1. L

    POLL... Is there money in livestock farming?

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  2. J

    Starting my own contracting business

    Hello just want to have some thoughts thrown at me about possible ways to start contracting. I’m 23 and not from farming stock. Always wanted to get my own machine and go off working with it. I know there’s lots of negatives around it. I’ve read other posts but most are involving farmers sons...
  3. Teagle

    Haven't found anything it won't handle!

    Teagle is a British manufacturer of farm machinery based in Cornwall that distributes quality Agricultural Machinery, which has been designed to be simple, robust and easy to use. We design and build innovative products for our customers around the globe. Product development begins by listening...
  4. Belinda @ Teagle

    Titan muckspreaders get a revamp!

    Teagle Titan Muckspreaders get an Impressive Revamp A Growing Marketplace: During 2019, development of the Titan range focused on larger models, from 15 to 20m3, to complement the existing 6 to 14m3 machines. To meet the high expectations of professional operators, who typically operate...
  5. G

    Families moving to the countryside

    Hello! I’m a producer at a television company based in London. We’re currently developing a potential documentary series about a family looking to move to the countryside and renovate a home with land, with the aim of becoming more self sufficient and eventually starting a business too. Please...
  6. L

    Pest Control - Surrey / Sussex

    Hi there, I'm a hobbyist air gunner living in Surrey offering my services for free to any farms with pest problems; from Rats through to feral pigeons. I have a legal silenced .22 air rifle with night vision equipment and have a proven track record in hunting and killing various pests. Will...
  7. Dominiquedyball

    DIVERSIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE FOR FARMERS IN SUFFOLK - win 2x bottles Moët champagne. Please help! - needed for a dissertation project.

    **Calling all farm owners/managers/assistants in Suffolk** ** Questionnaire on farm diversification in Suffolk** **Chance to win 2 bottles of Moët & Chandon Champagne ** I am currently in my final year of study at Harper Adams University studying Rural Enterprise and Land Management. I am...
  8. K

    Questionnaire for Farmers

    Hi Everyone, I am a final year Agriculture student carrying out a study on Farmers Attitudes to Digital and Smart Technologies. I would be appreciate you taking the time to answer my survey by clicking the link below. All data collected is anonymous and will be used solely for research...
  9. C

    Education about farming

    Hi, I am a primary school teacher looking for an insight into what farmers believe children should be taught about farming. Would you welcome visits to your own farms? Are there things which the general public often don't know about farming which children should be taught? Are there current...
  10. D

    Student study: "Capitalising on Chaos? An Investigation into Brexit as a Material-Environmental Event" ~ Hello, I invite you to take part in a survey as part of my university dissertation. Broadly, I am focussing on the political production of a disaster, but I want...
  11. MollerInternational

    Danish ploughing champion to visit Agritechnica. Event won using unique plough components developed by Moller International and partners

    The “Korsgaard plough” equipped with custom-designed components for maximum load tolerance, improved wheel position and centre of gravity Moller International, a Danish components expert, developed the components on the plough that Danish ploughing championship contestant Soeren Korsgaard used...
  12. O

    UK Farming Environmental Threats

    Hi guys, I'm working to understand the threats to the UK farming industry, especially the current environmental challenges. Quick survey below - completely anonymous and will take less than 2 minutes to complete. Thanks for your help!
  13. sr267

    Grapes Farming in Pakistan Complete Information

    Grapes are grown for eating as well as for producing juices, carbonated drinks, and raisins. There is a huge demand for the fruit all year round. Prices are at the highest at the start and end of the seasons. Grapes cultivation can be a highly profitable business venture for farmers if modern...
  14. Doraagri

    Different Symptoms of early blight & late blight

    Early blight and late blight are the most common diseases on tomato & potato. They usually take huge losses to farmers. Although the names of the two diseases are the only one-word difference, some growers do not know exactly about the difference between early blight and late blight. First, we...
  15. G

    Metal detecting Dorset.

    Hi folks , So I’m 51 years old and metal detect with either my 8 year old son or my 80 year old father .. there’s some extremes ? We’d really like to gain a permission with a view with sharing all finds fairly but showing all so you can take your pick . It’s great for my old dad to still get...
  16. Doraagri

    How to promote plant root growth effectively ??

    4 ways to promote root growth Essential Nutrients Supply Phosphorus potassium &Nitrogen are the essential nutrients to support root growth for plants. They encourage plants to put down a dense collection of new roots and strengthen existing roots as they develop. Phosphorus helps establish...
  17. The Business Barn

    Deadline for Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme approaching

    The deadline for farmers to apply for the new Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme is fast approaching – but there’s still plenty of money available. The government-funded scheme is seen as a way for farmers to buy the equipment they need to improve and grow their farms. Farmers can...
  18. The Business Barn

    UK fruit exports soar highlighting new opportunities for farmers

    New figures have revealed that UK berry exports have reached an all-time high, highlighting untapped opportunities for farmers and food producers as the UK prepares to leave the EU. Last year, British soft fruit producers sold their goods into 34 international markets – a 55% increase on the...
  19. The Business Barn

    Morrisons launch farm apprenticeship scheme

    Morrisons has announced a new £2 million apprenticeship transfer fund this week (9 July) which will be used to train British farmers of the future. Launched at the Great Yorkshire Show, the funding wants to ensure that the industry has enough people trained to meet the UK’s future food needs...
  20. PoshJosh

    Any farmers willing to let me detect on a field in the Gloucester/Wiltshire/Somerset area? Thank you

    Hi all. I'm new here as you can see, but I came across this forum earlier and thought I should try it out. I've been metal detecting for about a year, and love the bits of history I find. I'm fully insured with the NCMD, and would treat anyone's land respectably and always fill my holes, etc...

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