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    Making the most of scanning day: What other jobs can be carried out?

    Written by Agriland Team With mid-season lambing flocks getting set to scan their ewes this month, a number of other jobs can be carried out on the same day – while all of the ewes are in the yard. For those that still have ewes out on grass, scanning day presents itself as a very useful day...
  2. ridger

    Fluke in cattle

    Got a report from aphis saying that out of the last 12 cattle i killed, 5 had liver fluke. What is a good dose, preferably a pour on with a short meat withdrawal?
  3. M

    How long will it take for concrete to cure.

    Hi, I just poured standard concrete around 6,5 cubic meters or 229.5453ft³ . The concrete is about 15 cm 5,9 inches deep, 4 meters wide or 13,1 feet and long 8 meters or 26,2 feet. Where we placed concrete temperature ranges from -2 celsius or 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit to 1 degres celsius or...
  4. S

    Contract Shepherding

    Morning all, This is more out of curiosity than anything. Can anyone give me some information on what a contract actually does? For example: What are the start up costs? How many years experience of working with sheep tends to be necessary before contracting? What responsibilities does a...
  5. S

    Career change

    Hello, I am in my mid 20s and am currently in the final year of a Bsc Psychology degree. My initial aim was to use my degree to work towards a career related to psychology or healthcare. However, I have always had an interest in the countryside and rural life, with a yearning to spend my days...
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    How to improve your flock performance

    Written by William Kellett Sheep farmers collect a lot of data about flock performance and could make far better use of it to improve health, welfare and productivity. This is according to Nigel Miller, chair of the new Ruminant Health and Welfare (RHW) group, who said that producers naturally...
  7. czechmate

    A question to those with experience of Dicurane

    We have a product here (one called Vario) that has the same make up as dicurane used to have. I have some here for use but never managed to get any on. When I used to use it in the uk, it was always in November (usually seemed to be during children in need week) and actually I can’t remember how...
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    Use existing data to drive flock performance, urges RH&W

    Written by John Swire Sheep farmers collect a lot of data about flock performance and could make far better use of it to improve health, welfare and productivity. According to Nigel Miller, chair of the new Ruminant Health & Welfare (RH&W) group, producers naturally collate information about...
  9. Farmerpickle

    IH b250 tractor value

    Evening all, What price would you put on an International b250 with good tyres, recently done paint job and very tidy looking, but possibly needing new rings and fuel pump seals doing?
  10. V

    Cow with snottery blood

    I have an Angus x dairy cow that has lost condition, was salavating a bit. I pressumed wooden tongue and treated with pen strep . Cow now has runny nose with blood through it. She coughs a bit too. Dosed few weeks ago for fluke and worms. Any clues ?
  11. principal skinner

    Red Tractor

    Has anybody else received the following email, asking for how it should be run in the future Dear Red Tractor Member, As we move towards a new era in British farming, it feels like the right time to reflect on just how far we have come as an industry. Many of you have been producing great...
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    NI Water inspections to be carried out on farms

    Written by Agriland Team The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) is informing members that Northern Ireland Water is in the process of completing water regulation inspections. The visits by NI Water will be pre-arranged with inspectors checking to ensure water systems comply with the regulations to...
  13. spark_28


    sheep were dosed with flukiver the first week in November before the tups went out so will need another one in the next couple of weeks. were in the high risk area and according to an article i saw it says that products containing triclabendazole would be the best treatment but also to avoid...
  14. jacobl741

    what to treat wooden floor and sides with

    Hi, Got an old petit 3 ton tipper trailer i am going to restore, it still has the original wooden sides and floor which are in very good order. Whats the best thing to treat it with to both preserve it and make it look good? Thanks
  15. F

    Mccormic intenational B414 engine rebuild

    Hi I have a Mccormic international B414 which is taking a lot of water in the sump and I am considering an engine rebuild winter project.... I don't have great mechanical skills so a couple of questions if I may. where would be the best place to buy a rebuild kit, there seem to be kits available...
  16. G

    Massy 390 alternator

    Hi folks Just replaced a 16 year old alternator with and exact copy , all wired up correctly but no charge coming from alternator to battery ? this was the previous problem so I’m now wondering if alternator was not the problem. Fan belt checked No visual damage positive wire or connections...
  17. T

    Keeping ewe lambs indoor during Winter?

    Well folks, Thinking of bringing this years crop of ewe lambs into the sheds due to the torrential weather recently. Spacious pens, good ventilation and a good supply of hay and meal. Would this be better than keeping them outdoors?
  18. D

    McCormick IH 434 starting problem

    Hi Guys, My second post on the site with my newly acquired tractor. looking for some pointers following an engine rebuild and engine starting issues. I have dispensed with the old style glow plugs and installed 12V ones. I have bled fuel firstly to bottom bleeder on CAV pump (fuel gushes out...
  19. spark_28

    To feed or not

    Have 43 sheep out at the ram just now in the Croft, weathers been shite condition is dropping off them and I'm unsure what to do next. 23 are gimmers and 20 will be on their second lamb. Last years lot were in pretty poor nick at scanning but I fed them well, they all lambed (159%) and...
  20. Jackov Altraids

    Buying and selling sheep handling gear.

    I've been looking for something to help with handling sheep now my knees/hip/ back etc are tiring. I didn't want to spend a fortune and was happy to get some second hand kit but there seems very little about. I'm I missing somewhere or do I need to wait for everyone to get their new kit in the...

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