first cut

  1. G

    Plenty farms for rent

    Never seen so many for rent in the papers this week They outnumber farms for sale Start of the flood methinks as the gravy train hits the buffers
  2. M

    Who's nicked all the rain out of a showery forecast????

    Day 3 of.a showery forecast and still nothing in the rain gauge to measure ?
  3. JezzaB76

    Second cut hay

    Just taken a cut of hay from some rented grassland. Not great quantity but good quality. Is it worth putting some N on it and hoping the weather works with us for a second cut? Quite new to making hay as you may have guessed! Thanks
  4. Greythundercloudys

    Coloured wrap, what's the point.

    Do those different colours make any odds to the bales, l very much doubt it, pink, green, white, and black.
  5. W

    Blood sucking ahdb

    68 million drained out of farming every year by the ahdb ,farmers must have plenty of spare cash
  6. U

    Rain just starting

    Here for the next 3 weeks according to some forecasts
  7. Bald Rick

    My lawn is deader than your lawn thread

    Ok .. beat this for dying ....
  8. Seth470

    When To Fertilise After First Cut.

    Just wondering when people fertilise after first cut. We Cut Our first cut Hay Monday and baled Sunday. We are hoping to get another cut of hay or silage. Planning on spreading 34.5% Nitram at a rate of 100KG an Acre.
  9. yellow belly

    Drought buster

    How To bust the drought all combines out on the yard spout out header on cab door open Keys in ignition barbecue for next Friday Inviting one neighbour and relayed on zoom This week all talk on tff about the impending lack of harvesting And how the dryer will be redundent and all the fuel...
  10. Old Spot


    Ok bit late, i usually wrap or feed hay. cow numbers going up, we have a silage clamp. it has been such along time since I made silage. what is a good way of weighing down the sheet, do you use one or two top sheets any guidance gratefully recievEd
  11. C

    Drought resistant grazing - Cocksfoot stand?

    3rd dry spring/summer in a row for us now... I know ryegrasses outperform others when conditions are right, but here it is just too dry in the growing season to achieve those high yields. So, has anyone done a Cocksfoot based ley for grazing? Or anything else? We are south coast, light...
  12. Headless chicken

    Most rapid growing fodder crop in a drought

    As above I’ve got a bit of land on the rented farm that sits next to the river, very sheltered. It’s not been touched for a while other than us topping it every year. thinking attempting to direct drill something has to be better than just letting it go to waste and being short of forage. We...
  13. supercow

    Bumper first cut

    We’ve Brought a great first cut in, that with second cut we won’t have room for first cut. I see some struggling for forage south of the border, we will have 200 acre or so that could be taken for silage. Obviously depending on second cut produces, I’m trying to plan what I’m going to do with...
  14. Agriland RSS

    ‘Over the years, the silage DM content has increased; but nutritional quality hasn’t’

    Written by Agriland Team Little improvements have been made in the nutritional quality of Northern Ireland silage over the last decade, according to a CAFRE dairy advisor. The Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute institute has analysed thousands of silage samples since it was established in...
  15. S

    Are things that bad for crops?

    First I know absolutely nothing about growing crops I have just listened to farming on radio 4 An arable farmer from Kent said how he could not sow winter crops because of wet conditions and spring crops are not looking good because of little rain in May