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    Senior management changes at CNH

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Case IH has announced that Scott Harris, current vice president of North America, will lead the brand as Case IH global president. Mr Harris replaces Brad Crews, who will serve as president of North America for CNH Industrial. Also Mirco Romagnoli will...
  2. Henarar

    Fertilizer price a good thing for farmers ?

    Would it be a good thing for farmers in the longer term if the global price of fertilizer was high, say around £1000 per ton ?
  3. T

    Are Contractors rates having to go up.

    Due to the hike in machinery and fuel costs along with the increase price in electricity and the standard of living.We do a small amount of contracting and grain drying and I feel we will have to charge more to make it worthwhile. Thoughts ?
  4. W

    Liquid fert prices?

    What are you liquid boys being quoted?
  5. Bruce Almighty

    AHDB survey

    I had the survey call this morning (01904732249) Yes AHDB do some very good work . . . But I let them know my views about Red Tractor funding from AHDB etc Reign in Red Tractor or lose the vote. Don't miss the chance to tell them what you think
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    Turning up the heat on rural landlords

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Rural landlords will need to comply with new energy efficiency targets by 2030 as part of the Government’s commitment to improve the long-term energy performance standards of privately rented homes in England and Wales, highlights Ceres Property. As...
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    Agri-EPI appoints farming industry experts to its Board

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Agri-EPI has appointed three farming industry experts to its Board: Sarah Calcutt, Tom Hind and Allan Stevenson. Sarah Calcutt is a 6th generation farmer from the Weald of Kent. She returned to the family business in her mid-20s and has spent the...
  8. C

    Interest Rates Predicted To Rise Very Soon

    Interest rates are to rise they say to control inflation, but a load of rubbish how can a rate rise control price rises which are not in our Fuel, Food,Energy and even Boris wants wages to rise well nearly everything really...i just do not get it, all i see it doing is making folk...
  9. C

    Potato Prices.

    Now that the AHDB potato council has been kicked into touch, does the Forum have a place in providing a resource for price information?
  10. M

    Pie in the sky Ideas

    Is it pie in the sky stuff to have ambitions of running your own contracting business in a specialised area one day with a yard and maybe a small amount of farmland for yourself? Seems like the big contracting boys have most areas covered and land and machinery is super expensive. Wouldn't...
  11. Bald Rick

    Another nail in to the coffin of UK agriculture?

    Study by Natueal History Museum states that the UK has lost 47 percent of its biodiversity due to "development and intensive farming " and potentially we are teetering on a biological disaster The UK is ranked lowest of the G7 countries for biodiversity and of course BBC (who may well be...
  12. Just because

    Fert prices and stocking rates

    Are people thinking of cutting back on stocking rates due to fertilize prices and other rising costs??
  13. B


    Seems like serious trouble brewing around Taiwan. No doubt developing for some time? As part of the larger geo-political picture, was the goal of creating AUKUS (no doubt greased by the Australian trade deal) a major aim of pulling out of the EU? according to Boris yesterday, AUKUS would not...
  14. B

    are pigs to being destroyed ?

    Sorry to hi-jacked a differnet forum, but does anyone of a farmer who as had to pigs culled yet ? - there seems to be a lot talk about it.
  15. Bossfarmer

    Tractors...COST TO CHANGE!!!

    Im curious what the difference in cost to change between brands is? Some figures of other peoples experiences would be interesting for those that arent afraid to share info ill start 2012 NH T7200 sold last summer 10,500hrs for 20,000 2020 NH T7210 80,000 bought 60k to change
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    New investment in Scotland’s land can benefit nature and nation

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Ever-increasing interest in Scotland’s land is opening up the prospects of a win-win that benefits the nation and nature like never before, a major conference will hear today. But there needs to be a collective response across the public and private...
  17. redsloe

    Tractor or pension?

    Looks like there maybe a reasonable profit this year. Thing is, what is the best way of dealing with it? Bit of a disagreement here, could be an age thing?
  18. H

    Uk footprint on global biodiversity report

    Just launched today by the Environmental audit committee. My local mp Philip Dunne is the chair. Not had chance to read it yet, but not got high hopes!
  19. G

    Wheat into orbit

    Up£3.75 today!!!
  20. Direct Driller Magazine

    Direct Driller Magazine Issue 15

    Direct Driller Magazine Issue 15 With the following articles: Introduction The 3.5% Rule Featured Farmer - Ed Reynolds Blackgrass Control Agroforestry: Learning from four Pioneers Solid...