1. P

    Axial Pro

    What rate to guarantee wild oat control in spring barley if crop is GS30. Given moisture will 0.6l/ha do or do you need 0.82l/ha (equivalent to old Axial at 0.45l/ha)?
  2. D

    SSSI Spring Barley herbicides

    Hi folks, just been granted consent to plant some spring barley on SSSI. Unfortunately they have refused consent to let me use Ally Max as a herbicide as they deem it toxic to bugs etc. They have asked me to submit application for consent for alternatives. Thought the collective brains on here...
  3. A

    Avena fatua(wild oat) herbicides in wheat

    Hello I'm a farmer from Eastern Europe. I have big problems with with wild oat and apera in wheat. What actives are effective? Is chlortoluron effective?
  4. czechmate

    How late with roundup to stop wild oat seed

    So, after a catastrophic winter barley crop (I suppose because of it) I now have an unbelievable block of wild oats :(. I hadn’t even seen one here before:scratchhead: Some barley is below 30%, some isn’t, of course being such a poor crop it is very variable. Wild oats are watery to milky. How...