1. nick...

    Telehandler tyres

    Needing a set of 460/70/24 for a jcb 531/70.current tyres are original good year on front which I imagine were swapped from rear and bkt .probably less than 10 MM tread but got a bulge on one front tyre appearing between trend block.machine very rarely goes out of yard and just mainly loading...
  2. Farm Classifieds

    AM000079 - New Firestone Tyres

    AM000079 - New Firestone Tyres Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Tyres Price: £600 Condition: New Description New Firestone 440/65R24 Tyres How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about...
  3. Jackov Altraids


    Nothing to do with me but thought it may be of interest to someone;
  4. B

    Wider tyres and better ride?

    We’ve got a Massey 5465 quite a rough ride, pretty uncomfortable to be honest at times. It’s currently got Goodyear 18.4r38 and 14.9r28’s, it’s on 15” and 12” rims so I was wondering about going a tad wider to help with the ride comfort, but can’t go a lot. Running around 18psi on the rears and...
  5. GAM

    Interesting Tractor Tyre Observation!

    I went to see the tyre fitting company to see the three makes of tyres he had offered me for my 390 on 16.9 x 34, MRL, CEAT, & Vredestein, just for piece of mind, not that I would be able to judge quality and wear by there visual appearance. Well, they were very much the same, the real only...
  6. P

    tyre height profiles front to back

    In need of some new boots before winter for ploughing with naud that has 14"share and board working width. New to me tractor on 600/65r38 and 480/65r28. The rears are michelins and seem to measure close to 530 actual width. Currently plough with different tractor on 420/85r34 and get along fine...
  7. Farm Classifieds

    TE00078A - 2014 MF5612 ESD4 4WD Tractor

    TE00078A - 2014 MF5612 ESD4 4WD Tractor Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £39500 Condition: Good Description 2014 Massey Ferguson 5612ESD4 4WD Essential Tractor, 40Kph Dyna-4 transmission, 120HP, 4...
  8. Farm Classifieds

    T2026416 - 2006 MF6170 4WD Tractor

    T2026416 - 2006 MF6170 4WD Tractor Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £12750 Condition: Good Description 2006 Massey Ferguson 6170 4WD Dynashift Tractor, 40Kph Dynashift transmission, 3 Open centre...
  9. A1an

    Alternative to Bibloads

    It looks like our local tyre fitter can't get his hands on Bibloads until June! Is there an acceptable alternative?
  10. slim shiny

    Michelin/ trelleborgs/BKT

    936 is needing some new IF boots before long. BKTs are coming in considerably less than anything else, 5k less than one brand. Are they worth a punt? The trelleborgs have done well doing nearly 6k hours with tread left but side walls are starting to crack. Never run BKTs on high hp tractor...
  11. ulsterman

    Goodyear tyres

    Putting new set boots on front of loader tractor. Came on Continental, done 3500hrs 3 yrs. Goodyear same price as Mitas (continental) Is Goodyear still a good tyre???
  12. zsnotdead

    New telehandler tyres

    I'm needing to reboot my jcb310s with new tyres,I'm looking at new Michelin tyres at about 3k,should I consider the semi industrial type tyre at approximately £100 / set more expensive. Are there any cheaper alternatives which offer better value for money than Michelin. I must admit the...
  13. ian828

    VF tractor tyres

    Looking at a set Bridgestone VF 710 70 42. Not had any experience with VF tyres and choose is limited at its a new build tractor so only being offered Bridgestone or Michelin in VF. I could put a set of non VF 710s on and change them to a set of VF of my choice and sell the non VF ones
  14. Stw88

    On line tractor tyres

    Do many people buy tractor tyres on line? look reasonable prices. Which web site is best. Will obviously ring local suppliers as well but thought it was worth having some prices to bounce off them. Sadly need a few 😒
  15. Arceye

    66x43-25 tyres

    Anyone know what pressure these run at? I have 66x43-25 on the back and 48x25-20 on the front on an 8t tractor. They are the very old Firestone crossply type with 23 degree lug angles split rim wheels. Firestone have no info on the old stuff, just the new radials.
  16. Jack Russell

    Tyre pressure gauges

    Evening I have seen the reviews in the recent Profi magazine of the pressure gauges. They test everything except for the low pressure end (5-10psi). What are people using that work well. Either analog or digital, ideally with a decent size display.
  17. Classichay

    13.6 x 36 tyres wanted or 16.9 x34 wheels db

    Looking for a decent set of back tires 13.6x38 if anyone has any? Failing that a pair of wheels 16.9x34 for a case dB 1394. Greatly appreciate any help.
  18. D

    Tyre noise

    Fitted a set of 650/65r38 tyres to a 23 inch rim,would the rim cause the tyres to be noisy on the road?
  19. G

    Tyre needed, 480 65r28

    As above,a tyre needed after an unfortunate altercation with a hidden metal strainer post whilst out contracting... Needs to be 40% + tread to match the survivors, no splits, cracks or perishing in the sidewall. Burst tyre was a Firestone, and collecting from somewhere in Central Scotland would...
  20. JD-Kid

    Bridgestone VX tractor tires

    any one got. these tires and what do you think of them just cracked the side wall in front tire 540 65 r 28 and getting new shoes so wondering how people have found them all field work on harder grass land and tight. clay soils cheers