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    T224804A - 2014 Fendt 724 Profi Plus 4WD Tractor

    T224804A - 2014 Fendt 724 Profi Plus 4WD Tractor Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £69995 Condition: Good Description Fendt 724 Profi Plus 4WD Tractor Year 2014 Vario 50kph...
  2. Longneck

    CB Radio in a Fendt?

    Hi We are just fitting CBs into all of our machines and all the other kit has been straight forward (most have had CBs in from their previous homes) but we have got to the Fendt 724 and rather than just go in and butcher something in thats wrong i thought id ask how anyone else has done it...
  3. S

    Discount from fendt

    In the local paper RVW Pugh are giving 1% discount on new Fendt equipment but there's a catch more than one machine needs to be purchased It's probably nation wide and not just RVW Pugh , is it a sign of sales slowing
  4. P

    K-Two or Bunnings muckspreader

    Any ever compared these two? Tried a Bunnings Lowlander 120 with RDS weigh scales and rear hood. Spreading PAS100 on a dry windy day. Very impressed with spread pattern. K-Two Evo with hood but no weigh scales again dry PAS100. Less money for K-Two but just can not quite make up my mind which...
  5. C

    Forage Wagons.

    Anybody on TFF use them. Pros and Cons? TIA.
  6. puntabrava

    What is it?

  7. B

    value for fendt 724 profi plus

    been asked to put value on fendt 724 2013 profi plus its tidy but has done 14000 hrs gearbox done 1000 hrs ago tyres about 40% whats people thoughts
  8. James

    Most comfortable tractor?

    Currently running a mf 7618 with cab and front suspension. Not too bad a tractor on the whole but has gotten pretty uncomfortable esp on roads. What newer tractors are very comfortable say specced with the best seat that manufacturer has to offer. obviously I'm assuming that they all would have...
  9. richard94


    I have to fit a set of row crop/intermediate tyres as we are changing from SP to trailed sprayer. 480/80 R46 looks bast option for us. Does anyone have experience of either the Continental Tractor 85 tyre or the Michelin Yieldbib? Agribib 2 could work, and Spraybib looks good, although no front...
  10. D

    The NFU backs gene editing. Do you ?

  11. MX7

    Why are some TFF members so dogmatic in their views?

    As above, the “SP vs Trailed Spayer” prompts me to ask the question.For goodness sake if what you do on your farm suits you , to hell with everyone else.
  12. Boomerang

    Claas the good the bad and the ugly.

    Claas combines appear to be considered the dogs bits. But not their tractors , why not . Is it still a hang up from when they were a Renault. Most would consider a fendt tractor superior to a claas tractor , but with combines, most seem to think claas top dog . .
  13. James

    MF 7720 dyna vt- what are other manufacturers equivalent?

    As title really. Assuming a fendt 720 would be on a par. But what others?
  14. Banana Bar

    Fendt or Fastrac

    On a 6000lt trailed sprayer. Either 724 or 4220? BB
  15. Banana Bar

    Self propelled to Trailed

    Who has gone from a self propelled sprayer to a trailed unit? We are currently spraying just over 4000 ac of mainly cereals with beet, beans, peas and some dreadful OSR. Mix would normally be 2/3 winter crops 1/3 spring. Almost all hanslope series clay with undulations rather than hills. We also...
  16. T


    Why do so many people advise machinery with the price POA? I for one find it very frustrating. Why is this becoming more and more common ?
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    Fendt 724

    Fendt 724 Advert added by: Billy Bailye Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £1233 Condition: Used Description Tyhbbb How to make contact with the Seller Click here to read more about this listing and contact the seller
  18. PSQ

    Opinions on Bridgestone VT / VX tyres?

    Considering a set of VF type tyres and wondering if anyone has experience of either the low pressure Bridgestone VT range or the new VX more ‘road oriented’ tyres. Will be used for all arable jobs and a bit of road work. For what it’s worth it’s 600/70-28 fronts and 710/70-38. TIA
  19. Dead Rabbits

    Changing tractors and cost of ownership.

    Our feeding tractor is a 2013 JD 7200R. It has recently had a mechanical failure. The splines on the transmission input shaft have worn badly, wearing off the splines on the yoke. This also happened about a year ago and we replaced the yoke and continued on. Talking to our independent...
  20. W

    Whats your machinery line up.

    These are my 3 tractors for 2500 acre arable and a few sheep. I love the simplicity and yet have enough tech to do everything I need. 8530 7930 6930 Lowest hours 4400 highest has 6500. but I will keep rebuilding them as nothing else really floats my boat.