CCC Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk

    CCC Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk Written by Defra Press Office There’s been extensive coverage of the Climate Change Committee’s Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3) report out today, which suggests the nation’s efforts to adapt to climate change is not keeping pace with the...
  2. L


    Just sat pondering the dreaded blackgrass while I enjoy a Saturday morning brew. I have been trying to think of the way the weed grows throughout the season and if it has weakness? For the life of me I can't think what this weakness might be to even begin to exploit this as a means of control...
  3. Agriland RSS

    £19 million allocated for flood protection projects in NI

    Written by Rachel Martin Northern Ireland Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon has allocated £19 million for flood protection projects across the North in her 2021/22 budget. It includes £11 million to progress numerous flood alleviation projects to improve flood protection to properties...

    Coverage of the England Woodland Creation Offer

    Coverage of the England Woodland Creation Offer Written by Defra Press Office There is widespread positive coverage of the Forestry Commission’s proactive announcement of the England Woodland Creation Offer – a new multimillion tree planting grant scheme which provides greater financial...
  5. S

    Various PD and Flood Plain questions

    Hi, New to this forum and also farming. I have inherited some land which I am trying to make as useful as possible but seem to be restricted by everything possible at the moment :-( The land is a little over 10 acres of land with an open fronted barn. Barn is a few metres away from the road and...
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    £15 million woodland creation grant opens for applications

    Written by William Kellett The Forestry Commission has opened a new multimillion tree planting grant scheme – the England Woodland Creation Offer – to provide greater financial incentives for landowners and farmers to plant and manage trees. With £15.9 million available in its first year, the...
  7. JohnGalway

    Drained peatland GHG emissions source

    I'm looking for specific information on GHG's emitted by drained peatlands. Namely, if a piece of peatland is, or has been in the past, drained where on the site do the emissions come from exactly. Are they mostly coming from open drains/ditches, and/or is it a result of general effect of the...
  8. bobk

    EU sausage war

    ffs . https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/eu-is-set-to-launch-a-sausage-war-with-uk-over-northern-ireland-row/ar-AAKOgzh
  9. bluegreen

    Farage criticizes Euro 2021 BLM

    On this occasion I totally agree with Nigel Farage. Taking the knee is far more than a statement against racism.
  10. D

    ELMS in the real world.

    Have just been having a read of some current threads: https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/worsening-blackgrass-ryegrass-problem.347526/ https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/dd-turnips-into-permanent-pasture-without-glyphosate.347601/...
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    Poots urged to expand criteria for North West floods support

    Written by Rachel Martin Northern Ireland Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots has been urged to widen the criteria of a support package for farmers afflicted by the 2017 floods to include farmers who did not fill out Force Majeure applications at the time. Details have emerged of a long-awaited...
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    North West floods: Applications for payments to open in August

    Written by Rachel Martin A long-awaited support package for farmers in the North West affected by floods in 2017 will open for applications in August 2021. However, one of the caveats have been met with concern, as only farmers who made a Force Majeure application at the time will be...
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    New Tree Health Pilot scheme to launch this summer

    Written by William Kellett The government has launched plans to provide grants to land managers – including farmers – to take action against tree pests and diseases which attack trees, woods and forests. Owners and managers of trees and woodlands in England are being encouraged to take part in...
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    Thames Water fined £4 million for the escape of 79 million liters of untreated sewage

    Written by William Kellett Thames Water has been fined £4 million after untreated sewage escaped from sewers below London into a park and a river. A court heard dozens of high-priority alarms would have told staff about the incident, but were either missed or ignored, leading to pollution of a...
  15. Badshot

    Wtf EU RED audit.

    What a load of bollix.
  16. N

    Just who are IDB and EA answerable to

    As the heading says,just who are they answerable to .once again the IDB think it’s beneath themselves to speak to landowners,the EA fail to ensure water flows out past lock gates so tonight grass and corn under water because of their actions.The local council continue to past planning without...
  17. Arceye


    Is there a place I can go to work out the flow of roof water that would be allowed to drain into a ditch? It all looks overly complicated with many different water types and hazardous wastes, I just want simple rainwater on a roof. Looks like a red tape nightmare designed to keep "professionals"...
  18. Formatted

    Neighbour has redirected overflow of their lake into our field

    Discovered this morning the parish council's contractor has opened a drain into our field. I was alerted to it whilst checking the cattle this morning when I almost became bogged in a once dry part of the field. As we are cutting silage this week I am mightly miffed. I've spoken to the clerk who...
  19. Cowabunga

    So much for extended grazing. The Spring deluge.

    For the first time in at least a couple of decades I've had to rehouse the cows in late May, day and night, because it is so wet and cold for them and they are making an unacceptable mess of the fields and pastures. Also it is probably only the third or fourth time in the last 40 years that...
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    More than 2,000 apply for Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot scheme

    Written by Iain Hoey Over 2,000 farmers have responded to Defra’s call for applicants for the pilot of the Sustainable Farming Incentive, which is due to start in October 2021. The Sustainable Farming Incentive marks the next step in the Government’s plans to reward farmers and land managers...