1. F

    Metal Detector enthusiast

    This may sound like a strange request, so let me introduce myself: My name is William and I have lived in Leeds for 25 years. I am 25years old and Normally I would prefer to approach you in person, however I feel that a forum post before hand is a better emissary than just knocking on someone's...
  2. S

    Wanted: Farm land between Glasgow & Edinburgh

    Apologies if this isn't the place to post but looking at all avenues. My partner and I are looking to purchase anything between 5-15 acres of permanent pasture to set up our own private smallholding with potential to build one single storey house or refurbish and existing property. If anyone is...
  3. AlexMetalDetectorist

    Metal Detecting Permission ? - Here it Goes

    Dear Farmers / Landowners I`m looking for a bit of land in potters bar / Hertfordshire area to practice my metal detecting hobby, in return i could provide some free service, such as some painting work, gardening or some handy work in the weekends, if you could help me out with my hobby please...