all events

    Greetings everyone, I run a metal detecting club and organise metal detecting events across the southeast UK and beyond. I am searching for a mutual arrangement of 50/50 on all dig fees with the event fully managed and organised, I am also looking for land for my small club of retirees seeking...
  8. historySeeker1984

    Small group of 6 metal detecting friends looking for a farm to detect for a weekend, £150 for 2 days digging :)

    No fuss, No stress! 6 mates looking for some farm fields to detect for a weekend metal detecting trip 8am to 4pm, all experienced and insured and members of an Essex metal detecting club wanting a lads camping trip away. We follow any rules set and stick to all boundaries set. We are all good...
  9. T

    Manitou MLT626 Radiator

    Does anyone know where I can get a Manitou MLT 626 Radiator Please?
  10. P

    Hook-Lift Containers for Farming

    Does anyone have a source for a Hook-Lift Container that has a grain unload/transfer auger (ready-made or custom-fab)? Seems like a decent combination with the hook-lift trailers designed for tractors. However, I don't see any on the market. For use on the field with a combine, and also for...
  11. J

    Technology Use in Cattle Farming

    Hello, I am a masters level student in International Operations and Supply Chain Management at Glasgow Caledonian University. I am looking to capture the views and opinions of UK beef farmers around my research topic: to explore the opportunities and challenges of using technology to improve...
  12. Proud_Hillbilly

    Which welder to get for welding sheet metal? MIG or TIG?

    I am thinking of doing some light repairs on my old Ford truck.. The rust got the best of it with time.. So I would like to repair some of the rusted areas. Its a truck I use around the farm but I am starting to get a bit worried considering the amount of rust all over everywhere. I don't mind...
  13. C

    Which is your go-to brand for farming machinery?

    With so many brands out there, it can be hard to pick one. Which is your go-to brand
  14. T

    Need advice on leasing out land for turbines!

    Hi im looking to lease out 14 acres for turbines, I've done basic research and heard stuff down the grape vine about turbines and renewables, and know my site is perfect for turbines. How many turbines/what turnover could I make off of 14 acres? Is there any legal/technical/other issues with...
  15. T

    Need advice on leasing out land for turbine!

    Hi im looking to lease out 14 acres for turbines, I've done basic research and heard stuff down the grape vine about turbines and renewables, and know my site is perfect for turbines. How many turbines/what turnover could I make off of 14 acres? Is there any legal/technical/other issues with...
  16. S

    Need help with my project

    Hi. i'm looking here for someone who can help me answering questions about the farm field and crops. Im doing my last project in college and its about Farming and called monitoring system for farm field using smart phone and web application. I would love to get detailed answer from you about...
  17. O

    Metal Detecting Land

    Hi I'm relatively new to metal detecting and I'm looking for land to detect on in and around the oldham area. I'm happy to pay a daily fee and show and split anything that I may find. I will also leave the land as I found it and remove any scrap metal that I find.
  18. mariusciupitu

    Looking For Work Farm jobs for a couple

    Hi, We are a couple from Romania and we are looking for a permanent job at a fruit or vegetable farm,in England. Can start from August/September. We have experience in harvesting and packing of fruits and vegetables. I (the man) worked for a recruitment agency, as a human resources assistant...
  19. spodface

    Wanted: small amount of barn/workshop space in Leicestershire/Warwickshire.

    Hello there! I'm looking for a small amount of space in a barn or workshop for a restored/maintained classic car ( approx 4.7m long by 1.6m wide ) It would be used to house a hopeful upcoming purchase of an Austin 10, 12 , 16 or P2 rover. I used to rent a small barn area in...
  20. D

    Looking for Permissions in Midlands & Wales.

    Hi everyone, Thank you for taking the time to look at my post. I have been searching for permissions for Metal Detecting & came across your forum... I am hoping it may produce some good results :D I live in Wolverhampton, West Midlands and would be happy to travel around the midlands and...