flotation tyres

  1. KB6930

    Grain/ muck trailer

    Anyone selling or know of a 14t + trailer Requirements are long 20ft plus so it can take 2 grabful of muck long preferably air and oil brakes commercial axles with flotation tyres
  2. Farm Classifieds


    WARWICK 14T TRAILER Advert added by: Ellis Machinery Ltd Machinery Details Category: Other Price: £10500 Condition: Description Excellent trailer, flotation tyres, hydraulic back door, sprung drawbar. How to make contact with the Dealer...
  3. Massey 6470

    Wide front tyres

    What width of flotation tyres are people running, I’ve 800/65/32 on the back and current fronts are 540/65/28s but would like wider
  4. B

    What size trailer

    We’ve taken on the combining of a local farm. They grow 300ac of combinable crops and do not presently have any trailers as the previous contractor supplied them. Moving forward they want to buy a trailer that is suitable for carting the corn, around 1000 tonnes per year but also can be used for...
  5. F

    Set flotation wheels

    To fit JD 6620 though if bolt in centres could always get some made
  6. Farm Classifieds

    Alliance 328 Flotation tyres & Wheels

    Alliance 328 Flotation tyres & Wheels Advert added by: Phil @TurfWoody Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £1000 Condition: Good Description Alliance 328 600/55 R 26.5 Flotation wheels and tyres. Very Good Condition. 10 Stud wheel...
  7. Farm Classifieds

    Nokian ELS Flotation Tyres & Wheels

    Nokian ELS Flotation Tyres & Wheels Advert added by: Phil @TurfWoody Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £2400 Condition: Good Description Pair of Nokian ELS 710/55 R34 Flotation tyres and Wheels. Very Good condition 8 Stud wheels. How...
  8. M

    Reclaiming bog

    Going this very interesting video on you tube of Basil Baird and his brothers bought an estate in Sutherland and set about reclaiming a bog to grow grass and make pellets. Can only imagine the outcry if this was tried today. I think they sold It to fountain forestry and was planted in Sitka...
  9. H

    Trailer Tyre Dilemma

    My muck trailer has thrown in the towel and my Bunning 15t grain trailer (whilst being a great trailer) at 35 years old is getting a little tired. I’ve decided to buy one new trailer to do both jobs. My dilemma is that the new trailer comes with super singles as standard but my current Bunning’s...
  10. L

    Atv fertiliser spreader?

    Evening all. What’s the best atv fertiliser spreader out their?
  11. W

    Grain trailer

    16 tonnes (wheat) Air and oil brakes Rollover sheet Flotation tyres Used only not new, as it’s a backup trailer. Not fussed on make or age but must be in full working order with a sheet that does not leak as it’ll store seed grain.
  12. Loading shovel

    Trebuchet build

    The run up to Christmas me and my mate wanted to build a trebuchet that could pull the engine out a car. And fire a washing machine 250 meters across the field i did 80% of the welding and completed it in 2 weeks here are some of the build pictures bit different to farming and much more fun. the...
  13. M

    20t HGV for farm use

    Thinking about buying a 20t HGV tipper for farm use only. What are the legalities of doing this? I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere before if you derate them to 25mph you can then run them on red diesel just like a tractor? It would only have to cross a public road from private drive to private drive...
  14. jon9000

    Contract farming agrements for 2020 season

    Has anyone worked many of these out? Values must be well down on last year
  15. GAM

    Small stock trailer

    Hi All, I am about to buy a small stock trailer and as usual what make and what size? I have looked at Rob Astley & CLH trailers, and feel the CLH although more expensive is the better engineered! Now, Size? As with everything on here I found size matters! not sure myself... Is a 4'6" x 7'6"...
  16. stablegirl

    What does tyre pressure have to do with ground pressure?

    Other than altering a tyres footprint? On a few threads i've read different opinions on tyres size and what effect it has on the ground, some people discussing the volume of air in a tyre making the difference? Another thread saying the psi in a tyre is the psi a tractor exerts on the ground...
  17. Bignor Farmer

    JD Gator or Polaris Ranger.... sorry!

    Without wanting to open a huge can of worms, I need to trade in my ageing Gator for a newer model. Has anyone got any comments (good or bad) on the latest models? We would have full cab, road kit and work it hard off road. Only really looking at the Gator and Ranger because dealers are close...
  18. Old Tip

    Quad Trailers

    My old quad trailer has let me down for the last time and I’m wondering what makes and designs folk prefer, my old one is forever busting bearings are the four wheeled versions better. Thanks in anticipation OT
  19. Stags Agri

    Full Dispersal Sale of Telehandler & 5 Tractors at Bradnich, Exeter, EX5 4LT - Wednesday 23rd September 2020 - 700+LOTS

  20. JohnGalway

    Older off road 4x4

    Posting here as I figure livestock farmers do the most off road work. I'm kicking around an idea to build an eggmobile, get me some layers and move them often, possibly daily. The eggmobile would be build on a single axle caravan chassis and weigh less than 900kg (should accomodate approx 350...