fat hen

  1. J

    Fat hen issue

    Hello all. I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on my issue. We have a field of legume and herbal grass ley (containing chickory, sanfoin etc) which was sown in April. It is currently being swamped by Fat Hen. I am tempted to mob graze it and let the sheep eat and trample it. However, I am...
  2. C

    New grass meadow HELP!

    We've recently planted a 4 acre field with a mix of grasses and wildflowers for horse grazing. Mid may I think it went in. Thought it was growing really well but just today I've spotted that it isn't grass that is growing in huge huge areas of it. It's corn spurry! I had to search around on...
  3. T

    Grass seed for silage ground

    Ideally we are looking at reseeding some of our silage block after this next cut, Had a quick look at some grass seed suppliers online, preferably looking at Aber varieties, long term, late heading perennials.. We like to take 3 cuts and 1 or 2 grazings (dairy cows)... Any suggestions on...
  4. Corteva Updates

    Controlling thistles in grassland

    Controlling thistles in grassland Fields filled with 10% thistles produce 10% less grass to feed to livestock says Corteva Agriscience’s weed biology specialist Dr Nicola Perry. “As early grass growth has been poor in many parts, forage supply might not meet demand coming from the cattle and...
  5. mattemmett

    New Holland TX 66 Cutting beans - slotted auger covers??

    We've got 40ac of winter beans to harvest this year, I've been told we need a some slotted covers for the straw elevator and the cross augers, are they really needed? Do they help to get a cleaner sample? If so does anybody have any for sale at all. Ive spoken to APH and Manners combine...
  6. TelesnaAg

    Stinging nettles in italian ryegrass and clover

    Newly sown crop of italian ryegrass and persian / balansa clover mix. The mcpa doesnt list stinging nettle control? Any suggestions, clover 3 true leafs and ryegrass at 4. Cheers, Ant....
  7. robbie

    Rabe raven 2300

    I'm thinking of buying one, have anyone got any experience of them good or bad. It's on slatted bodies and will be replacing a lemken on slats.
  8. devonbrion1998

    Failed Kale

    As above my Kale crop failed in the recent drought, I had planned to put it back to p.p end of summer but just wondering thoughts on whats the earliest I could reseed? it's filling up with weeds with the recent rain should I just leave it and spray before reseed?I did get a good bed so will it...
  9. Headless chicken

    Weed value

    Am I right in thinking that this is fat hen? If so can I graze it off with dry cows? in a spring reseeded that looks like there is very little grass. Had a barely cover crop of that changes anything?
  10. Derrick Hughes

    White Clover

    If I mixed it with the firtilizer would it grow. White Clover Buddy
  11. Derrick Hughes

    Fat Hen Weed

    I've moved from cropping
  12. ajd132

    Neonic resistance

    This popped up on twitter, seed treatments not working and they are now spraying in Canada. The inevitable treadmill of reliance on chemicals.
  13. nick...

    Wholecrop rye

    I’ve had someone ask if I’d grow some for him this afternoon and it could be a goer as a break crop.im assuming it’s pretty much the same as growing cereals but know nothing about it so could someone fill me in please Nick...
  14. bobk

    Summer washout .

    Seen it coming , dry April ,May , then the sh!t hits the fan . good for stockmen . disaster for arable
  15. Mark C

    Avadex BW vs Avadex Factor on fat hen in Beet

    Back in the day when you could get Avadex BW it worked an absolute dream on big fat hen in beet that got away from the normal Gotix/ Venzar / Betenal mix that we normally used. Fast forward to this year. - poor weed control as no moisture for residuals to work. Now would anyone know if Avadex...
  16. ollie989898

    Best advice you never paid for...

    As above. The inspiration for this thread came from the 'how to remove a loader thread', to wit: 'give the dealer a gentle smack in the face'... :ROFLMAO:
  17. D

    Weeds that were or could be cropped.

    I sometimes wonder if I’m doing it all wrong. Why not cultivate the stuff that grows like crazy and forget cereals and conventional crops. I was thinking in particular of “Fat Hen” It grows given half a chance and combines very well. Does anybody know if the seed is a useful feed. Did they...
  18. Nearly

    Right then. It's fodder rape time. :(

    Ok @Great In Grass after 2 months with no rain on a sand farm it's time to send me some fodder rape seed please. Unless anyone else can do me a rain dance?
  19. Mark C

    Hay making 2020

    Has @Goweresque started his usual thread ? Hands up who’s made a start? Mowed 30 acres of new seeds today for haylage. Looked promising but bugger all in the bottom, was my best field too!
  20. J

    New grass leys on stoney ground

    I am wanting to re seed some old grass leys, farm is high up in the cotswolds on very stoney ground. I’m not sure if ploughing it is the way forward as I don’t want to make the stone situation worse. My neighbour tried spraying off old ley and direct drilling into it and it was a complete...