feeder wagon

  1. Bald Rick

    Where’s the catch?

    Looking to hire a loadall rather than buy one through HP as we currently do. For only £60/month more, we would get a brand new machine every 6 months based on changing it every 1000 hours with no service costs. Obviously any major damage like a crumpled mudguard we would be liable for and there...
  2. johnspeehs

    What does this do

    What does this do, it's on a TS 100A. New Holland. She is used on a feeder wagon but this has been getting really hot when the the tractor is sitting mixing. I think some of the spools aren't shutting off properly and there is maybe always oil going through the valve block. Would that cause the...
  3. kill

    Bleady suppliers.

    Any one else get suppliers that requlary supply products just take it on themselves to deliver without asking whether you actually need more or want more of their product? Last week I gave my sand supplier a short , sharp phone call as the third load of un ordered sand arrived in two months and...
  4. B

    Ewe nuts

    Morning Looking for a little help, trying to do a comparison on which ewe nut is better to feed to our ewes this year. There is only a few pounds difference in price but seems a big difference in the ingredients. Just wondering what other people’s views are on each of the feeds. Many thanks
  5. A

    Self Feed Silage

    Can anyone remember any previous threads on self feed silage for sucklers and also sheep that I could get a bit more insight on and find on the forum. I'd like to know how anyone that's doing it successfully works their system. All assistance welcome !
  6. J

    Merlo loader locking pin

    Should be a fairly simple one. Does anyone know the size of the locking pin in the merlo head stock? The type with the single locking pin in the centre. Measured an attachment last night and the hole was 44mm wheres as online it's stated at 35mm. I don't have a merlo to measure myself...
  7. Old Tip

    Self Feed Silage

    A friends son has just taken on a hundred cow dairy farm so is spending all the money he can raise on cows and is looking to self feed the cows this winter to save on having to buy a feeder wagon. I seem to remember a discussion a while back re self feed dairy on this forum or the old one and...
  8. Cab-over Pete

    Project Xerion.

    At long last I’ve made a tentative start on the Xerion. It’s been a long story of hassle and hold ups since I bought it in September and that shows no sign of letting up. Parts are desperately slow to arrive and to date, after ordering everything in early February the only things I’ve received...
  9. Kiwi Pete

    "Improving Our Lot" - Planned Holistic Grazing, for starters..

    :oops: Eh up! The idea of starting a thread about Holistic management has been on my mind for ages, if I am honest. Lets start by me putting my cards on the table - I have NO formal training, NO books, and NO interest in starting big wars on which way is best. I do, however, completely and...
  10. Cows 'n grass

    All things Dairy

    Last week i upgraded my phone from a Nokia nearly as old as me to the cheapest smartphone on the market so now i have the TFF App and find myself taking photos of everything. So i thought I'd start a dairy specific picture thread where people can post pics of cows, calves, bulls, parlours...
  11. TFF

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Another thread to help TFF members track prices. The official AHDB prices can be seen here: http://beefandlamb.ahdb.org.uk/markets/deadweight-price-reports/deadweight-cattle-prices/ Please include sale location in all your prices if it differences from the location on your profile.