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    EM000028 - Lely Tigo 40 R Trailed Feeder Wagon

    EM000028 - Lely Tigo 40 R Trailed Feeder Wagon Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Feeding and Bedding Diet Feeders Price: £21750 Condition: Good Description Lely Tigo 40R Trailed Feeder Wagon Electric Controls, Wide...
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    BM000145 - Shelbourne PowerMix PRO 11 Feeder Wagon

    BM000145 - Shelbourne PowerMix PRO 11 Feeder Wagon Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Feeding and Bedding Diet Feeders Price: £6500 Condition: Good Description Shelbourne Powermix PRO 11 Feeder Wagon, 11 Cubic Metres Remote ZAP...
  3. S

    Feed fence ideas please

    I'm just in the process off finishing a small extension to the main cow shed for a crush area. I also want to use the area to feed cows when the crush is not being used. I will be feeding silage outside but I'm looking ideas on how to keep the silage dry and also stop the wind. I can't use...
  4. DrDunc

    Bale unroller

    Will the likes of a hustler bale unroller manage solid centre chopped haylage? I currently feed them out with a McHale straw blower, but after all the years of bedding and 10,000 ish bales of haylage, it's starting to show it's age. Will an unroller be slower feeding out a bale? It's a bit...
  5. Dog Bowl

    JD 6140m

    Whos bought a new one? The 4 cylinder with the new style cab and engine boost. Would love to hear the good points and the bad. Proper mixed farming, want it to run double mowers, 3m combi, 4 furrow plough but also be nimble enough around the yards with a straw blower on the odd occasion.
  6. H

    Manual labour’s just not the job it used to be

    Speak for yourself Charlie... after mucking out 2000 pigs, changing a set of SP sprayer wheels, shoveling wheat and unblocking a particularly stubborn ditch pipe (tree roots) my shoulder is giving me a bit of jip.
  7. D

    Feeding my dairy cows

    Good morning I’m really struggling with my dairy cow intakes, one day they lick the trough clean the next day there’s half of it left. I feel like my nutritionist is only out to sell tons of feed, I have a rep in the yard nearly every week with only just 6 months into my tenancy. They all inform...
  8. ashmore

    Power requirements for stubble cultivators

    It's probably been discussed before, so excuse the repetition. I'm looking at simple stubble cultivators. Like the Kverneland CTD, Kongskilde Deltaflex, or Lemken Karat. So, surface disturbing tines, one row of discs, and a press (either rings or cage). And I'm wondering what sort of hp/meter I...
  9. H

    Bulk bins

    After years of buying cake through bags Iv finally decided to buy a bulk bin. I admit I’m quite new to bins so would like a bit of info before I buy. I’m currently looking at a hanco 9.5t bin. I wanted to be able to fill my quad snacker under it plus fill bags through a shoot to find out this...
  10. B'o'B

    FT get leaked speech...

    Link to a Finacial Times article about the government plans for subs over the next few years 😢 Apparently they have been leaked the speech George Eustice is going to give on Monday Click here - Www.ft.com
  11. R

    Bale splitting / slicing

    https://www.agriexpo.online/agricultural-manufacturer/bale-cutter-199.html I'm looking at buying a bale splitter for feeding out 800-1000kg (heavy and very tight) round bale silage, mostly into a feeder wagon. Just torn the conus lugs out of my bale spikes again, tried the muck fork and...
  12. W


    Looking for haulage, for a Keenan 100 feeder wagon from Thornhill Scotland to Mid Wales Welshpool, any help would be greatly appreciated cheers
  13. S

    Correct way of driving John Deere IVT/AutoPowr ?

    Can someone from JD or with very good knowledge about it clear once and for all how to drive those gearboxes coz I see a lot of youtube videos slowing down with the lever. My way of driving is full hand throttle in the field, on headlands I press full foot throttle to the floor and move hand...

    Mixing silage and straw

    Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on best ways to mix silage and straw with no mixer wagon? I need to find a way of slowing the fodder through them as it’s powerful stuff just a bit on the wetter side. I’ve a straw chopper and so far have been chopping a small amount of straw then a full...
  15. V

    Kramer 5085

    Thoughts and opinions on one of these please? Quite narrow are they unstable on undulating steadings or lifting at height ?
  16. milkloss

    956xl sensodraulic controls

    Had the old girl since I was a boy...... had to put the 4wd on the feeder wagon to get some silo blown into the feeders.... the 2wd wasn't quite up to i, grounds hard 4 inches down but a bit skitty on the surface. Anyhow, the wagon is mounted on the link arms and on the 2wd (pre senso) we made...
  17. Horn&corn

    Empty ibc without leaving seat

    We use an ibc to add 1000l of water everyday to mixer. I’d like to do this without leaving seat to make quicker and safer. Can the collective genius of tff work out how I can do this Consistently without coupling up pipes, electric or anything and make it quick and dairy farmer proof. Thanks
  18. A

    Diet feeder for bales

    What is best for baled silage, vertical tub feeder or horizontal twin auger machine? A lot of horizontal machines going 2nd hand for keen money. But tubs now seem more popular?
  19. stablegirl

    Loadall Buckets

    Weve moved from a 3.5 ton machine to a 5.5 ton machine and our buckets are 8ft wide and slightly narrower than the machine. Probably need to move to 8'6" possibly 9' at a push and somewhere between 2.5m and 3.0m capacity, They are to be used for filling the feeder wagon, and muck, general dairy...
  20. J


    Afternoon I’m looking at buying a ts135a 06 plate with 9k hours very tidy was wandering what people’s thoughts were on these tractors as currently running tm165 and 8340 all they do us hedge trimmin, be nice to go to the next model for a bit more comfort any advice would be appreciated