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    Checking the spreader to save on fertiliser costs

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland This year's biggest challenge is turning out to be, not the weather, but the price of oil and gas. The effect of the former is obvious, but the latter is a little less direct in that natural gas is an ingredient of nitrogen (N) fertiliser. It is...
  2. B

    Pumpkin growing

    Hi. We are planning on doing a PYO pumpkin patch this year on the farm as a diversification. Have read up and researched over the winter various things on how best to establish them and got various different bits of advice. We are planting an area of about 1.5ha, and have already ordered the...
  3. MX7

    What’s the difference between “Regenarative Farming” and traditional “Mixed Farming”?

    As above. I would have thought that the traditional mixed farming system ,utilising Grass leys for livestock, and then planting cereals into those leys is the same as regenerative farming :scratchhead: I am obviously missing something?? Is it the economics of the system , especially if one is...
  4. Jackov Altraids

    Industry expert bingo!

    Apparently there is a Market management core group which will be industry experts working with government. I thought it would be a bit of fun to guess who make up this group of experts and what advice they might give to the government. And then say who you would love to be in such a group and...
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    334: The impact of the war in Ukraine on markets

    334: The impact of the war in Ukraine on markets Written by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board In this AHDB Food and Farming podcast John Bates speaks to AHDB analyst Vikki Campbell as she has been looking closely at the situation in Ukraine and what it means for markets expecting...
  6. Henery

    Rushes….. what to do?

    Rushes getting worse , I know drainage is the real answer but not possible at the moment. Weed wiper ? Spot spray? What works best and when ? thanks 🙏
  7. wr.

    Carrs Billington rant

    I dropped my nearly new molasses IBC off at Carrs on Tuesday for a refill as I have done since they took over their site in Brecon and I had done so for around 34 years with the previous merchant on that site before. Went to pick it up today and was told that they, "Can no longer refill IBC's...
  8. Jackov Altraids

    Minette Batters on the Radio this morning

    I was confused when I heard the interview live, and having listened again I think she was saying; Farmers must not cut production, maybe increase it. The government may need to intervene in the gas price. Farmers have passed on some of the price increase but retailers need to absorb some of the...
  9. C

    Livestock the solution or the problem

    Not so long ago cows and livestock in general were being blamed for the supposed climate crisis. Now supposedly farm yard manure is the answer to save the planet do the powers that be even realise where muck comes from I wonder. Ideal scenario for them would be genetically modified trees that...
  10. G

    Re: Fertiliser prices

    Hi, I would like fertilizer prices, please. Regards
  11. A

    Anaerobic digesters (gas and fertilizer gen)

    Hi all, Any of you has experience in financing a plant to convert our waste into biogas and fertilizer? I am looking at some options but not much coming my way. Greatly appreciated, God bless!
  12. K

    Massey 3060 single acting valve needed?

    Hello,iam from Croatia,36 years old,diary farmer with 45 cows, and working in fertilizer factory. I didnt find "introduce yourself" topic so i will write here what i need help with. I have massey 3060 and it have 2 double act spool valve. Maybe i will need 1 double act and 2 single act spool...
  13. D

    Anybody considering suspending production for a year?

    With input price inflation high, is anybody considering suspending production for a year?
  14. Renaultman

    Utrisha N Nutrient efficiency optimiser

    Does anyone know anything about it? Snake oil? A replacement for poor soil and plant health management? Or a new tool to help improve efficiency? I did a search and there are articles from Corteva and CPM but can't find out much more :(...
  15. Steevo

    Solid urea use restricted and to be regulated by Red Tractor

    Looks like the NFU have done a right number on arable farmers. https://www.nfuonline.com/updates-and-information/nfu-submits-response-to-defra-urea-fertiliser-consultation/?utm_source=b310322&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bulletin Use of solid urea is now due to be regulated by Red Tractor...
  16. D

    June 2022 SFI standards and payment rates

  17. unlacedgecko

    Global Wheat Shortage due to Ukraine War

    Turns out it's all rubbish and there won't be a shortage at all. Thoughts?
  18. D

    Eating out

    You have popped into town and are feeling peckish. Being 10am Sunday only two eateries are open; McDonalds and an independent vegan cafe. Which one gets your business, and why ?
  19. bobk

    Anyone growing crops with no fert ?

    Excluding organic boys , could be interesting
  20. M

    Muck on sheep grazing

    Have a pile of over yeared cattle muck, well rotted, how long would I need to leave between spreading on grass leys and grazing ewes and month plus old lambs? Any legal / farm assurance / experience intervals stipulated / advised? Thanks