1. czechmate

    Another “options on this farm”

    So a short version which I may add too if time. We have our home farm when I am happy at (130 ha) and for 6 years another 120 ha farm 6 km away. The 2 together give us a good living but fir a lot of work. Tbh, for more than half the time I feel the other place is a “thorn in my side”...
  2. S

    The Perfect Storm

    A new book by Sebastian Hunger, 'The Perfect Storm', he has a wonderful description of how big boats go to the bottom, a crisis starts slowly and grows gradually but at a certain point becomes exponential. Can we map this description below on to modern agriculture since sometime in 80's or...
  3. Agriland RSS

    Continental Tyre group appoint new managing director

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Continental Tyre group managing director, David Smith has announced he will retire at the end of March 2022. Tarik Görgün, who is currently head of Original Equipment tyres Japan and global key account Manager for Honda and Subaru, will take over the...
  4. daveydiesel1

    Electric cars long term owners

    Any1 been runnin a ev for 7+years? Did u have any battery problems and is a full charge not doin as many miles as when it was new? Also how many kw does it require to fully charge it and what miles is that gettin you?
  5. Massey mad

    Kramer kt407 or Bobcat 38.70.

    Got it narrowed down to the 2 above both good machines, about the same price wise. What's peoples thoughts on both of these machines?
  6. bankrupt

    N 1

    Kicking off today on Hybrid WB. As to profitability, recently seen lot of advisory nonsense about reduced applications due to the price of cereals having risen slower than the price of N. Here, straw yields linearly correlate with N (up to the point of lodging) so straw sales still finance N...
  7. G

    Small pickup

    Does anyone still make a small pickup these days? Like a vw caddy?
  8. S

    Is spreading slurry allowed now??

    Yesterday there was a strong smell of slurry spreading, I thought it was not allowed this time of year because of new regulations
  9. Muddyroads

    Cow - The film

    Picked up on a review of this “documentary” film yesterday on 5 live and think it might be good for TFFers to be aware of it. It’s been nominated for Cannes apparently so could get quite a bit of press. Filmed on a large dairy farm somewhere in the south of England it follows a cow for around 4...
  10. Danllan

    Possible expansion of NATO

    By a very odd coincidence, earlier today I met I fellow I was at school with and haven't seen for nearly thirty years. He is Swede married to a Brit and, after spending most of the last couple of decades in Sweden, they have decided to move, of all places to Pembrokeshire - I know, I know, but...
  11. stablegirl

    Which 5 furrow plough?

    Large mixed dairy farm, using the plough to prep seedbed for wheat, maize and grass. Have had 2 kverneland, a 4 then a 5, with a 200 headstock, kind of looking for another kv, but both have had a bit of bother with the valve block, and don't like the fact the variwidth had no grease points...
  12. Juggler

    AMC recommendations?

    I currently have no borrowing but could do with raising some money to carry out improvements to the land/buildings and house, good salary coming in from full time employment and decent income from the diversified farm business. The last bank I had a mortgage with need a business plan before...
  13. D

    Molasses tanks

    Anyone know of any companies that make or sell metal molasses tanks ?
  14. N

    ATV Security

    I'm currently looking at introducing a device to the market to secure Farm Quads/ATV's and make it much harder for thieves to steal them. It's a simple device which you drive the quad bike into, and only takes seconds to lock up (4/5 Seconds) and about the same to unlock without the need for any...
  15. Janet Hughes Defra

    New information about local nature recovery and landscape recovery

    Morning all and happy new year. Further to the information we published about the Sustainable Farming Incentive in December (see, today we're publishing information about the 2 other new...
  16. D

    Public Accounts Committee enquiry into ELMS

    Have just received the Public Accounts Committee report on ELMS, and associated press release. I think 'damning' pretty much covers it. It is embargoed until Sunday so will post on here then, just starting a thread now in case anyone else who has had it is less worried about such niceties and...
  17. B

    UK sinking under an ocean of debts?

    Very sobar reading in yesterdays mail newspaper, i quote, national debt £2.3 trillion, interest on debt this year £64bn, thats nearly double the cost we spend on the uk armed forces, defence? So what happens say in 10-20 years will most of the tax income the govt gets just go on paying the...
  18. A

    Situation Vacant Assistant Farm Manager - Pembrokeshire

    Sector: Mixed Farming The Opportunity: A rewarding opportunity to manage and conduct the day-to-day technical operations of a variety of crops on an outstanding mixed enterprise farm. You will plan, walk, and tend multiple varieties of potatoes, brassicas and cereals. You will work closely...
  19. roscoe erf

    Agricultural crises (another one)

  20. P

    Gator versus quad

    Hi I'm looking at options of getting either a gator (something like the John Deere XUV855D) or quad bike (Honda TRX500) for 70 acres of pasture: feeding animals, fencing, moving stuff, pulling small loads etc. Apart from the obvious: staying drier, having more room onboard to carry stuff), but...