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  1. S

    Silage analysis results

    Got some bales tested during the week as cattle are housed. The results were DM. 37 31 D valve 69 68 Crude protein 11 13.5 PH. 4.5 4.1 Lactic. 28 58 Ammonia. 2.5 2.9 First column is first...
  2. phil the cat

    GS4/Clover rich ley

    Hello! We established around 94 acres of GS4 as part of a mid tier agreement in may. Despite the dry weather it’s established pretty well and there’s plenty of red and white clover flowers in it. Just after some discussion/advice for the best way to preserve the clover as per the agreement and...
  3. Lowland1


    Between 2005 and 2010 a friend and I set up a farm management company to run two farms belonging to a Sudanese Businessman on the edge of Khartoum. We thought we could be the new Masstock but we could n't.
  4. King Rollo

    Grazing clover.

    I sowed a 'herbal ley' of sorts last autumn. Took a cut of bales off it in June - mainly grass with plenty clover. The regrowth is mainly clovers, nearly 100% in much of it. The plan was, and is, to strip/mob graze a group of yearling stirks on it. They have been on long grass for the past...
  5. N

    New Holland mounted disc mowers

    Looking at new mower for next year. Currently running a JD 1365 and have had quotes on trailed kv,krone and Kuhn all of which are eye wateringly expensive but the local new Holland dealer gave me an offer on 10ft front/back plain disc which is between £2200-£3950 than the trailed. Has anyone had...
  6. farmflix

    FarmFLiX - John Deere 7810

    John's new 7810 has finally arrived and he already has a job for it! It's time to see what the new machine is made of. Want to know more about John McClean? Subscribe to our Youtube channel to follow behind the scenes with the founder of FarmFLiX
  7. Farm Business RSS

    Precision and attention to detail key to getting most from forage

    Written by John Swire This year’s grass and wholecrop silages generally have the potential to support good intakes and levels of production but will require regular analysis and careful supplementation if the full benefits are to be realised according to Trouw Nutrition GB. Announcing the...