1. bobk

    Anyone growing crops with no fert ?

    Excluding organic boys , could be interesting
  2. M

    Muck on sheep grazing

    Have a pile of over yeared cattle muck, well rotted, how long would I need to leave between spreading on grass leys and grazing ewes and month plus old lambs? Any legal / farm assurance / experience intervals stipulated / advised? Thanks
  3. nick...

    Snetterton straw burning power station

    Does anyone know who buys the straw for this .looked online but can’t find anyone.heard they are paying £100 acre fir straw this year but would like to find out for sure. nick…
  4. H

    Cover crops on heavy land

    Does anyone really put cover crops on heavy land other than the odd person trying to get a page in Farmers Weekly or some extremist DDer?? My short lived experiment has just given me a headache with few obvious benefits. Stubble turnips, oats, vetch etc grew tall and thick - didn’t get an...
  5. Rowland

    Fert use

    Thankfully I’m out of full time farming now but still have an interest in it . With the obvious problems with fertiliser has anyone who has all the feet they need and bought a semi decent price considered using about half of it this season and holding onto the other half for next season ? Or...
  6. E

    Farming chiefs left ‘flabbergasted’ by Eustice comments

    https://www.fginsight.com/news/farming-chiefs-left-flabbergasted-by-eustice-comments-126597 Industry leaders were left ‘flabbergasted’ after Defra secretary George Eustice claimed farmers would generally be able to recoup increased input costs through the increased prices they were seeing in...
  7. G

    Eu to propose to use 500 million Euro emergency fund to help farmers

    Just seen this on bloomberg Oh wait….
  8. marshbarn

    Metric fertilizer settings

    How do you calculate the rate of prduct needed per hectare if you wanted 75kg/H of N ? if using a 34.5 % product
  9. P

    Reseeding grassland with no livestock for manure, N, P & k ?

    About to take on a block of land a bit from home, now the land has been let out for a few years, some of the grass is tired and needs reseeding. However no FYM is available, there is no dockings, thistle etc, fairy clean of weeds, so was against importing manure for the risk of weed seed in it...
  10. MX7

    Surely a more Health and Safety pic could be used for attached advert?

    We may be all guilty of carrying bags of fert on pallet tines , and going down the road,with fert bags dangling about but a fertiliser company should not be showing the “Bad” practice, in promotional material. :banghead:
  11. T

    Fert for sheep grazing any help appreciate

    Not something I had been planning on at all but we have had to tighten up our area with very very and very inconvenient and short notice and now find myself needing grass asap, I have 30 acres I need to maximise , I was thinking 20-25kg nitrogen per acre to kick start it this spring, I have...
  12. T

    Seed & Solid-Liquid Fertilizer & Fuel Production Fs

    Seed & Solid-Liquid Fertilizer & Fuel Production
  13. RobertTheEngineer

    Quick survey on crop rotation

    Dear all, I am Robert from Imperial College and I am currently researching the use of rhizobia and legumes and their effect to boost nitrogen levels in the soil. But before that, I need to understand what are the problems that crop rotation present to farmers so that the new findings in the...
  14. V

    Sell store cattle now or wait

    Do I sell my 11/12 month old stores in next couple week or hold another month to 6 week . Plenty of silage and shed room here, guy feeling is buyers want to buy cattle straight for grass in months time .
  15. Still Farming

    Feed The Nation

    Big bit a Mail today.
  16. F

    Situation Vacant Experienced Arable Operator Required 4500 acre Northamptonshire

    We are looking for a full time arable operator for our busy 4500 acre farming and contracting operation Mid Northamptonshire. We use up to date modern machinery equipped with GPS and cloud based crop recording systems. The successful candidate with be proficient in drilling, cultivations &...
  17. V

    Begging bowls again…

    Reading a thread about high fert prices and some farmers are asking for the government to step in and subsidies the price. Then another thread suggesting the government should help subsidies fuel prices. Farmers must get more government hand outs then a black single mother in a council flat with...
  18. News


    A recent York Auction Centre online sale of second-hand farm machinery attracted unprecedented interest with more than 1800 bidders from across the UK, Europe and other countries around the world including Egypt. York Auction Centre reported a record 122,000 views of the online catalogue which...
  19. B

    Will Very High Input Costs, Cause A Drop In Production?

    Well the story of the dairy farmer, in the AG press the other day has for him? my view is that alot of farmers will not buy fertilizer at the currant prices and many might take the view, such as in the beef industry, just cash in the cows, why bother to make sliage, hay etc etc etc, with all...
  20. MX7

    Pics attached of serious farming article in todays Sunday Times

    Just thought it may be of interest. Hopefully the general public will take note.