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    Sheep Ireland – sustainable genetic gain

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The myriad sources of data now available to Sheep Ireland is allowing the organisation to achieve the role it was created to fulfill on its establishment back in 2009. This was the core message delivered by Sheep Ireland’s manager, Kevin McDermott...
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    Another case of bird flu confirmed in Devon

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1 – bird flu – was confirmed in commercial poultry at a premises near Cullompton in Devon yesterday (Sunday, August 7). As per protocol, a 3km Protection Zone and a 10km Surveillance Zone were put in place...
  3. Sandpit Farm

    Hornacott Roussins - 17th August

    I am sad to say that Sue Martyn of Hornacott Roussins will be dispersing her flock at Exeter on 17th August. I am just helping her with the catalogue. Many of the older ewes and commercials have been sold but she is presenting her best sheep up to 2 shear at the Sale. It is a great opportunity...
  4. wdah/him

    Advantages/disadvantages to lambing 1st may

    After having a few issues this past year Im thinking of lambing later. Normally lamb 17 march on ward but we always have issues when sheep are grazing silage ground away from home, have to bring them home and then send them back to it after lambing. Also struggle to have time for worming the...
  5. W

    Lazy collie

    Got our 12 month old collie back fro the trainer last Sunday He said she’s ok , will flank and hold sheep to him but .. in her own time I put her round about 30 hoggs this morning and at first was pleased , she flanks and holds them in a group , lies down well and flanks the opposite way as...
  6. unlacedgecko

    British Dorper Society Show and Sale

    Anyone going?
  7. F

    Solar one side, woodland the other side.

    Just heard this morning that our landlord of 30 acres wants to take it back and plant trees. Slightly annoying, but we haven't had it for very long. Wonder if he will get the same from woodland planting grants that he had from us for rent? For him, it probably isn't about the money as he has...
  8. CopperBeech

    Winter keep

    Obviously not alone in this boat but some of our winter covers are unlikely to go in / come to much, luckily we should still have a bunch in some areas but the south east isn’t looking too rosey! So, I’m looking for someone who has a decent block of winter covers / or decent grass. Preferably...
  9. TFF

    The root crop debate

    A 10,000ha farming estate in Norfolk with a history to match its size is wrestling with how to grow root crops in a more sustainable system. CPM joins a BASE farm walk in June to find out more. By Mike Abram Can you be a regenerative farmer with potatoes and sugar beet in the rotation? That’s...
  10. TFF

    How to make your poultry farm more resilient to avian influenza threat

    AI remains an environmental threat, and it is expected that, when colder weather returns, infection pressure will almost certainly ramp up again. “There is a very small infectious dose for this virus – one single bird dropping has thousands of infectious doses,” says Andy Paterson, head of...
  11. W

    Mass ban on Red Tractor?

    It causes mental health issues which now have been reported to relevant charities. It forces farmers to pay to access their own markets. It is not law and holds no legal standing in this country. Email them and tell them how you feel and that you are resigning your membership and that you want...
  12. TFF

    Animal Health Planning

    Animal Health Planning The ultimate aim of the animal health plan is to limit health problems so that they can be controlled mainly through prevention. Farmers can improve the health, welfare and productivity of their animals through animal health planning. Animal Health Planning is a...
  13. S

    Is Red tractor detrimental to your mental health

    Quick poll on how Red tractor affects your mental well being.
  14. O

    Critique my basic sheep financials

    As per title. Basic calculations based upon inputs i can think of off the top of my head. Based upon purchasing 30 Easycare/Exlana ewe lambs in Year 1 and run as low input as possible in SW England. Retaining ewe lambs where necessary to replace culls/fallen stock. I have not priced in...
  15. Alias

    Improved Welsh Mountain

    I saw these at Malvern last week and thought they looked useful. We have been using North Country Cheviot to cross onto Lonks for a few years, with good results. Better lambing percent, hardy and a good carcass, but their temperament can let them down. This is on Pennine hill land. I just...
  16. topground

    DEFRA Animal Welfare grants.

    DEFRA decided that they know best how to spend the money that livestock farmers will now not have available through BPS and they have announced that they will fund an on farm review with your vet. I have responded to a request for input into the scheme as a livestock keeper. Does your vet know...
  17. TFF

    How cow manager apps are changing the face of farming

    Cow manager apps – you might have heard of them, you could be an advocate or maybe you’re unaware of the possibilities they hold for you and your farm. In this article, we’ll take you through cow manager apps, their functionalities and the benefits they can offer and introduce you to the Breedr...
  18. M

    Welsh mountain rams

    It’s approaching the time of year to think about rams so thought I’d get some advice for this year! I’m running a welshy flock and I’ve previously bought rams out of Dolgellau, Glamorgan and a few from Talybont. I’ve had the same problems with rams from each sale, some are melters, some bad feet...
  19. J

    CODD Treatments

    Questions in the title! Anyone with any tips and tricks throw it out there! Bought a dozen cheviots a month ago now for a little experiment and 1 went lame last week, got her caught and bang! CODD. Week later and now 4 lame (not caught them to see what it is yet, could be scald being warm and...
  20. TFF

    Animals To Arable - The Key Take Home Messages 2022-07-28

    Regenerative agriculture and the re-introduction of animals into arable rotations has recently become a topic of hot discussion and an area which more farmers are looking to explore. To provide much-needed information and advice within this subject, Innovation for Agriculture, of which the RASE...