1. Jackov Altraids

    Minette Batters on the Radio this morning

    I was confused when I heard the interview live, and having listened again I think she was saying; Farmers must not cut production, maybe increase it. The government may need to intervene in the gas price. Farmers have passed on some of the price increase but retailers need to absorb some of the...
  2. C

    Livestock the solution or the problem

    Not so long ago cows and livestock in general were being blamed for the supposed climate crisis. Now supposedly farm yard manure is the answer to save the planet do the powers that be even realise where muck comes from I wonder. Ideal scenario for them would be genetically modified trees that...
  3. G

    Re: Fertiliser prices

    Hi, I would like fertilizer prices, please. Regards
  4. A

    Anaerobic digesters (gas and fertilizer gen)

    Hi all, Any of you has experience in financing a plant to convert our waste into biogas and fertilizer? I am looking at some options but not much coming my way. Greatly appreciated, God bless!
  5. K

    Massey 3060 single acting valve needed?

    Hello,iam from Croatia,36 years old,diary farmer with 45 cows, and working in fertilizer factory. I didnt find "introduce yourself" topic so i will write here what i need help with. I have massey 3060 and it have 2 double act spool valve. Maybe i will need 1 double act and 2 single act spool...
  6. D

    Anybody considering suspending production for a year?

    With input price inflation high, is anybody considering suspending production for a year?
  7. Renaultman

    Utrisha N Nutrient efficiency optimiser

    Does anyone know anything about it? Snake oil? A replacement for poor soil and plant health management? Or a new tool to help improve efficiency? I did a search and there are articles from Corteva and CPM but can't find out much more :(...
  8. Steevo

    Solid urea use restricted and to be regulated by Red Tractor

    Looks like the NFU have done a right number on arable farmers. https://www.nfuonline.com/updates-and-information/nfu-submits-response-to-defra-urea-fertiliser-consultation/?utm_source=b310322&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bulletin Use of solid urea is now due to be regulated by Red Tractor...
  9. D

    June 2022 SFI standards and payment rates

  10. unlacedgecko

    Global Wheat Shortage due to Ukraine War

    Turns out it's all rubbish and there won't be a shortage at all. Thoughts?
  11. D

    Eating out

    You have popped into town and are feeling peckish. Being 10am Sunday only two eateries are open; McDonalds and an independent vegan cafe. Which one gets your business, and why ?
  12. bobk

    Anyone growing crops with no fert ?

    Excluding organic boys , could be interesting
  13. M

    Muck on sheep grazing

    Have a pile of over yeared cattle muck, well rotted, how long would I need to leave between spreading on grass leys and grazing ewes and month plus old lambs? Any legal / farm assurance / experience intervals stipulated / advised? Thanks
  14. nick...

    Snetterton straw burning power station

    Does anyone know who buys the straw for this .looked online but can’t find anyone.heard they are paying £100 acre fir straw this year but would like to find out for sure. nick…
  15. H

    Cover crops on heavy land

    Does anyone really put cover crops on heavy land other than the odd person trying to get a page in Farmers Weekly or some extremist DDer?? My short lived experiment has just given me a headache with few obvious benefits. Stubble turnips, oats, vetch etc grew tall and thick - didn’t get an...
  16. Rowland

    Fert use

    Thankfully I’m out of full time farming now but still have an interest in it . With the obvious problems with fertiliser has anyone who has all the feet they need and bought a semi decent price considered using about half of it this season and holding onto the other half for next season ? Or...
  17. E

    Farming chiefs left ‘flabbergasted’ by Eustice comments

    https://www.fginsight.com/news/farming-chiefs-left-flabbergasted-by-eustice-comments-126597 Industry leaders were left ‘flabbergasted’ after Defra secretary George Eustice claimed farmers would generally be able to recoup increased input costs through the increased prices they were seeing in...
  18. G

    Eu to propose to use 500 million Euro emergency fund to help farmers

    Just seen this on bloomberg Oh wait….
  19. marshbarn

    Metric fertilizer settings

    How do you calculate the rate of prduct needed per hectare if you wanted 75kg/H of N ? if using a 34.5 % product
  20. P

    Reseeding grassland with no livestock for manure, N, P & k ?

    About to take on a block of land a bit from home, now the land has been let out for a few years, some of the grass is tired and needs reseeding. However no FYM is available, there is no dockings, thistle etc, fairy clean of weeds, so was against importing manure for the risk of weed seed in it...