1. G

    Business interruption Insurance

    Following the ruling made last week by the Supreme Court that insurers are liable to payout I called my local NFU office. I was told that NFU isn't affected by this ruling and they will not be paying out. What is everyone else hearing?
  2. B

    Attention landlords

    Rents will have to fall ! George useless just said it , when bps goes rents will have to fall in order for farming to remain profitable 🙄sorted then 👍
  3. N

    Which insurance company is the best?

    I always have a price around with farm insurance,any good company's that are national ( a part from nfu) who are any good?thought I'd ask on here case I'm missing something,be farm and vehicles etc.
  4. D

    Insurance quote

    Who are good for machinery insurance as ours come up for renewal at the end of the month
  5. Chae1

    Many driver insurance?

    Our farm truck, a Toyota hilux, insurance is up for renewal. There are 6 of us on the farm that drive it, if contractors working here they get it home if not finished to save them running about on road with tractor. Currently insured with nfu. Any recommendations of alternatives?
  6. F

    Insurance for self employed herdsman

    Does anyone have Insurance self employed for antibiotic milk failure as a sole trader herdsman
  7. Farm Business RSS

    Engineering expert warns against machinery inspection complacency during COVID-19 pandemic

    Written by John Swire An engineering expert is urging farmers to remain vigilant and not to delay machinery inspections during the coronavirus pandemic. Keith Short, machinery inspection engineer at Farmers and Mercantile Insurance Brokers (FMIB), has said there is confusion within the farming...
  8. G


    Please could any recommendations be given for good insurers to have a look into and get some quotes? Looking at general farm insurance, but also selling meat boxes direct to customer. Cheers
  9. BredRedHfd

    Telehandler Insurance

    Looking for recommendations for an insurance company for a neighbours new (to them) Matbro 250. First machine, so won't be a 'fleet' right now. Won't use nfu. TIA
  10. shepherdess

    Vulcan inspection loader question

    Hello, we just had a Vulcan inspection and have had a fail on a few implements, (the attachments for the loader are missing) are missing the, “safe working load stickers” 2 we know makes, being a mc hale bail spikes, another a flat eight, which is a brown.. but the grab and bucket we’ve no idea...
  11. E


    Anyone have an old beast insured on NFU vintage tractor and having problems renewing?
  12. bobk

    Big increase in FA subs

    Just had my renewal , on top of the subs there is now royalties fee and visit fee ...... :wtf:
  13. S

    Building insurance

    Does anyone have a ballpark figure for agricultural building insurance? I am just starting negotiation with my landlord (who has been given a high quote imo), and wanted something to come back to him with. I tried the NFU Mutual just for an estimate but they refused (or couldn't) because I was a...
  14. B

    Who do you insure with?

    Think we want to change insurers so just wondering who you guys are using and how are you getting on with them? The NFU have started to turn down claims with poor justification.
  15. The Business Barn

    New insurance policy launched to protect farmers against poor crop yields

    Launched at Cereals this morning... Farmers can now protect themselves against poor crop yields with a groundbreaking insurance policy that will compensate them for production shortfalls. Crop Shortfall Insurance, from rural insurance specialists Lycetts and Farmers & Mercantile Insurance...
  16. News

    Cereals 2019

    Cereals 2019 Taking place in Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire on 12th & 13th June, the show promises to be the biggest yet, with more exhibitors, more speakers and more demos than ever before. Cereals also have a number of unmissable additions to their already packed schedule. This year’s edition...
  17. B

    So, if it’s bug*ered, why aren’t farms for sale?

    Following on from Pete’s interesting thread, if the whole job is just buggered, and it appears that there’s a consensus amongst a lot of us that it is - why aren’t there more farms on the market? Surely anyone struggling with sub 500 acres must be tempted to cash in for 5 million quids now and...
  18. Bomber_Harris

    Debunking WTO and what “trading on WTO terms” really means...

    Hello all I just want to check that everyone is fully aware of what it would mean for business if the UK had to trade with the rest of the world under WTO terms. Personally I don't have a problem with the UK leaving the EU just so long as everyone is fully aware of all the facts, and I think...
  19. Manny

    loler testing.

    My insurance have finally realised my manitou 633 hasn't got a loler test on it and are asking me to get it tested. What does the test involve and what should I expect to pay for it. Thanks.

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